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  • Female, Luv 589
  • from McDonalds
  • I am Single
  • www.bebo.com/emilieePLEB
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hello there :B
my name is emily monk. i am fat short and have brown hair ;o im single. and i have the best friends. dont upset me coz they might eat you. honestly me and my friends were kinda fat ;)
The Other Half Of Me


im so much coooler than her :B

emmma and roslyn are my best friends in the world.
faaaaaacebook is betteeer :)
; Emily Lucy

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  • unfaithful - rhianna

    1. Put your MediaMonkey, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
    2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
    3. You must write down that song no matter how silly it sounds.

    if someone says are you okay, you say?
    walk away

    how would you desribe yourself?
    sex on fire

    what do you like in a boy?
    something kinda ooh

    how do you feel today?
    bad day

    whats your motto?

    what do your friends think of you?

    what do your parents think of you?

    what do you think about very often?
    love it when you call

    what is 2+2?
    take your hand

    what do you think of your best friend?
    one in a million

    what is your life story?
    simply the best

    what do you want to be when you grow up?
    one last dance

    what do you think when you see the person you like?
    im too sexy for my shirt

    what will you dance to at your wedding?

    what will they play at your funeral?
    hey mr. dj

    what is your favourite hobby?
    no mans land

    what is your biggest fear?
    london bridge

    what is your biggest secret?

    what do you want right now?

    what do you think of your friends?

    what will you post this as?

    loooove emma x

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  • remremx

    1. she tells me im her best friend.
    2. she showers with me :D
    3. she sleeps in my bed.
    4. i sleeep on the floor ;)
    5. she tells me im gay :(
    6. she pushes me over them laughs.
    7. she makes me laugh alot.
    8. she teks the piss alot.
    9. we take the best pictures.
    10. we live in eachothers houses.
    11. we laugh at aload of craap.
    12. we share families.
    13. we like laughing at peter.
    14. she wears my clothes and never gives them back ;)
    15. she has her own shelf in my cupboard.
    16. my mum buys full fat mayo speshally for her.
    17. mcdonalds and greegs is our place.
    18. we share phones :)
    19. we help eachother.
    20. we have a before we die list.
    21. we caan spend weeks together without getting annoyed.
    22. she knows when to back off.
    23. she loves me for me.
    24. she sees me with curly hair and no makeup.
    25. we have 16 out of 20 lessons.
    26. she has her own speshal jumper.
    27. she lets me have the front seat in the red caar. [sometimes]
    28. we fight for the silver caar.
    29. she supports sheff u for me.
    30. we have greats songs.
    31. her opinion is the only one that matters..
    32. i trust her with everything.
    33. she makes me weeeee.
    34. shes the most amazing person i no.
    35. were waaaaaay to close.
    36. she can finish my sentences.
    37. we say the same things at the same time.~
    38. she lets me be me.
    39. shes the best thing thats happened to me.
    40. were gonnna go on holiday together.
    41. she steals my food even tho she sed she didnt want any.
    42. shes a bad influence.
    43. she hates bullys.
    44. she is the only one who knows me in and out.
    45. she is my best friend in the world.
    46. she lets me yell and cry and scream.
    47. we have loooots of private jokes.
    48. we both have siiiick minds.
    49. she knows exactly what im thinkin.
    50. i love her with every inch of me and i will never let her go. shes my best friend in the world. and i dunno how i'd cope without her.

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  • hsm3 x

    take my hand. take a breath. pull me close + take one step. keep your eyes locked on mine + let the music be your guide. won't you promise me? that you'll never forget we'll keep dancing, wherever we go next it's like catching lightening, the chances of finding someone like youu. it's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way i do.                      high school musical(:   emmaaarr (:

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shes my best friend in the world.
she's everything too me.
+ i love her endlessly

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  • DannysGirl

    your might cool monkel garfunkle

  • David
    luv David

    Auuuup Emma :D how are you my good friend?? well.....write bck plz lol :D love you :)

  • DannysGirl

    you looked absolutly lovely in town I wanted to rob you from your lovely mother and iccle sister sucha ass wipe lmao I love you so much sweety x

    8/25/09 via Mobile
  • Kaatieex
    luv Kaatieex

    heeellooo theree em. :B just thought i'd give you love 'cause i avn't gen youu any in a looong timeee. :P and i have missed you too 'cause it's been agesss since i seen youu! :O lovee youuu. :)

  • '

    yeyaaaa. i have taken up all you comment space. it was a good use of an hour if you ask me :D defintley worth it :) i love you emily lucy monk you are my best friend okay? good :D i i l i lo i lov i love i love m i love my i love my b i love my be i love my bes i love my best i love my best f i love my best fr i love my best fri i love my best frie i love my best frien i love my best friend :)

  • '

    its a good program. you should watch it oneday :D by the way. did you like how them last 2 comments were done. it was coos i wrote too much. so had to do them seperate :L iloveyoux

