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Classy Mama

dang who gets on this anymore? I havent been on in FOREVER hit me up on FACEBOOK

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About Me

They say floss it, but floss it with Class
Me, Myself, and I
Finding myself again, it takes realization to get to that point, and I'm discovering it. I will eventually know who my real friends are once I hit that point of satisfaction! I'm still the same me, but with some new and positive upcoming hobbies (if that makes sense). The start of my new life, will only be an adventure for me to fulfill. Some say this and some say that, but I say it is what it is and thats a fact! If you'll need to know or think that you need to know, hit me up! But just remember with me its all about the confidence, outspoken mind and a lovable heart. I love to be me and I came to think that in my past life I was a bird!!! lol ask and I will tell
What does ASAP mean?
There's work to do, dealines to meet,
you've got no time to spare,
but as you hurry and scurry,
always say a prayer.
In the midst of family chaos,
"quality time" is rare.
Do your best; let God do the rest:
Always say a prayer.
It may seem like your worries
are more than you can bare.
Slow down and take breather--
Always say a prayer.
God know how stressful life is;
He wants to ease our cares,
and He'll respond ASAP
Always say a prayer
*****You gotta give respect in order to receive it! Take that into consideration when you think everyone has turned their back on you..........drop to your knees and pray when a prayer is needed. There is nothing wrong with praying........If your ashamed, I'll pray for you!*****
My babies
Aleigh McKayde and Kaedynce Bre'Ann they are the highlights of my life, their is no regret on becoming a mother! I must say that this is the best thing that ever happened to me! Love you babygirls.........mama will always be here for you NO MATTER what!!!
Tequila Rose, Morgan and Coke, Mikes lemonade, and my number one is a heartbreaker, too bad SD bars haven't heard about it, its tasty & yummy!!! RED BULLS ARE MY FAVORITE!!
~*My Love for Music*~
Music is a must, I'm not gonna sit here and name all the favs because I sooo many! But just want to tell all of you that MUSIC is a MUST!
Thinkin about it
I'd rather be a Bytch; than a hoe
rather tell it like it is then blow every
guy I know! Rather be known for what
I do then who I screw!!!
My Heroes!!
My Grandma Arlene, my mother Ann, and my beautiful sister Jess. These women guided me to do the right things in life, when I thought they were coming down on me too damn hard, they were only helping me realize that negativity would bring me down. So I thank you for always being there when I need you guys the most

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  • feel like blogging

    Well I actually feel like blogging this time! First of all this year is almost over, and thank God for that one! I swear it was my worst one ever.....Ive learned from situations, grew stronger from situations and basically learned how to find myself through situations! I've been able to be a stronger more calmer person! Cause if I wasn't I'de be slappin couple bitches up side their head a time or two!! But the good things through this all is I'm more important to my children than most, met Rich and became more of a woman than most! I know this upcoming year is going to be a lot harder for me, but like I said I don't know if there is anything that I can't handle thus far! I will be relocating and when I do then I know most will miss me :L :D lol doesn't matter I'm leaving and not coming back, and when I need to I will make arrangements for my family to come visit me........I told myself just do it, don't talk about it, so I'm gonna just do it like Nike says! Christmas came and gone and it wasn't as happy as last year but my kids had a blast! My daughter had her 7th birthay and she enjoyed herself......now we have to battle new years eve and I can't wait!!! I'm gonna party for one last time then hang it up and get this education done! So thats about if for this blog!

