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Miss Huria


2/22/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Ko Mauao te maunga
Ko Tauranga te moana
Ko Takitimu te waka
Ko Tamatea Pokaiwhenua te tangata
Ko Ngati Ranginui te iwi
Ko Ngai Tamarawaho te hapu
Ko Huria te marae
UB40, Reggae, Mahalia Jackson, IL Divo
I love mummy Alatini's kai. Chop suey, manioke, liu and everything else she cooks.
Thanks for feeding me mum, i love you...
Scared Of
Taking Lina 4 a drive (jus joking Lina)
When Mummy Alatini is in a grumpy mood (and i'm not joking)
Happiest When
Being home at Huria, watching Judea play rugby, hanging out with my tongan family da Alatini's, chilling wit my whanau specially da moko's, eating mummy Alatini's kai, when my moko Shakur tells me he luvs me, when moko Vita blows me kissess and when moko Kyson gives me a cheeky smile.

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    U know your a maori when.....

    U go to the ball with your cousin
    A nice restaurant is an 'all u can eat' place
    Someone in your family got pregnant at 15
    A sleeve is a tissue for your nose
    Breakfast is the left over food from last night
    U organise a get together for 2 o'clock and everyone shows up at 5
    U visit cousins and someones wearing the clothes u left behind last time
    U and your cousins sit around and dis everyone who walks past
    U have brothers and sisters with a different mother or father
    U have 6 people on the back seat of the car
    Your mother cut your hair cause u kept getting kutu's
    Your at a party and your aunty turns off the stereo and starts playing the guitar
    U know all the words to 10 guitars
    U see someone wearing your shoes that went missing from the marae
    U go to school to eat the other kids lunch
    U go to school to watch the teacher teach the other kids
    The older kids make u cry and u get the hiding for crying
    Your jandals are: ur running shoes, ur work shoes, ur flippers, ur going out shoes
    Brushing your hair is.....putting on a beanie
    U can't speak maori but are fluent when u are drunk
    U laugh at anyone who can't sing
    U laugh at anyone who can't dance
    U laugh at anyone who can't do both at the same time
    U go diving with one flipper
    Playing the spoons is right up there for percussion to the guitar
    Rotten foods are a delicacy
    The hangi sacks and baskets are considered family heir looms
    U try the whakapapa/tino rangatira line to get into a public event
    Your dad cuts your hair, gets hoha and leaves the other half for the next day after school

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    The way i live this minute
    will always be the same
    so let me live it thoughtfully
    so i won't be ashamed

    The way i live this minutes
    can never be replaced
    the deeds i do the thoughts i have
    can never be erased

    The way i live this minute
    should be the best i can
    for minutes only happen once
    and never come again

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    0 Comments 268 weeks

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  • DAvid

    Kia ora cousin on Thursday March 18th at 7pm at Huria Marae, there will be a presentation by SBS bank on Welcome Home Loans for first home buyers. Contact Teresa or Charlie at Huria Management if you need further info (07) 5787838 Join the group Toku Whare if you are interested in buying a house of your own. We are encouraging people to buy their first homes and promoting home ownership amongst our people. We are also encourage parents to support their kids into their own home. We want to give people the belief and the tools to achieve a house of their own.

  • Keana Meldrum
    luv Keana Meldrum

    hey aunty how r u um miss u heaps when are u getting married koz me and my togan man waht to comekk love u

  • Tori Komene-Chambers
    luv Tori Komene-Chambers

    add me on facebook! cant wait 2 catch up...

  • luv MC

    okae sweet aunty ill ask him when i get home aye. umm thanks:) lovee.

  • Pesi Alatini Vaioleti
    luv Pesi Alatini Vaioleti

    omg congrands to u ayee good on you but we need to catch up sometimes soon before you getting married oooh wow u had to come home sometimes we need to catch up we got heaps to catch up on ayee my godness when is the wedding and where?? mann let us know ayee u takecare sis n god bless ofa atu pes

  • luv MC

    aww congratss auntyy, haha cant believe it :L well im at a frnds now ima tell dem when i get homee, so wheres it at, farhhh loeyaauntyyy :D

  • Ruby Vahai Mikaere
    luv Ruby Vahai Mikaere

    Dear Rosie, thank you so much for the invite..i will try my hardest to be there for you and i will keep you in touch if i can organize it with my roster...Please keep me up to date with everything, and i will enter holidays foe october, bt let me know the date and i will seewhat i can do...ok...maybe i can get the chance to go to the island to see my mate mere...Honey and i were talking and we said that one day the two of us will get there to see her yet...God rest her soul...lovely to hear from you rosie and please stay well and warm God bless and until i hear from you, re the date you take care...lots of arohanui....aunty Ruby...