  • '

    running out of things to put :/ omg. i know what i can tell you about. right have started watching prison break. it started on watch other week. and am officially addicted. its about this man called micheal scofield [who is kinda gorgeous if you ask me] and his brother lincon burrows. do you think its weird they dont have the same last name. i did. anyway lincon got arrested for killing the vice presidents brother -but he was set up- so micheal made a plan to break him out of prison [hence the name d:] but he had to get into the prison first, so he made it look like he was robbibg a bank. he's clever. then he got the prisons blueprints tattooed all over his body. he keeps running into problems. and he sorts it out all really clever like d: iloveyou.. gotta continue on next comment

  • '

    anyway, lincons son was at home one day. and then these FBI guys who set lincon up tried to kill him. but instead they killed his mum and stepdad. it was really sad :/ and now they're setting it up to make it look like lincons son [called LJ, which stands for lincon junior, thats cute] killed his own mum. thats weird an all :/ but they're rate close to breaking out now :D iloveyou

  • '

    almost there :D just realised. i am talking to myself. have you ever done that. and then thought. oh god. everyone has stopped listening. i know i have LOL. la la la la la. thats a weird word tbhh :/ LOL. omg omg. bobby ran away yesterday. i think you know. might have already told you. but oh well will tell you again. the pizza man left the gate open and the door at the top open an all. so bobby ran to the park LOL. he sure knows how to have a good time (: i saw nan on saturday, and she sends her best ;D. told you she doesnt give money away when its just amy and me. we got two whole pounds this month. isnt she lovely :') iloveyoux

  • '

    you should see the caption under that one :') it says 'thats my fat friend and me' or the other way around. i never remember little details. woaaah. busted just came on. i think i love them tbhh. i thought they were a bit silly at first. but its quite catchy the more you listen to them :D its about him asking someone to the disco. but they said no. its called 'you said no'. give away in the title. but like who's david more. its kinda slow. but then gets better after 41 seconds. approx. iloveyoux

  • '

    ahaaaa. my phone is fixed! muahaahaa. it now says 'lazy' first, rather than 'jazz' LOL iloveyou;x

  • '

    i love listening to old music. ronan keating on at the moment. its not as bad as i thought it would be C: "you say it best, when you say nothing at all". that is a wise man. did he write all his own songs? now thats impressive. right. you know on predictive texting. if i use the word 'lazy' more than the word 'jazz' howcome it always comes up with 'jazz' before 'lazy'. its a weird world we likve in LOL. iloveyoux

  • '

    never guess what? i missed the iloveyou off the end of that last comment. i bet you realised and were heartbroken. i am sorry. apologies. i have been thinking. you need to go to one of robs cricket matches next season. we can go together if its a nice day. its fun in the sun. but no good when it rains (n) but otherwise its good. dont ask me what reminded me of it.coos it could be one of those things you just say[type] and not know where it came from d: iloveyou. and one for the other comment iloveyou.x

  • '

    you know when you get back your gonna have alot of emails telling you that you have comments. but you dont delete them anyway. i think you have like two thousand but thats two years worth ;p LOL. no i know its not C:. only eleven months d: its freefest tomorrow in queens park. i was wondering if you wanted to go. well i am going. so you are too. if youre not too tired. but if you dont wanna go. tell me okaay.i have realised summat an all. when i cant think of how to say something. i put a smiley face. but in these comments i have avoided putting any, becaause it makes them miss a line :/ so i am making up my own way of putting them :L

  • '

    hello emily. you are my bestfriend. have i told you that recently. i think i have. which is always good. right. next year. 6th september - my birthday (y) 6th october - your birthday (y) 18th october - micheal mcintyre (h) 24th december - your gonna get you rate cool christmas present. [pssst, its our ski jumpers] 12th-18/19th february - ski ski ski skiing C: i cant wait by the way 22nd february - JLS omg. 28th may - prom + leave school :( but heey, should be fun ;p iloveyoux

  • '

    back with a new comment C: hold your excitment bestfriend. tell you what. its been boring and quiet around this place without you (n) you are never allowed to go away again. ever. unless we go together. speaking of which we do have a chocker blocked year dont we C: i think i might have to list everything we are doing in my next comment. or.. i might have a rate good idea and do each one in a seperate comment. naaah cba coos of that stupid thing about posting comments to soon after another one or summat. iloveyoux

  • '

    oh my. i am really starting to dislike this new laptop. it doesnt stay connected to the interweb for more than five minutes. jeez. i blame amy. coos everything is her fault. omg. she wouldnt go to sleep this morning so i took the lightbulb out of the lamp :L yes. i am a cool person.B) and then she found the bulb (n) and put it back in. but didnt turn the lamp on till ten past four! what kind of crazy lady does that?! i will tell you who. little people who enjoy torturing there older sisters :L