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Iain Blair

Bebo hacked....i think so... haha

10/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 160
  • from Linlithgow
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 20,973
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 1/19/13
  • www.bebo.com/Crazy_ass49
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Conner Sutherland

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  • Q`s and A`s

    001: Name – Iain
    002. Nickname – Quinn, Tripod, Nian, Iaino or anythin else caroline will come up with on the spot
    004. Zodiac Sign - Aquarius
    005. Male or Female- male
    006. Primary School: St Joe`s
    007. iPod - did but i broke it, so got a zen instead!
    008. How many buddies on your list- Couple of hundred, i duno
    009. Screenname: Crazy-ass49
    010. Hair Color- Dark Brown
    012. Hair Long or Short – Shorty long
    014. Eye Color - Depends hw the light shines Blue or Green
    015. Are you health freak - Yea i supose so. i stay clean
    017. Do you have a crush on someone – oh yea
    018. Think your awesome? - lol who dusnt, apart frm 'cunts' haha
    019. Tattoo - No, but i want one, ssoooonnn
    020. Righty or lefty - Righty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___
    021. Operations - Cant remember
    022. Home - Linlithgow
    023. First best friend – Beck or Niall or both lol
    024. First Award – dnt no.
    025. First Sport You Joined - Rugby
    026. First pet – Dog (Gem)
    027. First vacation - South of france
    028. First Concert – erm.....lol
    029. First love - my love for ... meh

    030. Movie – Shawshank Redemption...
    031. Favorite tv show – Scrubs! and too add of Lost and heroes
    032. Color - Black
    033 Music – Indie Rock, but i like most of everythin else
    034 Drink – Magners , calring X cold
    035 Body Part on a boy/girl - With great legs comes a great ass!
    036 Sport 2 play - Rugby
    037 Favorite piece of clothing – do condoms count? lol jeans!
    038 Brand of clothing - id say topman, river island
    039 What do you sleep with? tripod :D
    040 Fav Animal - Dog
    041 Favorite Magazines - FHM

    042. I'm eating – Nothing
    043. I'm drinking - Water
    044. I'm about to – Shower
    045. Listening to – Daft punk
    046. Waiting For - food!
    047. Watching - a computer screan!
    048. Wearing – Nothing, just up and i sleep naked at home

    ___Your Future___
    049. Want Kids? - yea, 3 i think depends on the first 'brat' lol!!
    050. Want to Get Married? - yea, deffo its all depends on the woman
    051. Careers in Mind: Architect, or property development

    __Which is better __
    052. Lips or Eyes - Eyes
    053. Hugs or Kisses - u can get mre fr a hug than i kiss i say! but then again a kiss can show so much meaning! hus are meaningful 2. i mean dnt get me wrng kisses are great, but a hug will never get old!
    054. Shorter or Taller – smaller than me
    055. Romantic Spontaneous - dive into the deep end
    056. nice stomach or nice arms - Stomach on a girl
    057. Sensitive or Loud – well im loud, but sensitive is boring i need a limit pusher if u get me
    058. Hook-up or Relationship - im more a relationship kind of guy. but i do like my fun
    059. Sweet or Caring – Both
    060. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? – trouble maker all the way

    ___Have you ever___
    061. Kissed a Stranger - lol yes
    062. Drank bubbles - hell ye
    063. Lost glasses/contacts – yer
    064. Run Away From Home – yup, but a gd person tlkd me round
    065. Broken a bone – Oh yes
    066. Got an X-ray – lol ive actully lost count, over 30
    067. Broken Someone's Heart – Yea its not nice. :(
    068. Turned Someone Down - yea feels bad when its a friend 2
    069. Cried When Someone Died – nah no1 tht close to me has died yet, n i`ll stop it if i can lol

    ___Do You Believe In___
    070. God - hasnt helpd me so far
    071. Miracles - i believe in Fate!
    072. Love at first sight – in a way i guess
    073. Aliens - no, were alone
    074. Magic - no
    075. Heaven - i think thres somethin else after, coz it jst cant be the end. cld be heaven who knows! could be a non stop party! :p
    076. Santa Claus - no
    077. Sex on the first date - no, well...no no
    078. Kissing on the First Date - yes!
    079. Angels - nah to far!