  • luv Marie Charlotte Minnis

    awww congragulations nice would love to be there.I better start saving up it would be awsome to come home and what an occassion have'nt been home in yrs I'l send me add thru private yaeeee cant wait.

  • Delwyn
    luv Delwyn

    merry xmas rosie.. wow ur getting married awesume u go gurl. whos the lucky man hehehe..

  • Marie Charlotte Minnis

    howdy cuzzin been a while aye hope all is gud just sharin da luv an wanna wish u a very merry xmas an a funtastic new year and have a safe 1 arohanui.

  • Miss Pearson
    luv Miss Pearson

    Hey Aunty Rose, How are you all doing down there in the land of Wellys? Everything still the same back here. Nothing new ever happens here, well, not unless Aunty Hape's pregnant hahahahahahaha. So what's the news you have for me. Geez don't tell me your pregnant Aunty Rose hahaha. Not that that's a bad thing, just want to make sure you name him or her Mary hahaha. Sorry Aunty Rose got a bit of a cheeky streak in me today. Must be work getting to me. Have some crazies hanging around on site with us sometimes but they all good. Please don't freak me out too much Aunty Rose. Well, say hi to everyone for me and hope to catch up with you all soon I hope. Love Always, Aunty Bub xoxoxoxoxoxox.

  • Beverly Terry
    Beverly Terry

    how did you know my name mums name was WaiKato...spooky girl

  • Marie Charlotte Minnis

    hey ya cuzzie,howz da whanau,we algud ova here,it's been awhile so i thought i cum an say howdy catch up abit hope all is gud back home,da neph Stan Walker must b da talk back home aye such a gifted talent i reckon he deserves to win yeha,anywayz alwayz gud to catch up much aroha to u an whanau

  • luv XXx Kat Xxx

    hey aunty how are you doin???? share the love

  • Tori Komene-Chambers
    luv Tori Komene-Chambers

    Hiya... just wnana say (again) a huge Congrats!!! xx

  • luv Marie Charlotte Minnis

    kiaora whanau,just doin abit of catchin up wit whanau an mates howz things,me an ma fams r gud,kids on school holidays now oh how great lol!!! i reckon there's to many bloody school holidays here in oz lol,yep an da weathers gettin to hot well take care n catch up wit u again another time kakite arohanui

  • Tori Komene-Chambers
    luv Tori Komene-Chambers

    heya... just sent u a private mess. (& same sooo havnt been on bebo for ages!!!! iv kinda gotten into facebook lol) Well hers some LOVE & chat to ya soon... xx

  • Ruby Vahai Mikaere
    Ruby Vahai Mikaere

    Hello rosie, how are you dear...As you would know i was in tauranga at the time of the unveiling...But unfortunately my brother david had passed away, and i was at his tangi at the whetu, as he died that day early in the morning....I came down to the marae at judea, when i flew in, but weas quickly snapped away by the family..Nap took me away..I thought i ould have time to come in andsee you. but i know you willunderstand...because i dont...it would only have taken a few minutes, but i was told that they were waiting for me at the whetu, so rosie i am sorry i did not get to see you...My thoughts were with you all, and to make sure i did not miss out i bought the video home with me to watch...Hope all is well with you, and once again i amm so sorry...Nena and some of the people from huria came and it was good to see them at the tangi...Take care and god bless..love...aunty ruby......

  • luv Jojo

    hi aunty and mum im good here some love take care say hi to everyone much love

  • ShaylaD
    luv ShaylaD

    hi .i thort you might wonder who i was..haha .Steve and I are sweet as.just celebrated lyricks 1st birthday on Saturday the 5th.Had a nice lunch at the park..Hope all goes well with the house hunting!I think we might have 2 cum down 4 a holiday with you.sounds good..You take care of yourself 2 and will give the whanau your love.xx heas a picture of ya steve and lyrick