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DJ Hype

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Playaz, Ganja,Frontline and Jeckyl n Hyde Indie Label
London UK
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  • All About DJ Hype !!!

    Essentially Hype is to drum and bass as Afrika Bambaata was to the development of hip-hop. He first became involved in music through the legendary Shut Up and Dance sound system, like many before him his interest growing from physically building the speakers that made up the rig to DJ'ing, spinning reggae, house and hip hop throughout the eighties. As time passed, his skills behind the turntable grew to the extent of winning the London heat of the 1989 DMC's and going on to represent Britain in the European championships."

    While continuing to play at high capacity events Hype also made the move into radio, becoming involved with influential pirate station Fantasy FM before taking up a position at Kiss FM - his Sunday night sessions some of the most popular and securing him Best Male DJ and Best Radio DJ at subsequent Hardcore Awards."

    His time in the studio began at Kickin', co-producing The Scientist's seminal 'Exorcist' and 'The Bee' before laying down tracks for a number of other labels - the most notable of which, Suburban Base, saw him compiling the still highly sought after 'Drum and Bass Selection' series in addition to notching up his own underground smashes in the form of 'Trooper' and 'Shot In The Dark' while touching upon the charts with 'Isotonic' on FFRR."
    With substantial success, it was only a matter of time before Hype established his own label Ganja in 1993 working closely with fellow ex-Suburban Base artist and friend Pascal. 'Cops' opened up the play for his Ganja imprint which was later to feature 'Ganja Man' and Zinc's legendary 'Super Sharp Shooter,' before peaking with the 'Still Smokin' album, a collaborative effort with Pascal's Frontline Records. Perhaps surprisingly considering the subsequent runaway success of the label, the intention was never specific, as Hype explains."

    'Ganja Records was never meant to be anything, I was never planning on building anything from it, and it was just a knock up as I wanted a label to put some tunes on. As the label built itself without me really having to do anything I realised that if I did choose to put some effort into something I could build something really strong. I'd been encouraging Zinc to do his own thing for some time, though since he didn't really want to be out on his own - myself, Zinc and Pascal decided to set up a label as a collective.'

    Having flirted with major's in the form of a deal with RCA/Parousia as Ganja Crew in 1997, the threesome backed out of renewing their options choosing instead to retain their independence through establishing their own True Playaz. Hype explains his Philosophy. 'There are two things which keep me going. Firstly, I haven't got anything else - this is it for me so I've got to keep it going - I look at what I have and music has got me everything in my life as well as enabling me to help my family. Secondly I see the enthusiasm for this music from people all over the world. This year alone we've dj'd all over the world; Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Estonia and we know that the whole planet wants it. When you've evolved with something and become part of it on a level where you know that there is such a love for it - it becomes something very special to you. To think five years ago no one could have ever have contemplated that this music would be where it is now. The day I'm playing out and the audience doesn't like it anymore I'll probably move onto something else.'

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  • DJ HYPE!

    Following the recent release of the Andy C/Grooverider mixes to celebrate their 10 years of existence, Drum and Bass Arena have enrolled the legendary DJ Hype to concoct the essential selection of the tunes that rocked the D&B dancefloor in 2007.

    In his trademark fluid and dynamic way, and peppered by his impeccable scratching and skitting, this years Best DJ at the 1 Xtra Drum & Bass Awards unleashes hot dubplates like ‘Disco Dodo’, and ‘Feel No Way’ alongside current top 10s such as Chase & Status ‘Hurt You’, Commix ‘Be True’, High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ and this year’s biggest tunes by TC, Benny Page, Subfocus, Breakage and more. It also introduces revelations Alix Perez or Lynx alongside veterans Digital, Jonni L and Doc Scott, and passes effortlessly from the classic Valve roughness of Dillinja to the nu soul of Marky, AI and Ben Westbeech.
    This mammoth selection is released compliments of the definitive Home of Drum and Bass on the Web, the must see platform for industry and fans worldwide, to catch the hottest dubplates, the latest gossip, the coolest ringtones, or simply to be slap bang at the heart of the scene.

    For more information and to buy please goto http://www.ministryofsound.com/music...

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  • The Official Drum & Bass Awards 2008

    Nominations in the following categories...

