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Anna McQuarrie

Go Andy!! Flower of Bonnie Scotland!!!!

Jul 5 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 269
  • from Glasgow Scotland
  • I am Married
  • Member since: January 2008
  • Last active: Jul 5
  • www.bebo.com/AnnaM632
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About Me

Rush 2112
Me, Myself, and I
Hi My Names Anna, thanks for visiting my page. I work in Security at Xscape Braehead with a good bunch of guys, I Enjoy Riding & showing my Horses, Rock music going to gigs, Drinking, Bikes, & having a good laff. Bikes & Horses are my 2 Passions except u get a set of brakes on 1 of them !!!! lol.

If you know me add me.xx
The Other Half Of Me
Brian McQuarrie
Rush, Led Zepplin, AC/DC Genisis, Pink Floyd, Magnum, Thunder, Rainbow, Cinderella, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Old Marillion, Deep Purple, Mettalica, Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, Nickleback, The Cult, 70's 80's Mike Oldfield, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, some Dance ect. Also Pipe Bands Shots & Dykehead the dogs Bollocks.
Lord of the Rings, (all), Blade, Aliens Trilolgy, the Green Mile, Seabiscuit, Pharlap, Harry Potters, Cartoons: Shrek's, Comedy: Fawlty Towers, V.O.Dibley, Two Ronnies, Royal Family, Shameless, Fawlty Towers, Billy Conelley, Action: Con Air, Face off, National Treasure, Assassin, Rocky's, & Horror: A.V.P'S, Excorsist, Interveiw with a Vampire, Dracula, Witchboard
Horse riding & Showing, Dressage, Show jumping
Scared Of
Happiest When
at a gig, Reading Terry brookes & Gilly Cooper, Drinking, Smoking, Pumping, an a buzz when i go Clear!! & Throttle therapy!!

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  • Joke

    Two Oaps are enjoying oral sex together. The old man says i cant stay down there for too long it stinks. the Old lady replies sorry it's ma arthritis, the man replies arthritis in ur fanny?,
    No says the old lady the arthritis is in ma shoulder,
    I can't wipe ma Arse.

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  • Joke

    Woman goes to the doctor and says

    " Doctor doctor ave got too much sugar in ma Water"

    " Doctor says How do you know?"

    " Woman replies AVE GOT CANDY FLOSS IN MA KNICKERS!!! " :)

    0 Comments 214 weeks

  • Joke

    Blonde asks the chemist " Can i have some Rectum deoderant" "No such thing" he replies. "Yes there is I have one in my bag, its empty."
    She hands it to him, and he says
    " This is a normal stick of underarm deoderant"
    The blonde says "HELLO

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  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie


    Jul 5
  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie

    Geddy & the boys were back in town last nite!! RUSH JUST GET BETTER WITH AGE!! FANTASTIC 3HRS XXXX

    May 31
  • Askura Alexander Shkuratov
    Askura Alexander Shkuratov

    Greetings, Anna! I wish you a happy week!

    May 14
  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie


  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie

    happy new year my dear friends

  • Ileana
    luv Ileana


  • Debbie
    luv Debbie

    Hey, how are you? :)

  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie

    Abso Fab!! Double GOLD for Team GB Dressage, well dun Charlotte & Valegro, wee horse is a Legand!!!! xxx

  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie

    Well dun Team GB DRESSAGE GOLD!!! ma boy dun it!!! History made today again, We have never won Team gold since the olympics started, Germans settled for the Silver today. well dun you guys.

  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie

    Well  done to team GB INTHE SHOWJUMPING GOLD, been a while guys lol, abso Fab. Fingers X for later today for team Dressage Go Charlotte & my Boy VALEGRO. XOXOXOXO

  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie

    Happy Birthday BON SCOTT RIP

  • Debbie
    luv Debbie

    ╔╗* . + * . * + . * + . * + . *
    ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗+ . * + . * + .*
    ║╚╣║║║║╩╣* . + * . * +. *

  • Debbie 4/28/12
  • Anna McQuarrie
    Anna McQuarrie


  • Debbie 4/6/12
  • Ileana
    luv Ileana

    Anna :)) xxx

  • Ileana
    luv Ileana


  • Ileana
    luv Ileana

    :)) xxx

  • luv Sherry Timms

    xxx  :)

  • luv Sherry Timms

    Have a good week!