    6 Comments 186 weeks

  • My weekend

    Well let me blog (brag) about my weekend!! Well it all started off about 4:00 pm friday evening, when I was walkin out my front door and there was this gold car sitting in my drive way....not to sure of who it was I kinda mean mad mug the person then look at the passenger and realize OMG it was my sister and Shawn!! What I knew she was getting a new car, but damn didn't expect her to drive to EB just to show it to me right away....hahaha....I know right, not that special! Well so anyways, they get out and was wanting to see the puppies.....and snatched MAD MAN...so his name is I guess, anyways.....we all go out to moms house and cook up some pizza and cake and stuff and all ate...it was good! Well that evening I meet up with the girls at the local water hole shakin for the evening! It was great, palyed some games with Rich but of couse was feeling quite well so its like I couldn't even play for shit! Anyways got ripped and all that good stuff.....dadada thats all we will say there! Anyways then we went out to moms house and had some breakfast burritos and actually ate the cake....so another bday dinner for Rhonda lol....anyways Jess and Shawn were going to head out and I was dead tired, Rich was verly keepin his poor eyes open and my kids were having a blast with the puppy and the cat. So we go back to town and then deside to play some pool. Shit we played pool for like 3 freakin hours!! Then I actually talked Shawn into just stayin one more night!!! Felt special because they did!! So it was all good. Had another amazing supper...and Aleigh lost a tooth and got $5 for that!!!...well crashed good that night.........Sunday 10/25 my actual birthday day came around and my kids wanted to ditch me! I was like WTF?? We had a day of activities planned and they ditched?? Oh well anyways Rich and I ended up going to Pierre enjoyed a wonderful lunch......killed time......shopped.....then went bowling!! I haven't bowled for a while, of couse so I sucked, but it was fun and Rich must have felt big headed cause he whooped up!! So just to make myself feel better, lol cause I was the bday girl, lol I kicked his ass at some pool!!!! Then grabbed a bite and came home. So I must say THANK YOU to all who wished me a happy birthday but most importantly I thank my wonderful family and Rich for making me and it so special!!!! SO there I blogged and bragged hope you all enjoy it! Cause Tahnee I know you will......:L :L :L

    0 Comments 195 weeks

  • SO let me tell you all!

    So I had a great mini vacation!!! Headed out the my sisters place and had a freaking blast!! Of course I always have fun when I got out that way....its my sister come on!! Well when I was out there I noticed that they has special move in deals......and I found a great one......so I think I might be moving a lot sooner than I think! If it all works out.......then I wouldn't have to worry about this petty little town and all the jealous people in it!!! So anyways that a little blog for now, I'll continue later......

    2 Comments 201 weeks

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March 06, 2010 02:50 PMJendawg said
Wuddup? Me Chillen with the Family en shit. Still holdin it down in St. Paul en workin en shit. How rU? I was online and saw u on so i droped a few lines 4 ya. Laterz 
Jendawg & Family
December 31, 2009 07:09 AMAlison Cat said
December 22, 2009 01:37 PMChey said
December 13, 2009 02:51 PMAlison Cat said
October 21, 2009 03:16 PMMizz Roxanne said
September 30, 2009 02:02 PMTJ said
August 28, 2009 07:28 PMJae said
hey what's up girl how have you been? me i'm doing great i even got a fucken kick ass job guess where??????? but get back at me and tell me what's up k later mucc love and madd RESPECT Always JAE
August 09, 2009 09:41 PMChey said
June 25, 2009 09:58 PMLaid Back Lone Wolf said
wsup rhonda kinda sux for me broke my leg and it wasnt even a bronc ima hit the river like wednesday i know its gonna be crowded inteligence
June 19, 2009 01:31 PMChelle Benoist said

Have a good weekend Rhonda....what r u gonna do without Missy? I hear she's in RC!! Might see u somewhere if ur around....laters.

June 19, 2009 01:31 PMChelle Benoist said
June 17, 2009 12:43 PM said
May 26, 2009 04:28 PMMizz Roxanne said
May 09, 2009 08:24 PMSonya Young said
May 01, 2009 08:53 PMSonya Young said

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  • Tyson Red Bear
    Tyson Red Bear

    Whaddup Triple OG?

