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Aaron Leahy

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  • from Cashelpolard (boggerland)
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About Me

When the time comes for your life to flash before your eyes, make sure every bit is worth watching
Me, Myself, and I

:B :B :B :B :B :B :B :B :B :B :B


:) :L

first time i ever talked to 'rach'..she wanted to no when i would like to lose my virginity legend

beck waz ere 8/dec/08
capthan xxx


RayRay was ere *6-8-09*
laaaav you! x x x
The Other Half Of Me


should get on facebook!

Brown Hair :)
The Dublin Girls!
Rachel Anita Bex and Niamh (kinda) are the Dublin girls and i wish i was just like them! but i am just a bogger! They will hop on and bitches for me! They have thought me that i love double cheese burgers! They found me and brought me home and gave me a lil basket in the corner and feed me a few biscuits now and than and give me an occasional pat on the head..! One day I will bring them 2 boggerland and show the my farm and bogs!:) x x x x x x
Best of colmans!
the time i had to do detention and i said i had a meetin wit my secretary!:L the time brian got kicked ou ov gilhooleys and he started doin summersaults behind him. the time we went mental durin the mocks and made a pile of pubes!!:L :L wen tadgh got kicked out of every french class for about 3 weeks straight! wen gilhooley was shoutin in my face and i said i can hear ya...u dont av 2 shout! wen we had mr.carol as a sub ...ur a wizard harry! and dey wer all singin songs at de back...den we moved de tables and chairs in2 de middle! den edwin got out cause he started cryin! wen we got chased by the man in the electric wheelchair! wen me and danny chased after joe deegan! wen we clapped 4 the WHOLE class in ms gearys! wen darren ws saught ''masturbating'' in class. mr kenny...he ws such a legend!

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  • :)

    Today I upgraded my €50 car and purchased my first tractor.
    I bought the chickens new cardigans and got my granny a new bone china tea set made in england so i can have tea when i visit her!
    I than took down my christmas tree useing my new tractor and left it in boggerland town.
    I than had toilet time and that was my exciting dat:D
    oh ps im gay and a lyed about bein a veggie x

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  • 2009 BEST BITS part 2 :)

    when shane and glen and comiskey were in farrleys and i came in at 12. shane fagan was off his face on corona :L :L ahaha.. then we went chinese, BOOBIES, EAT IT! :L :L your man came into the chinese and punched mikey :L :L for no reason, seans phone fell and the battery went down th drain:L ohhh shit..:P
    sean hogs house:L sooo many doobies.. all the people that got skulled with the orange. and then emmet an mikey and paddy about to go up the stairs and your man came down the stairs with A GUN :L :L 'get the fuck out of my house' :L :L - pleas dont shoot :L :L ohhh lord:D
    the day we beat bunbrusna in the minor football final :D and then we were 'all' meanto go out.. me and it was just me and glenny :) allll the famerers in ther wellies playin pool :L :L soo funny :) dick and robbie came in skuttered then :L :L dick bought us all shots, poor cunt:L :L

    WINNING the u-16 hurling final against clonkill, ohhh what a feeling :) ''come on yee bastards'' :L :L talk about gettin soaaaaked in the puddle. big huuge slide in the muck :D :L
    didnt celebrate that night, the 'only young wans' :L :L

    we lost the fucking u-16 football to moate:( was fukin 'ragin rhino' :D :L

    ohhhhh CAMPING suuuch a funny night :) was actually unreal. those bastards thought the were great with there firworks AH BUD.. we were fit to kill them..:L and theennn we got a chinese. goin in and askes abby for 9 3in1s :L :L she was like what? :L :L and then tryin ta eat them in the cuntin tent:L hooootttt! :L :L

    harzzzz 24th:) ahaha what a lege of an hour:L :L
    never again :)

    ohhhh THE BEAST ahaha our first stint of webcam, and us just there textin oh god is he going to go away :L :L ahaha :) ''the monster that wouldnt go away'' :L :L

    whhhen we went newcastle up in down and did waterfall climbin shit and joh egan nearly died:L :L oh and claire...u ripped my trousers:( u were so mean that day :L :L

    justin keatings 18th was on of the best nights of the year :) it was actually unral and sooo funny it was unhuman:L :L BUPA :L :L and then we suxdenly chaned skin colour:L :L oh my god.. fukin jedward n'all :L :L fitzy was the biggest mess i have ever seen. dick and them walked from doynes to the house and dick fell into the ditch :L :L legend :)

    oh russel brand :L :L he was fuking hilariuous.. ''aaron? aaron carter? haha.. what legends'' ''theres to much cheese!'' :D :) :L

    the best weekend was defo harz 19th :) was class oul night ;) but then the next day was just as much fun. me and mark never felt as big a child as we did then :D :D :D oh miss it..! some breakfast n'all :L :L oh il never forget it :)

    the pizza, part one and two. me and rebecca are the bestest pizza cooking peoples ever :D :D
    when mam bought us all the chips coz piko was late...got der at like ten? ahaha
    that day in town when you and all your wierdo friends folllowed me...scary biscuits(becka wrote that) :L :L
    you gettin beat 13-3 by trevor(all of that night basically)
    slaggin brendan in instant messages under the table
    when grandad nearly cuaght us that night when emma was over.. ahaha oh ''what was that racket last night''
    when mark came over to beckas even though you wernt there and was RIDIN her on the couch

    when the man fell on the road at 'spin' :L :L :L
    playing guns in harz....and then nearl literaaly gettin killed for it:L

    when we pushed the whole window out of the bus on the way home from school :L :L and we couldn tell the bus driver cause we were laughin so hard we couldnt talk :L :L :L funniest 15mins of my life:L :L

    BY FAR.. thee single funniest/slash scariest night of the year was the day me mark justin jack went driving :D :L :L :L .. we ran over a fuking cat :L :L it wasnt it wasnt my fault it ran in front of my car, actually did :) :L oh god then i dropped a gear and went by some golf on a big long corner :L :L and tok me like half a minute to pass out:L then the car started chasin us around the place :L :L :L :L oh lord god i will never forget it:D :D :D ''

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  • Ray and Anita

    On the floor...
    In the bushes...
    In the sea...
    On the beach...
    In bed...
    In the shower...
    In the car...
    On the plane...
    In the clubs...
    On the table...
    In burger king...
    On the bus...
    On the train...
    ...talk! :L :L
    ideas anyone?

    0 Comments 203 weeks

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