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whoops! whelans not till next month!!!!

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catch studios Indie Label
Dublin Ireland
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"C'mon, go rsing!" - buy it at http://www.downloadmusic.ie/citizen
Me, Myself, and I
"If Citizen have started their career the way that they intend to go on, it would be advisable to see them at a venue near you before they take their tour elsewhere" -
Kate Rothwell, UCD Observer.

"The EP recounts an odyssey through lost loves and broken hearts packaged up in snappy songs with killer beats" -
Julia Molony, Sunday Independent.

"Citizen are a no nonsense rock three piece with strong harmonies and catchy choruses" -
Hotpress - 08


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  • Response Tubridy producer Yvonne Judge and her "advice"

    Having sent press packs and material to all the country’s major radio stations and shows in support of the release of our new single “C’mon, go rising!”, we were shocked when on Friday morning we received an irate phone call from Yvonne Judge, series producer for the Ryan Tubridy radio show.
    Ms Judge informed us that she had found the cover for our debut E.P. “You don’t know my name” grossly offensive. The image had simply been included within the biography included with the press pack, as part of the promotional materials for our new release “C’mon, go rising!”.
    The image in question was used on the cover of our first release and went on to feature in a number of Irish publications; including two page spreads in the both the UCD observer and the lifestyle supplement of the Sunday Independent. The shot, taken by Tony Gavin, includes myself, David Sayers and Daniel McConnell seated on a tattered, worn out couch, placed in the left hand side of the background - while an illusive girl sporting ripped stockings and lingerie, stands hands on hips, looming in an authoritative stance over the sheepish looking trio.
    While we appreciate RTE’s quick feedback, perhaps Ms Judge could have taken the extra four minutes and eight seconds to actually listen to the single. While we certainly didn’t intentionally set out to offend Ms. Judge or any of the staff at The Tubridy show; personally, I deeply resent the condescending tone with which she has responded. As a producer on any radio show, let alone one of the biggest in the country, Ms Judge, and producers in general, are in position of great authority over artists exercising any medium, but especially those writing, recording or performing music.
    As an artist, once you have put your product, and therefore part of yourself, to the public, you are obliged to accept and take on board the public’s subsequent response, for better or for worse. But I strongly believe that any good producer must be capable of distancing themselves from the reactionary responses of the layman. In her role, surely Ms Judge will naturally find many forms of media cross her desk; some of which she might not like or necessarily agree with. When we sent our press material to Ms Judge, we were not sending it to Yvonne Judge, a randomly selected member of the public, for her personal response. We sent it to Yvonne Judge, listed as series producer on the Tubridy Show website. In this role Ms Judge is the representative, or point of contact, for artists wishing to contact RTE and The Tubridy show. We sent our details to the show in the hope that they might be willing to facilitate the presentation of our song to the public, after which we would, with relish, receive any feedback that may be generated.
    Over the last fifty years the role of artwork and album sleeves has played a vital role in the music industry. I firmly believe that the artwork featured on album covers, and traditionally vinyl sleeves, can often make almost as valuable a contribution to the artistic and creative content of the finished product, as the songs themselves. Ironically this is one area in which today’s music industry has started to place less value on the aesthetics of the final product.
    Whether Citizen hit the nail on the head, or grossly missed the target when developing the concept for the artwork to feature on “You don’t know my name”, is a matter for the public and the consumer to decide. If Ms Judge were to simply have decided that she didn’t want our material featuring in her show, that would have been a matter entirely for herself. However, as far as I am aware, her professional position does not include filling the role of some kind of moral watchdog or censor. Further to the point, if it did, surely she would have at least been required to listen to the song to which the cover art was making reference!

    I feel it is a dangerous omen for Irish artists in general, if in 2009 the national br

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  • buy the single!!!!


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  • New tunes

    Hello all,
    Just a quick message to let ya's know that we spent last bank holiday Monday in the studio recording some new tunes. This time we had "bass player and studio extraordinare" Keith Farrell behind the desk. Although we were only demoing new tracks, the results are quite tasty (well we think so anyway). The two new tracks are called "Screaming out my name" and "I'm standing alone". They should be online and avalable for free download within the next day or so.
    Anyway, hope you like 'em,
    Danny, Ben, Sayers.

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  • Citizen

    "C'mon, go rising!" Txt 'music 4049' to 57501 for PC download OR Txt 'music 4049 m' to 57501 for Mobile download.

  • Faye Simms
    Faye Simms

    Wanting to buy the mp3 of the Ep, Can't get to tower for a physical cd... Is there a way?

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  • .EfA.

    Heyy! lovin you CD its jus class!!!...:D

  • (WE DONT USE THIS) Out of NoWhere
    luv (WE DONT USE THIS) Out of NoWhere

    Cheers Mate! Helps alot!

  • (WE DONT USE THIS) Out of NoWhere
    (WE DONT USE THIS) Out of NoWhere

    hey ! We're looking to record an EP and we were just wondering where you guys went for recording your album and how much it costed for you? We also wanted to know would you recommend it! :L Cheers, Davis

  • Outside The Box
    luv Outside The Box

    Hey Guys...! Love your sound, reallii good stuff...! We are an upcoming Dublin band too (like you guys)...! Check us out and keep us posted if you are playing any gigs around town or anything...! Cheers...! Outside the Box

  • Jason Anderson
    luv Jason Anderson

    No problem. Love the tunes, keep it up..

  • Hillsidestudios Hillsidestudios
    Hillsidestudios Hillsidestudios

    Hey guys Hillside recording studio has great offers for January that wont be beaten. We also like to mention that we are available live sound gig if ever needed. Just contact us on bebo,or 085-1728569 Hillsidestudios@yahoo.ie .

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    The Performance

    The Performance Hey ! Performance 2008 is booking up fast - the closing date for bands to confirm is Nov 29th, if you would like to play contact us asap at Theperformance08@gmail.c om or 0879741329 thanks Paddy The Performance 2008 - Dec 28th & 29th - 2 Days - 4 stages - 150 bands All ages show - over 18's nite show Whelans & the Village www.thevillagevenue.com - www.theperformancelive.com

  • Dominique Mcmullan
    luv Dominique Mcmullan

    citizen rocs the socs off my world why? just coz.

  • Shona Macintyre
    Shona Macintyre

    Tunes are Wicked guys --- loving them !!!!!!

  • Gerard Breen

    will check it out now lads :D keep up the good work g

  • Iadt Ents
    Iadt Ents

    Ah man, the pleasure was all ours.....would love to do something with yourselves again real soon. Sure i have your number and you have mine so we sort something out man.....thanks for a good night.

  • Jillian Redmond
    Jillian Redmond

    hey dude, yeah i'm not there anymore alright! i'm afraid i wont be able to make it, i'm gonna be in town tonight unfortunately! i hope it goes well for ya's!! xxx

  • Shona Macintyre
    Shona Macintyre

    hey guys, u thought about doing the whole Island tour ?? I could help . I've ran it past my boss !

  • Dave Mulvaney
    Dave Mulvaney

    hey lads you sould give us an add at some stage! good tunes... http://www.myspace.com/fractionkids "www.bebo.com/fraction-kids";

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog

    ah cool, i think i might buy the EP in tower