    7/6/10 via Mobile
  • Calla Rae
    Calla Rae

    yea im hangn in there lol juhz livin day by day in whack ass eb. but im in rc for tha weekend headin back today =( dont want to lol why whoz calling yuu? LOL krazy bitchez theze dayz truust me i get those callz too but JEALOUS 1Z ENVY!!! lol

    4/25/10 via Mobile
  • J Nasty
    J Nasty

    Whats Up!! Just a typical boring ass night in EB. I am drinking sparkling grape juice, kinda taste like wine so Im acting all good lol. This sober thing is kinda good. Anywhoo, just wanted to leave you a message on here. Later!1

  • Calla Rae
    Calla Rae

    hey chick havent see yu 4 ah while huh? hope everythngz good.

    4/21/10 via Mobile
  • .Robbie.Anne.

    what have you been up too me chillin wit my kids and old man well wish i could go and drink again wit you and gary doreen

  • Melanii
    luv Melanii

    Hi....kinda liken the color this side of town! Don't stop in here very much but just wanted to say have a beautiful day, Beautiful!!! TTYL...

  • luv Laci Jae

    Well good morning my beautiful sister! Hope your day goes good here is love from us :))

    3/9/10 via Mobile
  • Jolene Belle Marie Hearon
    luv Jolene Belle Marie Hearon

    hey, that was some good dancin last night!!

  • J Nasty
    luv J Nasty

    Yo Yo Yo whats up whats up!! LMAO I dont know why I just did that haha.....anywhoo, how are things going?? I havent left you a bebo message in ages so I thought I would hit ya up. Life is kinda strange when alcohol isnt involved haha. I have to think of stuff to do so I dont get tempted. Anywhoo, get back at me Classy!! Ciao ;)

  • Nosferatu
    luv Nosferatu

    hey sup classy mama howve you been i thought i wrote you but i checked your comments and i wasnt on there so my bad so im writing now but you have a good and safe time over there k and oh yeah heres my number you can cal me or txt me for sure k later

    2/13/10 via Mobile
  • Melanii

    Shoulda kicked her ass when u had the time! Lol, u have someone better (and prolly bigger) lol. Just kidding, I hope u move on tho... Gee, sorry, don't even kno him but yeah, you deserve happiness.....

  • Bill Iron Hawk
    luv Bill Iron Hawk

    They say this town will waste your time. Family will always be there and have your back. Home is where you and the ones you love choose to be at. Heres hoping your whishing come true cousin.

    1/10/10 via Mobile
  • Harms Luv
    luv Harms Luv

    Pay no mind to those who TALK behind your back, it simply means that WE are TWO steps ahead. Happy Holidays Hooker hope to see you in "2010". Harms Luv!!

  • T J. .

    Happy Holidays Rhonda To You And Your Girls! Best Wishes For 2010!

  • Bonnie Hollow Horn
    luv Bonnie Hollow Horn

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas! You truly are the best neighbor one gal could ask for!!

    12/24/09 via Mobile
  • Duane Curley

    i am doing good just chillin out. thanks and happy holidays to yours from mine as well. hope you had a good one.

  • Mizz Roxanne
    luv Mizz Roxanne

    - ya Mamii

  • J Nasty
    J Nasty

    What Is Up!! How have you been these last couple of days?? I was trying to call you on saturday to see what was on your agenda but you didnt answer, so I figured you were busy. I was just being bored at home. Are you going to RC for LNI's?? I am gonna try but my truck is broke down at the moment so i will see if it is fixed by the weekend. Anywhoo, get back at me with some news - Later!!

  • Mizz Roxanne
    luv Mizz Roxanne

    hey gurl.... PRETTY nice picture, DAMN gurl doing your DAMN THANG...You must be in LOVE your lookin SKINNY..Love ya gurl....laters

  • Tahnee Dayanne
    luv Tahnee Dayanne

    Hey Miss Rouseau!! Hows it goin? I'm just bein' bored as funk lol thought I'd leave a comment.. checked out ur pics - u look just happy!! =) Well ttul lady


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Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School, 2002

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March, 2008 - May, 2008
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