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Grace D.

Really should upload US of A photies.

8/24/09 | me too! | Reply

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Boys are for losers. I'm waiting for a man. Specifically, my own Rhett Butler, but let's not be too dramatic. ^.^

Your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear.
The boys. The lumberjacks. The girls. The Germans. Forever and ever. When I grow up, I wanna be Pete Wentz.
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  • The pitter patter of tiny feet

    ...is coming to define 2009.

    Félicitations to all! :)


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  • A belated farewell to 2008.

    Those Were The Days 2008...


    1. Best friends? Fairybelle, KBF, Dee Dee, Cáitlín, Spiderogumi, Natisan, Elle of Jay and of course my beloved soeurs - actual and surrogate.
    2. Lost any friends? Yes.
    3. Gained any friends? Yes!
    4. Met a new good friend? Sort of...


    1. Went out of the country? Yes, moved, to boot.
    2. Moved? Oui, en France.
    3. New school? New university and it's a dump.
    4. How many times on an airplane? A lot ... 10 times? Au moins.


    1. Have you changed? Yes, and contrary to popular belief, not for the worst.
    2. New look? Kinda.
    3. Biggest conflict this year? The attack and subsequent implosion.
    4. Most depressed time this year? November was a month of agony and ecstasy.


    1. Did you fall in love? Nope.
    2. Did you get heartbroken? Nope.
    3. Who was your summer romance? Football.


    1. Favourite season this year? Summer was great <3 and Christmas was amazing, if that counts!
    2. Least favourite season this year? Autumn: Cuques, culture shock, etc. etc.
    3. Good birthday? Yes! Fantastic birthday =]


    1. Snuck out? Nope.
    2. Met a person who will change your life? Perhaps...
    3. Had a first something? Yes.
    4. Liked someone who didn't like you? Hell yeah, same old.
    5. Lost a family member? Yes. Two.
    6. Got bad grades? Nope.
    7. Done something you totally regret? Not so much any more.

    In 2007 I...
    [] broke a promise.
    [] made a new best friend
    [x] lied
    [] went behind your parents back
    [x] disappointed someone close
    [] had a secret
    [x] pretended to be happy
    [] kissed in the rain
    [] slept & or laid under the stars
    [] kept your new years resolution
    [x] forgot your new years resolution
    [] met someone who changed your life
    [xx] met one of your idols
    [x] changed your outlook on life
    [x] sat home all day doing nothing
    [] pretended to be sick
    [x] left the country
    [] almost died
    [x] given up something important to you
    [] lost something expensive
    [x] learned something new about yourself
    [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
    [x] made a change in your life
    [x] found out who your true friends were
    [x] met great people
    [x] stayed up til sunrise
    [x] cried over the silliest thing (they weren't silly to me...at the time.)
    [x] was never home on weekends
    [] got into a car accident (almost, on New Year's Eve)
    [x] had friends who were drifting away from you
    [] had a high phone bill
    [] wasted most of your money on food
    [] had a fist fight
    [x] went to the beach with your best friend(s)
    [x] saw a celebrity
    [x] gotten sick
    [] liked more than 5 people at the same time
    [x] became closer to a lot of people

    In 2009...

    1) What are your New Year’s resolutions?
    (1) Lighten up,
    (2) Keep the faith, and
    (3) Remember that life's too short for that bullshit.

    Also, when people are that determined to dig their own grave, leave them to it.

    2) What do you hope to achieve? Further improve my French (improve my Gaeilge too, actually, such a handy language in a foreign country), round out the top 5, finish the work and be satisfied with it, cherish those important and build bridges over those who aren't, travel, and experience more moments that take my breath away.

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  • My Favourite Quotes of Recent Times

    A work in progress, and mostly an excuse to be writing something while I play "Disarm" in the background [again] before finally going to bed.

    8am lectures piss me off.

    "bleh I'm nervous lmfao. WHAT IF THERE'S NO PUUNNNKKK? I'll cry. srsly. I'll throw a huge fit. The last time I went to raw, I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SEE HIM HALF NAKED! gdi! He had his trunks on, his boots on, his shirt on and his title around his waist. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I paid to see him in his underwear, and I saw him throw whiskey in JBL's face.


    On James Iha:
    "Shush! He's an anime cartoon :) "

    "Woo hoo! Richard Kruspe is not safe!"

    "That's our bastard tour manager."

    "We love, we hate, we die forever late
    In this enigma's way."


    "Oh really, well I happen to LOVE pie, Jamie Noble."
    [Not recent but a classic]

    "He's like a backseat driver...of life."

    "Is cuma, like, ach cuir fucking ceist orm"

    That makes me smile so much more than it should. :L


    "Could you imagine Liam with the headset, like swinging in his swivel chair and trying to sell people stuff and then if they asked him questions and instead of yes, he'd be all HELLLL YEAAHAAAAAHHHHHH"

    [Laundry Boy: Bonsoir princesse]
    "...il m'embête quand tu me l'appelle."

