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ii Love Jelly Tots (Y)

8/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Orla Mullan.. :)

Facebooks way betterr..:)

Summer 2010, hurry on!! Cant waitt!

Nicole Lowe && Jill McCandless Are my World ! :)

GCSE's - Haha Screwed :Z

i Lovee Donelle Reynolds. :D

2009, So Many Good Memories,, Definatly a year to remember. :)

Lives For Thee Weekend ;)
Song on Repeat -
Take it off - Ke$ha. ;)
Nicole Louisa Lowe. :)
This girl, Wow, she is the bestest friend you could ever ask for.. Been there for each other through thick and thin no matter what ! ;) always there to cheer me up on a bad dayy, always finds a way to do itt. :) i think i know near enough everything about her and she knows pretty much everything about me ! The memories, there are unreal with this girl like seriously, some of the things we do, you wouldnt want to know.. :L Together for 5 years now, feels like a life time. Theres no way of gettin rid of her.. ;) Our sleepovers involve eating, watching tv, eating and more eating. :L We come as a pair everywhere we goo :D theres never a day that i never see or talk to this girl. :) always making me laugh or smile :) Shes my Geek ;) :L if i lost her i would not be able to survive on this earth.. bestest friend ive ever had. :) iLoveyouu. :) Bffl.

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  • Me :)

    Orla Mullan

    ii Love School :)

    Even Tho That Makes Me Sound Like A Nerd ii Am THe Exact Opposite . . ii Like To Go OUt In My Hooker Heels && Ride Thee Bit Out Ye Know ;) Baack Of Barrys Muuch People

    if You Want To See Thee Naughty Side Of Me Theen ii Suggest Thaat You Go To YOur Nearest Alley Way And You Will Probz End Up Seein Me Their And That Is NOt A JOke ;)

    2 Comments 207 weeks

  • Friends..=D

    Nicole Lowe.. =]

    Well, where do i start.... :L Shes crazy, and also beats me up in LLW! <--not funny.. Yeah she leaves me with brusies..;) haha Her adventurous sleepovers are amazing..:D hinding in round abouts, rolling about on the road, lying at the gate at the side of the road..:) good times. in first year she was a wee geek with her round glasses and her middle parting.. sexxyyy i tell you that! :L She spends hours lookin at her self in the mirror in the school toliets and then when we are about to leave she'll say that she hasnt been yet..:@ lmaoo i could never live without this girl.. i love her more than a fat kid loves chocolate..;) BFFL babee.. ilyy..:P

    Donelle Reynolds...=)

    Dear goodness..:L shes a looper! ;) we have crazy sleepovers, that consist of gettin hom, into our jamies and watchin a dvd till bout 3am then eventully goin to bed..:L haha Were also little tea pots, short and stout..:) met in oliver where we dressed as boys.. god we were hot boys.;) we love deerriiccc..;) Here, this girl is NEVER not pissed likee.. Always aff her facee! Me - *yawns* -"Eughuhuhuhh!" . . Donelle -"I understand completely". :L What a fun night ! :L Donelle - Here i could be a professional dancer !
    Me - Pfftt, yeah a radio dancer ! Ahaha. ;) sooo many memories with this thing and ill never forget any of them! lol No one could ever part us, i think were secretly joint at the hip!..:L Love her to pieces..:D :D bessies for lifee..;) ilyy..

    Jill McCandless..=D

    God this girl is the daughter of thunder..:L i love her to bits! since 1st year, god we've been bessies and ill never ever forget our history and english class with mrs gault! haha our wee back table was the best, me, jillie, eoin, james, laura and jenny..:L haha good times babee..;) Recently we discovered our love for wee jelly men..:L addicted to locuzade much! Poorr weee jilliee has had likee loads of men runnin after her with knives, how does she cope! lmao..:P Our english classes now consist of textin each other from each side of the room and laughin about things that are so not funny.. We had a good laugh at 'a hard blow!' Were a little on the dirty minded sidee..:L Recent times: ..Lookin at Johnny ;) - Me: He must have is walet in his back pocket..:L Jill: Orlaa Why you lookin at his ass..lmaoo :) Also running through the foyer past Bob cause our uniforms are a complete mess! Everyone else lookin at uss..=/ lmaoo But couldnt live without this girl i swear likee dont know what i would do without her!! lovee her millionss..:D :D ily babyy..;)

    Michelle Grant.. =P

    Any time in with michelle i think i have to be eating! lmao she makes me eat consintly and when i tell her im on a doet she just laughs and gives me more food..=S lmao We tell each other everything! lmaoo. Lots of secrets there..:P lmao ohh god soo many good times with the girl, for likee 2 months straight we were on the phone to each other every night! lol <-- shows the lovee..:D lmao We cant go a week with out seein each other and we alway have loads to talk about at dancin.. all the goss..;) ahaha Nick names for the cool people - Fatty, skinny and geeky..:P there a fun bunch...:) lol i love this girl soo muchh..:D ilyy..

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  • Non-smoking fairys

    Well...It all started when we (lodsa ones) wer all so bored after Oliver practise (the first night practising in the Riverside) When this man (who looked drunk) came over to us (we wer jst sittin an chillin) I was pretty freaked out and kinda moved away from him! But he was smokin and the silly billy natasha said to him that smokin was very bad for u and that he was killing us...ect...! Then me an mollie an natasha started jumping about and coughing and using r arms an hands as wings and started saying "ur killing us!! us fairies r dying because of u" ect..ect.. Then every1 joined in!!! from then on we wer named the 'Non smoking Fairies' But at the end we died because of tat man!!! We lay on the ground in the foyay taking asma attacks in front of him! And wat did he do??? He laughed! He laughed at the horrible sight of prettyful fairies dying!!! Later on when us fairies wer jst minding r on bisness in heaven we found out tat the man was actually zacs dad!
    May we rest in Peace!
    9/1/06 Monday 9th January

    3 Comments 383 weeks

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