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April F

♥.!.DEATH NOTE.!.♥

7/14/10 | me too! | Reply

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nenenenenenenene SPIDERMAN!!!!!!
Me, Myself, and I
╔╗ ╔╗
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╔══╗ I ♥ ANIME
║╔╗║ I ♥ ANIME
║╚╝╠══╦╦══╦═╗ I ♥ ANIME
(`*•.¸(`*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ )
(¸.•*´(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•.¸ ) i is person/ninja cat type thing...j/k bout cat thing but i is a ninja. :D
My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, Cute Is What We Aim For, Bullet For My Valentine, Tokio Hotel, Boys Like Girls, The Medic Droid, hadouken!, avenged sevenfold, and breaking benjamin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
any thing by tim burton....hes so freakin awsome
stuff is retarded
Scared Of
ur face.....ya thats right i said it........IN UR FACES!
im da awsomest ninja in the fantasy world i live in...........i can go all like. BANG BANG BOOM!!!!! then after that ur all like dead and stuff.so stay on my good side and i dont garintie anything wont happen... :D :D :D :D
CHOCOLATE!!!or anything that is candy or contains suger...

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  • Elizabeth Delacruz

    Hey April!

    8/10/10 via Mobile
  • Whitley Whitworth
    luv Whitley Whitworth

    hey April!!!:) Just thought i coume by and show some luv

  • Sacha Paige

    hey long time no talk. hows it going?

    10/4/09 via Mobile
  • luv Light

    Kira-00C We'll continue once you've understood roleplay..kay?

  • Light

    Light Yagami hid an irritated expression as he heard the familiar voice of someone that had had met not very long ago. Turning to look who it was, he spread a realistic smile on his pale face, greeting her back. "Hello. Yeah..How've you been?"

  • Sacha Paige

    Hey long time no talk LOL How are you?

  • Sas.

    um right? hello?

  • L Lawliet
    luv L Lawliet

    Yo How Are You?

  • luv Light

    "Yeah..How are you?.." Light smiled slightly at her.

  • L Lawliet
    luv L Lawliet

    Well Ok So What Do You Want To Talk About?

  • L Lawliet
    luv L Lawliet

    Nothing Much Just Talking, On Bebo, Watching A DVD, Sending Voice Clips, Trying To Think What Video I Should Make For Youtube Next And Laughing At My X So What Do You Want To Do Talk Or Role Play?

  • Light

    [[__A male around the age of 18 stood at the edge of a gravel pavement_It looked as though he was talking to someone_His thin lips moved, yet no one was present around him_He was simply talking to himself. His dark red orbs darted around as he spoke as if he was trying to make sure that no one was watching. A smirk crept onto the male’s lips_ He ceased talking now and just looked up at the creature he had been engaged in a conversation with_Floating there in mid-air was a tall monster-like creature, with large yellow eyes and an inhumane grin spread on its face. It had large black wings and wore a tight looking outfit. Around it's waist hung a rusty belt, holding a small black notebook but of course it was only visible to Light’s eyes__]] I think I can provide you with further entertainment, Ryuk.. [[__He laughed lightly to himself, looking around once again. His gaze then set upon a girl__]]

  • L Lawliet
    luv L Lawliet

    I'm Ok So What Have You Been Up To?

  • Light

    [[__The wind blew hard as the light-haired Yagami wandered through the old park- Wind-blown trees formed an arc over the path he walked_ His hands shoved in his pockets, Light wondered who Kira would pass on his judgment to next- A scorch white piece of paper from the Death Note lay clutched in his hand, while the other hand held a metallic blue pen- Thinking of another minor criminal, Light scrawled the wrongdoer’s name on to the paper and then looked at the silver watch on his wrist- As soon as 40 seconds went by, a little satisfied smile played on his lips- Contended that one other person had been brought to justice, Kira crumpled the paper and put it in his coat pocket- It was rather windy for a snowy day- He closed his eyes and tilted his head up towards the clear sky- He certainly had no idea that another person was standing at a little distance__]]

  • luv Light

    ][][ --OOC- Bloopy..yay??????.................  .................................y  ou’ve got me lost Lol ][][

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet

    Yo Thanks For The Add, Nice To Meet You And How Are You?

  • Light

    ][ ooc: Hello to you too! :D ][

  • Light

    ][ ooc: Hello there..][

  • .Unforgetable.
    luv .Unforgetable.

    HeY aPrIl WhAt HaVe BeEn Up 2?????............

  • Sacha Paige

    Eh not much ae what about you? xD Happy New Year!