    Best DJ: DJ Hype, DJ Hazard and G Dub
    Best Radio Show: DJ Hype / Kiss
    Best Producer: DJ Hazard, G Dub and Taxman
    Best Club Night: Playaz @ Fabric
    Best Label: Playaz and Ganja
    Best Track: Hazard ‘Busted’ and Hazard/D Minds ‘Mr Happy’
    Best Album: DNBA / DJ Hype

    1 Comment 287 weeks

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Dj Hype - Just For U London

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  • Liam F
    luv Liam F

    Legandry, Foundation DJ, DJ HYPE. Qaulity mate. fucking spent many nights off my face to youre tunes =]

  • West
    luv West

    OMG you are likee, the best DJ evaah !!!?? wish i could come to warning lastnitee, but im too young haahhaha x

  • ChaanzAfxkiinnutterr Drumnbass Ravahh X

    be seeing uu in weeek boiiii x

  • luv ChaanzAfxkiinnutterr Drumnbass Ravahh X

    Djjj hypee hypee hypeee hypeeeee (y) siikkk x

  • Elliott


  • Gamma Project
    Gamma Project

    GAMMA2 1 intro 2 Big Bud - kiki 3 Jacky Murda & RCola - Tev Aviv Rocket (feat Bob Marley) 4 Roughcut - Day to Day 5 The Ripper - System Unstable 6 Suv & Big Bud - Survive 7 Terry T - Better than Them (Hotta Fire mix) 8 Dub Tao - Upwise 9 Original Sin & Taxman - 97 style 10 Joey Ringo - Dead Man Walking 11 Original Sin & Taxman - - Seen 12 Joey Ringo - Blade 13 Dub Tao - Fear my Fire 14 DJ Picto - Raving Rudeboy (Zen remix 2) 15 Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound - Can You Feel It? 16 Roughcut - Amen Fire 17 Nama - Gangster Guerilla 18 J Frequency - Dont Run Away 19 J Frequency - Children of Jah 20 Jacky Murda & RCola - Soundboy Gone (feat. Jah Mason) 21 Tester - Blaze it up (Anticlone VIP) 22 Tester - Think Before You Talk (Anticlone mix) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GXKK8V38 :D

  • AdidasAddict

    in love with hype holy crap he does amazing music!!!

  • Little Jack
    Little Jack

    DJ Hype´s a legend Give it up 4 him Save The Rave

  • Gamma Project
    Gamma Project

    :) GAMMA1 : http://www.filefactory.com/file/agbe... 1hr 7 mins 1 Alexx Rave vs Audio - i need your error 2 Survival - 2nd phase 3 Twisted Individual - same shit different day 4 Dirty Harry - fools 5 Survival - point 5 6 Stress Level & TC1 & Julen - revelations 7 Crystal Clear - dolamite 8 Crystal Clear & Netsky - king of the stars 9 Chaos Theory feat David Landers - anything 10 Dose & Menace - pick up 11 Chaos Theory feat Becky B - always 12 Dirty Harry - wait for it 13 Shock One - shock resistance 14 Twisted Individual - lunatic responce unit 15 Mumblz - ether binge - devil ether VIP 16 Nero feat Alana vs Audio - icarus in the air 17 Shock One feat Elisha King - dont you know 18 High Contrast vs Temper D - no favours or bang bang 19 Matrix & Futurebound vs Limewax knite of mephistopheles 20 Matar & Greyone - tortured by darkness

  • S. Withans

    If youre dwn wit DJ Hype show sum proof raise the roof!!! Showing the rest of the world quality british music

  • Pu-Tang Monkey
    Pu-Tang Monkey


  • Jack Stuart

    yiv lost it mate. smile?

  • -Luca-
    luv -Luca-

    Yes YEs! nuff love for hype

  • Nino D'Angelo
    luv Nino D'Angelo

    big up the hype av my luv bruv!!!

  • The Original J.K.D
    The Original J.K.D

    www.bebo.com/JKD-TS check out the KATANA TRACK its heavy!!! Twin Shinobi is here

  • CoMe Get Some Nan.
    luv CoMe Get Some Nan.

    amen mate its a bastard to mix but its fucking worth it for the crazy drops. HYPEE HYPEE

  • luv TFc Thor

    IF YOU'RE DOWN WITH DJ HYPE, SHOW SOME PROOF, RAISE THE ROOF!!! Fuckin legend!! I'll propably get slated for this tho, but I gotta say it, the more I listen to Original Sin and his reworks the more I think the student has outdone the master! Sorry Hype, but your boy is wicked!

  • Aaron Browne
    Aaron Browne

    Dj Hype Is Gotta Be One Of The Best Djs Around =)

  • luv Danny Barnes

    aberdeen nit???