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Kirsten Kelly

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  • Female, 23, Luv 206
  • from Dungannon & Belfast
  • I am Single
  • Member since: January 2008
  • Last active: 2/8/12
  • www.bebo.com/Sundown_Syndrome
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God Bless your Soul Girl, Now you got the Whole World
Me, Myself, and I
Tash was right all along It's all bout Facebook xD

Soup Spray?

<3 <3 <3 Southpark atm

Edinburgh Fringe Festival awaits...

to name a few: Slipknot, Sex Pistols, Ramones, RATM, GnR, Funeral for a friend, Blondie, No Doubt, Fergie, Gallows, Korn, Justice, Kavinsky, Toxic Avenger, SOAD, Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, Kings of Leon, Marilyn Manson, Britney, The Clash, Sum 41, Iron Maiden, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Dead Kennedys, Enter Shikari, Rise Against, Sonic Youth, Alexisonfire, The Misfits, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Mindless Self Indulgence...see itunes app x]
I like life :D
JD + Coke
=Euphoria, exquisite DAMN STRAIGHT!
stupid things people ask danielle for in subway
crusty baps,
a tub of coleslaw,
a pound of ham,
a pound of roast beef,
one cooked chicken,
a portion of raw salmon,
a raw haddok,
a raw cod,
sausage rolls,
a lemon meringue,
a cake,
cornish pasties,
general alcohol,
black pudding,
a portion of onions,
sauce in a bag
yup yup
glittakisses@hotmail.co.uk :L

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What's Your Style?

My result is: You're funky!

Everything about you says FUN!! in big, bubbly letters. Your style in people, clothes, what to say and more is out there, nifty and original. You do everything your own way, and nobody really knows you THAT perfectly. In fact, maybe even you don't. But nothing that deep bothers you, because you can always find out.
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are you a pirate, ninja, or cowboy?

My result is: ninja

You're a ninja! You're stealthy. You're mysterious. And if someone even drops a spoon you might FLIP OUT AND KILL THE ENTIRE TOWN. If that's not badass, I have no idea what is!

Famous colleagues include the dude from Ninja Gaiden, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and most of the cast of Naruto.
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  • Things You'll Never Hear On Neighbours

    1. "Hello Stuart, remember when you were blind?" or "hey stuart, your wife is mental, hows that going?"

    2. "Hello harold, remember when you died but then Helen Daniels found you in a shop & you were calling yourself 'Ted'?"
    "Hello harold, remember when you had a stroke and went evil for a while and felt up women in the coffee shop? Cos its a bit like the whole 'I want to kill paul robinson' thing just slightly less sinister"

    3. "Lynne, you know how you split up with your husband over the phone? how come he didn't ever come back to the house (which he probably owns) to pick up any of his stuff?"
    "Lynne, how come you lived in Ramsay Street for absolutely ages before even mentioning that you had a son who played for a Premiership football team in England but was somehow still young enough to return home and restart school?"

    4. "Afternoon Lou, did you not used to have a daughter? Are you not bothered that she's just been taken away cos she's not really yours even though you raised her on your own for about 4 years?"

    5. "Susan, remember when you banged your head and thought you were a teenager for a bit? That was a bit mental eh?"

    6. "Karl, are you superman? You're a GP, a surgeon, a psychiatrist, a mid-wife, musician, neurologist, dermatologist.... Yet you still have time to get jiggy susan"

    7. "Howdi Summer, remember you started piano lessons and about 3 days later you got accepted into Australia's most prestigous music school? You must be a genius"

    8. "Hello Toadie, remember your Irish best friend Connor, who mysteriously disappeared and now you don't know if he's alive or dead? Do you? Do you actually remember him? Your best friend? It might be nice to mention him once in a while

    2 Comments 233 weeks

  • tha things sum people say ayeeee-yi-yiiiiii lol

    "the door is open!!"
    "emm my mummy doesnt like women ring tha house,cuz daddy did sumfin badddd"
    "let's go upside"
    "yeno tha 1 tha drunk priest, uncle jack?"
    "get buckfast its a king"
    "and i looked up in to tha skyyy n it was like, it was like..."
    "i was walkin down tha road.......and ther was a cat!"
    "i can lik seee my reflection..."
    "ive never bin drunk..and...stoned at the same time.."<repeated several times lol
    "wah! whys everyone cumin over here! do youse all smell raw dope or sumtin!!"
    "i am a carpenter pick me!"
    "is pvc the flavoured lube?"
    "they gambled for his clothes"
    "does a woman get married when the ponies come home"
    "yeh i needa go to religion...no not religion wer in religion i mean english..i mean art! i dont even do english!"
    >while watchin transformers< "Don't die octopus prime!" n then a certain sum1 tried ta take tha piss "dont die octopus crime!!"

