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Rudder The Swift

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  • Male, 19, Luv 21
  • from holt gala
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: January 2008
  • Last active: 12/9/10
  • www.bebo.com/RudderT
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
in the dappled woods
where water flows
my pups and i do play.

we that are happy
who live in the reeds
and swim throughout the day.

i live in Holt Gala
where life is pure bliss
hark to the waters
and you shall know this.

to live life to its full
enjoy every day
and cherish holt gala
where the pups are at play.
i live in holt gala where we cherish the pants, the flowers and most of all , our home, the river.
swimming and diving
Scared Of
fire; as are all the animals of the forest!
Happiest When
embraced by the swirling waters of my home
favourite game
hide and seek

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  • rudder : an otter's tale

    i will now begin to create the novel which describes rudders life from start to finish, inspired by you lot!

    obviously i need permissions to use your characters and therefore i will wright a list of roles i need to be filled within the novel:

    best friend:
    love interest (must be an otter):
    wolf clan:
    alpha male wolf:
    alpha female wolf:
    dog horse 1:
    dog horse 2:

    permissions i need for critical parts of the storyline:

    dog horse:
    the moonlight lake:

    before giving your permission please remember that by doing so you consent to possibly having your character or copywrite being featured in a publshed novel (hopefully)

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    i'm trying to establish a new roleplaying community on YUWIE the site that pays you to socialize. it pays you out of it's advertising revenue (either by check or by paypal) depending on the number of views you get.
    come and check it out. i'm sure the yuwie forest will be thriving in no time at all!

    here's the link: http://r.yuwie.com/mortal-oak/

    come join me soon!

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    where i used to live, with my mother and father and friends, in holt lutra (a patch of the river where the spreading roots of an old oak gave us shelter from the sun) i was happy and content. i was barely more than a pup and accompanied on all swims beyond the roots and yet i often played in the shallows with my friends and siblings.
    it was on a night like this when my closest friend, Greebo, dissapeared mysteriously during a game of hide and seek. afraid to wake the elders with the problem of someone 'dissapearing' during a game of 'hide' and seek, my friends and i left the holt alone desperate to find poor greebo (who, by the way was lousy at playing hide and seek anyway). we searched the length and breadth and depth of the river, or so it seemed, before we found his mutilated corpse at the bottom of the river, wedged beneath a stone.
    a pair of slate like eyes loomed out from the murk. unfortunately the scare was enough to divide us and we all fled our seperate ways, chased by the shadowy demon that persued us.
    I was the only pup to return at dawn, the time we had agreed that all the pups would be together again.
    naturally a search party of the strongest swimmers was formed to look for both the pups, and the demon; two returned of the eight that left, bloody and beaten. they told tales of a mighty clan of eels that killed the river's other inhabitants mercilessly mercilessly and we believed all that we heard, for what else could commit this kind of slaughter?
    the next day the river was declared unsafe and we left our home; fishers, mothers and pups alike. we had lost everything at the hands of the eels but how were we supposed to know that i would lose far more.
    the next night my mother was stolen and dragged beneath the surface whilst we slept, as were allmost all the others on the next few nights.
    soon only me and my older brother, thorn, were left and we made a desperate bid for freedom. we both swam like we had never swum before but still i was dragged back by the monster of the depths (as we now reffered to them). my brother sacrificed his own life for mine and was dragged beneath the waters, and yet i had no time to return to grieve. i kept going until i found a ford where i scrambled out of the water and left my past behind.
    after a few days travelling i found my way here and established holt gala and found new friends such as Aki, Serena, Akane and zoe...

    that is my story (or at least as much of it as i am willing to tell)
    so for now as and old otter once stated to me: 'may your rivers run clear and fish always be found'

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Angel Wrote at 04:29 am on Apr 08
Angel Wrote at 12:30 am on Feb 08
Rudder Wrote at 12:04 am on Feb 03
yay! thank-you!
Wrote at 08:44 am on Jan 30
Just for you Rudder <3 :P It's ment to be an Orca..(Killer whale) but it wont let me draw on the dolphin!! Grr xD
Angel Wrote at 08:51 am on Jan 19
Angel Wrote at 08:46 am on Jan 19
Rudder Wrote at 01:21 am on Jan 19
wow how did you do that?
Angel Wrote at 01:16 am on Jan 19
Angel Wrote at 12:36 am on Jan 19
Angel Wrote at 12:33 am on Jan 19

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    She smirked and immediatly lifted her paw to splash the other with water, finding it funny. A being of the water, how spectactular.

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    ....What creature are you? Tala cocked her head. ..Ohh.. Otter... Do they travel by waters?

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