    "If Gilles were a normal person, he would have just kept driving, we wouldn't have known it was him anyway!"

    "Some people just have really stupid faces..."

    ["We're going to scare the shite out of those people in the room"] [pertaining to the hostel] "I'm gonna sneak into bed with them...naked...obviously...sure you couldn't be like that in a hostel, you know, 'I actually sleep naked, and I sleepwalk naked too, and I rape people'. You couldn't be like that."

    "I'm thinking about yerman's tongue in the video...it's turning me on."

    "If you want to be a Satanist in a quiet way, I say go for it!"

    "Bonsoir les filles me, and I'll garrotte you"

    "You're the normal one in this Triumvirate. I think Kim's weird in a very conventional way, and I'm just peculiar."

    "I was going to do a blog of quotes from us watching The Tudors, you know, 'Jaysus!', 'Whoa', 'It's not her fault, YOU'VE got one too many X's!', 'BASTARD!', 'How dare he?!', 'He's pretty,' 'Yes he is,' 'Aww, I liked him,' 'I just don't want Anne to die...' 'It's historical fact!' 'Yeah but...', 'You should stick some of that lead from your mickey into your head,' [insert various remarks pertaining to how good JRM looks half naked]"

    Mammy O'Gorman:

    "CLAIRE O'GORMAN!!! I want you eating cream cakes, croissants, and McDonalds...SUPERSIZE IT!!!"

    "Clearly bebo has become ebob, a PMS ridden hormone train....Hooray!!!!"

    "I'd get into the leaba with him just to see what he'd do."

    "Ah no....rape only hurts when you say no."

    The Corganator:
    "I'm your lover; I'm your zero. I'm the face in your dreams of glass"

    OK, a song lyric, but I just don't care.

    Bon nuit.

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Wax it, wax it, wax it up, a little bit of sex wax

You wanna know who I am?!......I am Jeff Hardy

Holy shit, I do look like an Asian woman!

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  • Gail I
    luv Gail I

    Hey popje, I'm heading out to Stockholm on Tuesday 14th Sept (I think?), spending 4 nights there, then taking a flight into Helsinki on the 18th. I need to get back to Aberdeen by the 22nd to be there for registration / freshers,' so I've booked a flight to head back to Glasgow on Sunday 19th. So I won't have too long in Finland, but hopefully we can make the most of it! I'm looking forward to seeing you and everyone else. And NIGHTWISH!!! (though was flicking through the Nightwish book the other night and gosh does Tuomas remain a tosser :p ) Have you got a job this summer? It's not easy with la crise and all that, but luckily I got into Ann Summers. :) Working more or less full time and I love it. I keep buying SO much lingerie though. It's turning into a bit of an addiction. Hope you're well. xx

  • Gail I
    luv Gail I

    Hey! I'm not so well. Looking forward to Stockholm and Helsinki though. :) How are you doing? Are you looking forward to going back to uni? Love Gail xx

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    You know who I think is secretly singing John Cena's theme song?...Mark Wahlberg!!:L Way back when he was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch...I wonder if they were actually any good?...:L That's BAPTISTA to you!!:L I saw something relating to him today in Dublin.I won't mention anything else incase I give your present away.It's not actually anything to do with him but still,just incase :) Oh yeah,I bought your present finally!:L It wasn't what I originally planned to purch for you but there's a definite theme going on ...if ya catch my drift ;) You better come home quick-they're shortening the 12 Rounds ad-NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :o :L Oh yeah Smackdown Nov 2009!! *dances* :)

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    MORE LOVE POUR VOUS :) I've come to the conclusion that although John Cena is a legend,I don't like his theme song!:o Glenda Gilson was wearing MY lumberjack shirt on Xpose the other night-like jaysus like!:O The position of the new presenter is still available btw ;) Bap(;) )tista is oddly shaped. Wanna see Zachary wearing a hat? ;) ...Of course you do! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hBbA... Enjoy! :) xxxx

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    "YOU'LL BE PICKING SHRAPNEL OUT OF YOUR EYEBALLS!!" :L :L Classic! So I pop online today and guess what one of the first things I see is?!:O .... "Grace has become a member of Zachary Quinto fans"-you make me laugh:L Is it just my imagination or has the smileys on Bebo changed? Look up todays Ellen.There was a 9 year old Japanese guitarist on-Matt Heafy eat your heart out ;) and then Ozzy came on!:D ....I suddenly have the urge to purchase all the series of The Osbournes-definitely an investment if anything :) Here is a link I thought you might enjoy: =) http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb...

  • Naomi.
    luv Naomi.