    "WER DOIN P NOT B! P!! P FOR PEAS!!" "aww rite B for Bees"
    "I CAN'T WANK"
    readin aloud in class "although they are different their traits are shaved" "SHARED!!" >only certain ppl wil get tht 1<lol

    1 Comment 288 weeks

close What Cartoon Character Are You?

What Cartoon Character Are You?

My result is: Garfield

You are a fat, lazy taby cat!... Just kidding, you are just a very lazy yet happy person. You are very smart but don't do much to show it. You always are in mood for somthing new. You can get a little grumpy at the littlest things though. People find you friendly but selfish. At best you are a always doing the right thing kind of person.
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  • Emma Mccann
    Emma Mccann

    I earned $154 in a month browsing the internet! Heres how - http://x.co/KT9a Dont forget to thank me!

  • Michelle Martin
    Michelle Martin

    Just a wee update on josephs 5*resteraunt.. we now have ....name badges we gotta new.....coffee machine we.....................miss u! hows all??? :D xxx

  • Conor

    Never use facebook lol, thought id reply on this. that was my fourth time seein em :D Gets better everytime! Theyre like wine to me. When you gonna get your act together and get to see them lol ;)

  • Clodagh Holland
    Clodagh Holland

    HOW OLDSCHOOL is bebo becoming, its almost like a thing of the 90s r somethin! waow xoxox

  • Mess Express
    Mess Express

    Hey Kirsten Kelly Monday 1st June, MINT MONDAYS @ Mint Cafe Bar, Cookstown The BIGGEST EVER student party in Mid-Ulster! Running every Monday throughout the summer. Buses leaving from all over the country. Pick-up points in Belfast, Lurgan, Craigavon, Portadown, The Moy, Dungannon. Ballymena, Randalstown, Toome, Castledawson, Magherafelt, Moneymore. Kilrea, Portglenone, Maghera, Draperstown. Omagh, Carrickmore, Pomeroy and more if neccessary. Check our bebo for more details: Mess_Express.bebo.com For booking or information call or text: 07719829922 Love, Mess Express.x :D

  • Judit
    luv Judit

    III love youuuuuuuuuuuu my wonderful friend

  • Micheala Mulnevergrew
    Micheala Mulnevergrew

    You are invited to.... MY 18TH!!! =D Where?? Gervin's bar, Coalisland When: Friday 1st of May Time: 9pm Let me if you can go!! =D

  • Colleen McElhatton

    very jealous of ur being in belfast. was up on monday for shopping, was gona visit but left it too late u bin out ne where exciting. madness next monday? xo

  • luv Daniel McHugh

    right Kirsten wats the craic u headin out at the weekend?:) :)

  • Micheala Mulnevergrew
    luv Micheala Mulnevergrew

    hello there ;)

  • Xo Orla Ox
    luv Xo Orla Ox

    hey hws u. u ve a gd nite last nite. xox

  • Natasha
    luv Natasha


  • Natasha

    im bored where you at?

  • Andrea Hill
    luv Andrea Hill

    Oh hell yeah! You tell those lies & you get what you give.. SO BLOW THOSE FUCKIN' WORDS OUT THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD ;D xxxxxxxxxx

  • Jayne
    luv Jayne

    there is some pretty cool pics :P we so shud go out more often..fun times! oh an its jaYne :L :L xxx

  • luv Dar-Face

    THIEF! Have a little heart neway!

  • luv Colleen McElhatton

    ur philosophical theory is plaguing me. if u had a threesom and was pregnant with unidentical twins...then what??? lets pray this never happens. can afford to go out tonite or buy a top up, i bought books :D this is how urban dictionary defines ur name A dumb whore, who drops out of school and dates a druggie old enough to be her father. As well is a carrier for various STI's Oh look there is Kirsten, dumb skank! al the rest are nice ones tho im a fat banana whore

  • Natasha
    luv Natasha

    hahahahaha im a "buck" you outa here for fighting!! i ... similar.... totaly love it!

  • luv Jaymes Bellamy

    Hey Lib, jamember you're husband fell off a horse and died, and the blonde potential who was a psycho? Bit of a scud, eh?

  • luv Colleen McElhatton

    i smell like a foot.