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yeigermeister is bad tack:L :L wat a nite:D

10/27/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 309
  • from tullig leap(its near leap)
  • I am Single
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well fuck'a'luck'a'ding'dong
Me, Myself, and I
<<-me nd my gawjus gf chaz
how are we people, the names cathal a.k.a badger, i live in da ghetto of tullig(back of connonagh):L ove anytin ta du wit cars..also love goin out at wknds haven da craic wit the boys and girls......well dats all iv ta say sound 4 checken my page..leave me a comment and il get bk 2 ya..

___________$$$$__________ ___________$$$$__________ ___________$$$$__________ ________$$$$$$$$$$$______ _______$$$$$$$$$$$$$_____ _____$$$$__$$$$__$$$$____ _____$$$$__$$$$__$$$$____ _____$$$$__$$$$__________ ______$$$$_$$$$__________ _______$$$$$$$$__________ _________$$$$$$$$________ ___________$$$$$$$$______ ___________$$$$_$$$$_____ ___________$$$$__$$$$____ _____$$$$__$$$$__$$$$____ _____$$$$__$$$$_$$$$_____ _______$$$$$$$$$$$$______ _________$$$$$$$$$_______ ___________$$$$__________ ___________$$$$__________
**BoRn cAtHoLiC**
**StAy cAtHoLiC**
**LiVe cAtHoLiC**
**DiE cAtHoLiC**
dance, bit of rap rnb...too many gud tunes too mention..and cant 4get singen da gud ol country songs in da pub haha
too many to mention..anytin funny scarey e.t.c
soccor..bit of g.a.a..and drinking :L :L
scared of
Happiest When
on the tear...sleeping..having da craic wit da lads
THE AE86 PRAYER Our Father who doesn’t recognise any other car. Twincam be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Tyres will be done. On Earth as it is in Japan. Give us This Day on Irishcoupes. And praise our Burnouts. As we forgive those who repent against us. and lead us not into trouble. But deliver us from underground. For thine is the janspeed, the superlites and the cibies. forever and ever. Amen

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  • Colin Keohane
    Colin Keohane

    Christ lad u went flat pst me n d tractor goin up through caheragh dis eve.haha

    11/24/09 via Mobile
  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    boooOoo...:P how r u now...? still drunk and disabled ....:L :L :L love you.... :* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Denis Cahalane
    Denis Cahalane

    :L :L its just wan them random comments when u get reli bored :L :L

  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    me a poser ? :O did u see the one ov u :L pooOoossSser :P :L Ohh ya d thank u thank u thank u AGEN...i love wat u got me :D i love yooou :)) (i win its my bday) ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxx

  • Denis Cahalane
    Denis Cahalane

    im sorry but it had 2 be said :L :L

  • Ciara Cronin
    Ciara Cronin

    NOO!! u shud be! :) ive an excuse..im sick! :P whats urs? LOCK urself behind a door?:L :L

  • Ciara Cronin
    Ciara Cronin

    No :) u go!

  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    look at my FABULOUS new picture :L :P ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx

  • Denis Cahalane
    luv Denis Cahalane

    i luv ur sexy ass ;) :L :L

  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    U gotta Loove my new name....:L :L ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    hey bbe....8) ohh riite..:L that was soooo interestin lik...:L :) yap its still hurties :( :L oh and dont u forget bou satdy nite btw...:) love you... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx

  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    only just saw this comment :L wOoops... ya so u just tell ppl ta cum along nd join in d party :L ur not on facebook are u...? :/ i will buy u a new fone for xmas :L :P i love you :* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    we went thru the whole plan for the 24th :L :P its gona be vry goooood i must tell u the plan wenevr i next see u :DD see u soon monkey socks ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ronan Connolly
    Ronan Connolly

    Not 2 bad now!if i cud keep da dirt off it twud be better:L are da doors rusty in your one lad??

  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    have sum lOove ------>> lOove ur picture :L cnt wait for like 3 weeks time...wOo 18 at long last :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ronan Connolly
    Ronan Connolly

    Story lad do u still av dat boxy??

  • Sammy

    hey dude, hows it goin? u, ya mrs n kielan out tonight ? x

  • Kielan Burns
    Kielan Burns

    How are we now?. You at much for the nite?.

    9/15/09 via Mobile