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Fuck ya, Been to the moon

4/13/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 25, Luv 468
  • from Dirty Ol Towelraunga/Scrotumoetai
  • I am Single
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  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    holi fuck is chloe ur onli friend tht uses this mother fuker? lol metallica tickets? :D i gt every cent for it

  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    yeah i rekon u didnt look the happyst outa the lot lol wat was rng?!? it was pretty gud thanks did u knw tht i was sober the whole weeknd but i had a real good 1 lol it was out of it although i did take 3 partypills on sat nyt so i was on a pretty cha buzz lol. yea bro im gunna get 1 tamrow after skool r u gna b workn?? haha oh yea i gues in a few yrz wen 1 ov mi mates frm skool pops 1 out lol. haha i dunno i just made it up lolol

  • luv Chloe Drummond

    just wanted to comment seems as you have so many chloe comments on your page hahah sick so ill add another one

  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    hahha yeah yeaah lol. ooosh sounds like so far uve hada pretty mint weeknd eh!!? did i tell u my fones like completly fucked and i cant find the recipt to return it to the ware fare lol. gayness. omg fkn meeen how much are they?!?! bet there heepz, gna hav ta start saving now!!! haha why a baby shower?!? lol kerros a chumpkin!!!:P :)

  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    ohhh nooo haha how was the regional manager taday?? woah sounds like a good 5 day bender haha wat u getting up to this weeknd? u going to town?? umm i wnt to brents 20th and angys dads 50th and tht was bout it now its mattys 21st and tennys 20th!! how awesome then its chloe ds 20th nxt week!!! man aprils a good month init!!?? haarrd haha oi i got CLETUS BROWN on my leavers jersey how awesome aye lolol. fk yeah but they bloked it agn today so tht sucks lol love 4 kerro!!!! :)

  • Chloe

    i know aye its pretty yuk loll oh yeah hows mista dicksmith going? meen lol so did i watd u do? nottthinggg just been going to skool and tryna get my credits lol the sever is down so bebo and youtubes unblocked yayaaa!! the porn sights probably are too hahaha

  • Chloe

    wat is up my homie?!? xx

  • Chloe 4/19/10
  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    i gota upload the photo thing on this computer b4 i put them on lol. awww cha thanks i get it now yeah would be easier if u could copy it but allgud lol. aww shit ill hav to confim u how du u find out whos been adding u? lol

  • Chloe

    yeah true that lol playstion gets boring as after a while anyway. yeah hard i went today and my tyres passed on a 1.6 and 1.5 is the limit lol.

  • Chloe

    hahah nooope bdo was like the 1stday in ever that i havnt had a cigy and i still havnt lol. ohhhh i see lol that sucks ull just hav to pretend ur not related to them lol. yeah hard out thats a good point thats true as im getting excited as!! cnt wait. hahaha yeah hard out ill work somthn out last time i went to mag and tyre on 15th av and got two near new 1s 4 40bux lol

  • Bootiful

    no problem

  • Chloe

    na i didnd even hav 1 smoke oi!! lol wich aint like me especially on pills i just kudnt hack it 4 sum reason lol bt thts y i said mustv been my lungs telln me nt to haha. ohhh true that haha ratshit aye use ur mums 1 thts wot i do haha. yea fanks :) lol yeah thats always true if i dont wana do it the skill is still always there. true that maaad!!! on ngatai road?? me being a girl and all theyl probably try rip me off haha.

  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    naa unfortanitly lol or smoking!! member at bdo and i was like na yuckk i cant stand smoking today mustv been my lungs sayn fuk off lol. haha true tht u shuld go get sum games out then!! just gna go enroll in doing a deploma for fashion and design! so just makn sure its me lol. haha yeah hard out aye beta gv it a clean today im gunna need two new front tyres haha ;)

  • Chloe

    haha yeah hard out im taking codine just 4 the pain killas mate :D haha true that wata gay 1 nt tht i can talk lol i been doin the same exept being sick and playn xbox lol. but i amm going 4 a interview at polytech on friday!! :D and get my WOF tmrw! yay!!

  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    yea fully there mad ay!! yeah it sucks so harrd lol my lungs r dieing. naah hes just got a smokers cough now lol he usta have bronchitus tho. watcha been doin this week? :)

  • Silvia Power
    Silvia Power

    i hate u i had 2 sell my ticket cos i had no drug muney fuk im so gutted

  • Steph
    luv Steph

    luv :P coz facebook has no luv lol

  • Rose

    welcome sorry for the l8te reply.

  • Candy Leigh
    Candy Leigh

    hahahahah im a bit worried bwt watchn that aye lol bet its sumin i wnt like lol