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69 Things About Me

Height: Wee Short Arse
Weight: so wit
Birthday: 7 November 1965
Town you were born in: Arbroath scotland
Single or Committed: VERY, Some say fcking NUTS
Favorite band: RUSH!! OF COURSE
Favorite sports team: Carl Hester Dressage Vilegro FOR gb gold!!
Favorite drink: Voddy & Redbull
Favorite getaway: Mum & Dads in Spain
Favorite pasttime: BEBO!!
Favorite reality show: Dancing on Ice
Best thing to ever happen to you: Meeting, Marring my Hubby
Favorite clothes: Jeans of course
Your hair color : Redhead
Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke
Do you kiss on the first date: Am married lol
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Favorite restaurant: Igelstone equestrian house
Favorite movies: Sea Biscuit, Pharlap All of L.O.T R most Horrors, Shreks, Ice ages ect
Love or money: Both
Blondes or Brunettes: Neither REDHEADS ROCK
Your ambition: just to be happy with friends hubby & my horses
Ever bungee jumped: Fck That
Ever swam in the ocean: Yes
Ever been in love: Still am
Ever broken someones heart: Yes
Had your heart broken: Yes
Broke a bone: Oh fck Yessss
Favorite TV show character: Sons of Anarchy Jaks
Cats or Dogs: Dog
Pizza or Burger: Pizza
Your first crush: David coverdale lol
Ever lied to your parents: Yess hasnt every 1
Worst fear: Not being able to Ride
Your weakness: My ANIMALS
Any tattoos: 4
Favorite subject in school: HOMETIME LOL
Kisses or hugs: Kisses
Done anything you regret: Like every 1 Yes
Passive or aggressive: Passive
Morning or Evening: Either
Summer or Winter: Summer
Ever won a sports medal: Yes on the horse sam my boy
Ever been out of your country: Yes U.S.A Sturgis bike week
Your dream vacation: Lippizanner Stud
Best gift you have received: Hubbys love for 19yrs
Favorite Actor: Antonio Banderas
Favorite Actress: Katie Segal SOA
Best compliment someone gave you: Hair & Eyes
Do you hate anyone: NO
Hip-hop or Rock: ROCK
Favorite perfume: Daisy mark jacobs
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: Fckers yes
Country you: Egypt
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: Yes
Ever lied to teachers in school: Yes
Craziest thing you: 2 many to write
Your craziest dream in life: own land horses on it
Ever dyed your hair: No
City you live in: Glasgow
Favorite day of the week: Depends if am working
Favorite childhood memory: My First Gallop
Do you swear a lot: Sometimes
Ever puked at a party: OHHHH Yes
Ever danced all night long: Yes
Have a crush on anyone: My Hubby
Your best buddy these days: Most of my Girls
Are you a health freak: NA
Vehicle you drive: Ford Focus Ghia

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    March 17, 2011 01:19 PMPeace And Harmony said
    March 10, 2011 02:34 PMAll My Love said
    March 05, 2011 03:13 PMAnna McQuarrie said
    Have  a great wk end ma bebo friends xxxx
    March 05, 2011 03:10 PMAnna McQuarrie said

    March 01, 2011 02:33 PMAll My Love said
    February 26, 2011 09:26 AMAnna McQuarrie said
    Fecking majic!!!! xx
    February 15, 2011 12:55 PMEnigma said
    February 14, 2011 11:25 AMTracey said
    February 14, 2011 11:21 AMTracey said
    Valentine's Day Graphics
    February 11, 2011 09:46 AMTracey said
    February 10, 2011 12:43 PMTracey said


    February 05, 2011 03:10 PMPeace And Harmony said
    January 19, 2011 02:29 PMEnigma said
    January 09, 2011 04:23 PMAll My Love said
    January 02, 2011 11:43 AMPeace And Harmony said

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