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Send me da love bitches :D

12/5/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

i Love You Zara . ♥ Forever . ♥
Me, Myself, and I
righhht... im adam
in year 10
livin it up in bracknell, sandhurst on the weekends, maybe farnborough
in love with miss perfect haha ;) zara your my world <3
got all the mates by me all the time
just gettin pissed aint good enuf for me (N)
smoking old holborn, roll ups baby ;) aha (Y)
drum and bass is the tunez i live by, sumtimes grime n rnb
graffiti is sumtin to do at skl wid dale
trouble seems to find me a bit.. always sumthin goin on
hatin people that pretend they're sumthin they aint, ppl that mouth you off behind your back bt nt to your face, n ppl dat basically just take da fuckin micheal
kick a few heads in every now n then, usually wid dale tha hench cunt aha
smoke the reefa ;) bob marley is my fuckin hero
yes yes
anyways, dis is borin me..

oh yh an i aint on much coz computers do my nut in lol, so if you drop a comment you'll probz avta wait a while for me to wb lol.

am out, bless x ;)
The Other Half Of Me


Known Him Since i Was Born. Legdend B

[ $ DALE $ ]
Me and you have always had eachuvas backs, We always have bare jokes tugeva no matter whats goin on around us. Can talk bwt anyfin, we always undastand eachuva, To be honest you mean alot to me and i dno what i'd do widowt yah mate. at times you can get propa crazy aha n it always gets me in stitches lol. one of da greatest ppl alive :P love yah mate
[ $ RYZ $ ]
Known you since i was born and me and you can never stop talkin and havin a laugh lol. Ive always had yah back and i hope you've got mine =P We gunna be old an wrinkly best mates just so you know, ive seen tha future =] . You mean alot to me aswell lol =P dont think ive forgotten yah mate. Never change fitness phreak (Y) =P Love yah mate <3 =]
[ x ELLE x ]
My lil sis =] well what can i say, at times your quite the annoying little sibling i wish mother never gave birth to, but on the other hand i love you to pieces =P me n dale are always here to look after you whenever you need us and you know that =] me n dale are always watching over you.. yes even if you cant see us =] =] =] =] we know what you did last summer aha =] ily my little sister ♥ =] x

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  • To My Girlfriend.. <3

    Basically.. i Love You Zara <3

    We've been friends for 3 years and i dont think we've ever had a dull moment aha :P i know we've been out alot of times on and off and had aload of arguements but its just made me understand you more.. im so glad that you've given me another chance to show you how much i really love you.

    All of the other times were different, i didnt realise how much i really need you.. everytime i looked at you i got this feeling and i ignored it.. but i know i cant live without you, if i didnt have you in my life i dont know where i would be.. you are my life..

    I love you more than life itself, i would give or do anything to keep you happy and keep you close to me.. Whenever im with you i want to hold you until forever.. Whenever your not around i miss you so much i get all wound up your not here :L :) .. When you cry, i cry.. When you laugh, i laugh :) Im always gunna look after you babe, im never gunna let you get hurt. You honestly do me everything to me and i dont want to lose you for anything or anyone. I know its really easy to say "Together Forever" but i really do wanna be with you forever and i mean it so much..

    Ive never loved or cared about someone as much as you, every little thing you do leaves me breathless, i adore you so much and i dont even think you realise :P whenever im with you i dont wanna leave, this time me and you are gunna stay together, this times different, its just me and you babe, if we broke up now i would never be able to get over you and thats a promise, your everything i could ask for and more, your the most perfect girlfriend a boy in love could ask for :)

    Everything we've done means the world to me, nothing could change that, i feel like i can tell you anything n that you dont mind telling me whats on your mind :) i think its really important we're this honest with eachother n it makes us closer, not every couple lasts but i promise you that im gunna make this work, because without you everything in my life would change..

    I know mines not as good as yours but i really do love you, ive got so much more to say but i dont know how to say it :(

    <3 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! <3
    <3 Adam && Zara <3
    <3 [07/12/07] <3

    * * <3 .Together Forever. <3 * *

    3 Comments 293 weeks

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  • Dat Boi Dave Den Boi
    Dat Boi Dave Den Boi

    haha dick ed im lookin at maself n im seein some hench guy hu wud fukin destroy ya n leave u 4 dead mkes me lol hw sum skinny prick lyk u tinks dey av a chance against manz lyk me u is guna be fndin urself lyin in a gutter soon fam wid 2 black eyes a brken nose n callin 4 ur mum ya bender wasteman x

  • Dat Boi Dave Den Boi
    Dat Boi Dave Den Boi

    oi prick dnt u b tinkin dat i as forgotton bwt u n ur shit 4 brains i bin waitin 4 da rite tym 2 bust dwn ur ends n smash u up u filthy maggot kmt yh u heard wasteman ur jst sum lil boi hu gets chatty 2 hard nuts lyk me well ur dead dats all i can say -1-

  • Elle
    luv Elle

    Adam i love you

  • Diya Imran
    Diya Imran

    my sister and her husband are keeping the home after reading http://www8517.0news.org.thecitychro... and they were so worried

  • Senya

    hiyahh hunni was nice tlking to u the other day :) mum sends her love to the family :) have a good holiday x ly x

  • Roisin Q
    luv Roisin Q

    im gonna knock you out you little cunt

  • Diya Imran
    Diya Imran

    wow I have never felt so great and looked so thin ;) http://tinyurl.com/kt24d6

  • Jasmiinee


  • E'S

    adamm (: whats your msn? loveyou xxxxxxxxx

  • Miss Dior
    Miss Dior

    heye im amers friend i thought i should add u?:) hope you don't mind:) Lv's.

  • Amber
    luv Amber

    Missed the last bus back :( Had to get a taxi home £8 Adam dove is effort :D Love you xxxxxxx

  • J

    Aww bless are you ok about that? and sounds good lol. miss youu to !! x

  • J

    Hello Babe, Yea i no it has been like years, ive been ok thankyou. How have you been? Wubut these days then? :D Miss Yew !! _____________xoxox

  • Elle
    luv Elle

    Heyyyyy baby (L) i hope your okayy :) im always here for you gorgeousss, my best friend i love youuuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx

  • Amber

    Fancy going into your garden again soon ;) to say goodnight, if you get me ;) Juliet :L ;) Weiirrrdd Ha :P Love you xxxx

  • KellyKellykelly

    Hello stranger ;)

  • Amber
    luv Amber

    Love you adammmaaarr ;) xxx