    BIRTHDAY LOVE! now off to see Wolverine with Papa Carson :D REMIND ME I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    Gracie,it was terrible! An ad for 12 Rounds came on earlier and I was just about to shout JOHN CENA when I realised you weren't there to join me :( When you're back,the first thing we need to do is nick that giant poster in the cinema :L :L It's risky....but definitely doable :D

  • luv Gavin Duffy

    oh rite cool it would be a bit much to see a movie that good without paying for it haha... cheapskate... you'll pay to go to america but not to pay a few bucks to see this movie :P yea thats true like i was saying before to someone i think its a good choice cos it gives the movie some really good talent like that people know of you know... it was a bit weird googling your name and a video comes up of you haha x

  • luv Gavin Duffy

    Star Trek is awesome too by the way. you will have to go and see it just to see the cameo appearance from the one and only kim from home and away haha... altho he has an american accent in this which nearly makes him watchable haha... but yea the movies class probably one of the best blockbusters of the last couple of years... i would have to say its up there with iron man a bit behind dark knight tho but what will top that..

  • Gavin Duffy

    whos ara in new moon? cos michael sheen is playing him :P

  • Gavin Duffy

    why do you have a video of you on photo bucket??

  • Caz

    They're not the best..nothing i wanted came up asked shit questions...:( hopin my gpa from christmas will get me into 4th year..its 3.0 but its gonna go way down id say! hopin it'll even out tho and il get into 4th year..its a real worry..im gettin really excited about africa now! i actually cannit wait! Yeah id be up fr that hun..why are u going back to france? Im fin the 15th headin out with ronan and then most fo the clas on the 16th :) il be up the following friday tho to get more injectionsa dnstiff fr africa if ya wud like to meet me? or if u plan a nite out il go that of course! Oh yeah glenomena is ridiculously expensive! i ciudnt afrd it anyway! Well let me no anyways..not a fan of leaving with people i dont no really! so be nice to share with u.wats claire doing or does she know yet..? Its a shame ya didnt enjoy france as much as ud hoped:( im disappointed fr you hun xxxx

  • Naomi.
    luv Naomi.

    we should get that put on tshirts for next tour.... :L I WAS IN SUCH A SMILING POLITELY MOOD TODAY. I SPOTIFIED BILLY TALENT AND WAS JUST GOING 'YEO' ALL DAY :L Jago.. is that pronounced 'Yay-go'? awk, that girl's name is to die for! [hopes it's a girl] I'll have a look for those pictures and msn you them... I don't even know why I'm commenting you when we're on msn together.... :D his pedestal is MAJASSIVE. like... unbelievably big... a gentleman and a scholar. I'm still horrified at the original gentleman and scholar being on Gumball with the Fuel Skanks... :( xxxxxxxxxxx ps: I could buy an apartment. and I have a DVD player... and I bet she couldn't beat me in the random DVD collection stakes... I bet she doesn't buy him bandanas.... :L

  • Caz
    luv Caz

    YAYYYY!!! Im just in library..got some more jabs for afrcia..were lil but sore and ur arms feels like its bruised all the way down for 2 days! like a dead ache...fun times!!!! Home and away for evr!!!! It was so annoying yest whn the racing was on instead grrrrrrrr!!! Too right they shud kick up a fuss! It sonly fair! good stuff....yeah sure we could head out at some stage after exams :) How do ya mean ya dunno what ur doing hun? Great stuf it'll be nice livng with friends:) so boring at my house! Luv ya...but not in a dirty way like kim does!!! ;P

  • Naomi.
    luv Naomi.

    Lady GaGa ftw. I actually do love her. and she likes gummyworms. WIN. awk, well, I know one's Scarlett after that text... and I think it'd be blasphemous if she didn't have some form of Brian in a boy's name :L I was just saying to Rach, it's shocking the height of a pedestal that we've put him on... it's almost on par with Jasper and Edward.... The mental image of the Bats working in Tesco will never stop me from laughing. Especially Jaye on the loudspeaker and then Liam bmx-ing to Aisle 4 with a mop over his shoulder... :L BUT THE MOP COULD MESS WITH THE BANG FANG :o it's changed...it had to be done! xxxxxxxxx

  • Caz

    Hi!!!!!! :) So ur back on irish soil?! Will u be visiting UCD in near future?! Iv exams startin next wed..at home at the min..going back to this eve tho cos iv grp project stil not finished!!!!!!!!! Its so bad!! They piled everything on in last month..so i only started properly studyin on sunday :( So u wernt a fan of the early mornings then?! :( im sure id be wrecked if i ws in ur situation too!!! Im living on bird ave now...with 2 girls but they wrk a lot and they're 28! So dont talk to thme that uch cos they're away A LOT!!!!! its handy being near college tho! Id luv to get a house with ay next year!!! :) enjoy my last yr of college! Iv mised our chats!