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scraaic ??

4/19/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 1,831
  • from drogheda
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 10,706
  • Member since: January 2008
  • Last active: 10/21/11
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

►[.. The Name .. Aaron aka Garvey

►[.. The Age .. 13 years younge

►[.. The Location .. drogheda

►[.. The Sport .. Footbaal

►[.. The Boxer .. Bernard Dunne

►[.. The Club .. Drogheda :P :P

►[.. The Kinda Film ..Comedy+Scary

►[.. The football Team ..Celtic

►[.. The Clothes .. Nike,Adidas

►[.. The Number .. ask 4 it..

acab - all cops are bastards

mee mssn
az.2k7@hotmail.com & garveyshum@hotmail.co.uk
add both
Hackkeddd byy urr lil siss laureenn coylee
<u/>Wat can i sayy
Well Urr Propleyy Theee
soundest lad i nnoo
dannoo wat to sayy
wel do have masd tyms like wen...
we weree in astro turf n yu took my
n in the lesiure
n the downn
n the football pitch
loadss off <b/>memoires
I Have ta sayy ur the <b/>bestest brotherr yu camee gett 1
Lovee yuu big brotherr :P
Aaron you have just been hacked by Stacey McCabe at 17:49 on the 2/6/2o1o:DD duno were ti start with yi:/ youra mad cunt:B us going colecting on holloween:L and me you&olivia sticking our heads to the cars :D going down town and robing it ouda it wel im away bud ttyl:) .
Hacked :] by the one n only kate lawless :))
Aaron garvey well wah can i say:L ur mad in the head:DD taking me shoe:O n trowin ih ih in the fuckin river yea lil cunt yea bu ih was funny :P ur very boring on msn :Z bu arnt all fellas :L well im going ta send meself sum luv :L hacked:P 13/10/10 22:32

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  • Lauragribbons hack:)

    aaron garvey:)
    ino yi like my whole life:O and it was the best tyme of my life:)
    were do start witche:) yur like my brother:) i could tel yi anything were realy close:)
    the amounta memories we havesum class wuns tho:)
    member when we went on holidays together and you wer like Laura kiss the plane or yu wil die nal:L .i was fuckn shitn eh then:L holidays was deadly with you:) in your gaf with your sister was the funniest thing ever you puhn yer feet in me face and yer sister took yer socks and put them in the fire and you wer like my new socks:L :L .and when we went colectn and the man came ou ah IFF i ran and left yer new runners there tha was so funny:L :L :L

    thers more il finish laters:)

    0 Comments 110 weeks

  • butcehns hack

    hackedd mchh :D
    Lee butchan boyazzz jus droping in to put all yur hacks to shame :DD :d
    were to start il start from d begining
    us collecting for holloween wen robbie got kilt up d funiture factory:L :L
    us radding beachwood and all dem cme
    tracey wi d knife [moon]
    ur stuff out bernies back 8)
    d day of my birthday we goh radided
    m throwing d stick wi d man on d motorbike:L he chased me :L :L
    hw fukin many times we get kicked out off scotch unatturl so den we hadt or fire it waz massive d tyre hitting yhu funni fukin shit jay hittin laura and laura kilt um
    member d iceslide and i one fukin once yhu faggit i nevaa lose yir a fukin funni bastared abuseing zoey healy wudnt blame yhu dirtyy yawlkkkkkkkk:O :O
    member d snowballs hit d pigss and got d chase off dum we always took the chace off dum and wen we goht arrested :L actually i mean me u wear away and yur shoe came off :L funni shit
    we gettn chacedd bye d spanishh carls fault bout 100 of dem chaceing us :O :O :O
    and in towney hall i wouldnt go on d swing wud u blame me d height of it and wen caffo broke his hand :L :L
    jack fighten cian judge sum fite
    wen i faught um and i got a boot in d head
    and wen we tended out carl wudnt drink me kenny u and craig buckled in mcdonalds at 2 in d morning me hittin shane butterly in macidiess sum box

    0 Comments 150 weeks

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    Bring me around your friends

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