    2 Comments 341 weeks

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  • Kim Campbell
    Kim Campbell

    I just snagged $787 in 4 days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://x.co/KTIb Your going to be so happy!

  • Emma

    Hey everyone! Add my new profile!!!! http://goo.gl/zQ5Do

  • So Innocent
    So Innocent

    hey u drunken bum.

    3/22/10 via Mobile
  • Julie Leith

    Hi Mr Blair, was nice to catch up with you at the wkend...

  • Annelese

    you suck! xxx

  • Natalie

    em.....i am led to believe u stole a bottle of my wine.......hmmmm!:D x

  • Annelese

    Mhhhmmm exactly Mr Blair! Yeah, pretty much the same, Keepin myself to myself really these days. Fun times eh? I was thinkin we should maybe organise this drink... it has been an age since any of us met up and if we dont do it soon itl be christmas and everone will be skint and busy and so on so forth... what ya thinkin? xxxxx P.s... Poor poor result for Scotland las nite eh? tho.. strangely.. im not suprised? meh lol

  • Annelese

    hideho! I seen you last nite! flashed an everything.. but not even a wave. Wank. How be thee? xx

  • Conner Sutherland
    luv Conner Sutherland

    wats hapning brother!!!!!!! u wud fukin love the pussy here ma friend, th 1st nmyt i went out clubing ma mouth just droped2th floor, thers a 4:1 ratio of girls 2boys aswell :p oh yes friend n th majority of them r cool as hell n not stuk up lyk most bitches bak in town, u pot straight in2 ma head wen i was out coz u weud get laid so fukin easy, been2 a cuple rugby games aswell, AWSUM!!!!!! miss u bro, take it easy x

  • Ricky

    yeah i seen that. see he made the right choice puttin the nice lookin one in the middle haha. got a ref btw and he is goin to try get us linesmen aswell so its wel professional :)

  • Juicy'

    I know right! Gong back to do 6th year :) Nd have no clue about what subjects I'm gonna do Of course I am :P I'm quite a huggable person y'know wait until you find out :D x x x x x

  • Juicy'

    Hey I'm a different kind of head girl :p I'm setting a new trend... you don' have to be crazily smart to be head girl! I'm going back to school for another year then hopefully goin to Glasgow Cale next year. mmmm sounds ok ... I'dwant a hug with that too :D x x x x

  • Juicy'

    Haha what else do you expect from Head girl :P Just joking! Thankyou :) Yea tht was me lol so you now owe me a hello! x x x

  • Juicy'

    If you say so haha I got 5 B's I'm well proud :) I did so you were walkin past the entrance of low port! x x x

  • Juicy'

    It must be the vibe you give off :P It is but I seem to spend far too much time there! Since that question was for yesterday... I was at the peel all day nd drinkin to celebrate my exam results you? Ohh btw you can't say I don't have balls cz I called your name yesterday when you walked past! x x x

  • Juicy'

    Aww see you boys.. you play too rough :P How do I know you wouldn have done tht? :P Ohhh yea I should've known that silly me :) It was random seeing you there haha! We only go there cz there is nothing else to do. x x x

  • Juicy'

    Haha it was shite :P I was gna say hello but was too scared! Nd hey of course I knew you were there... I thought you wouldn have recognised me! You coulda been a man nd said hi :P x x x

  • Juicy'

    Haha and when did you start drinking? Aww you still working in tescos then? x x x

  • Juicy'

    Awww wee john! He was so scared about playing with you guys haha :P I'm kinda hungover :( was at a party last night. How are you? x x x x

  • Juicy'

    My friend he told me he was coming to play with you lot? x x x