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Alldaymiley On Twitter.

Any of my friends (its Clare) that wanna add me on facebook, message me!

1/31/11 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

    alldaymiley @twitter. ♥
hello. my name is clare. but thats enough about me, the real reason im here,is to tell you about the wonderful teen pop sensation miley [ray] cyrus whom you may also know as [hannahmontana]. why did i make this page? because she is amazing. and i wanted to let the world know about her talents and good-natured personality. miley is not selfish and always put everyone before herself, she writes songs you can actually relate to,and you can tell how much time has went into them. when miley wins an award. she always thanks the little people,helping out backstage or just simply the organisers. she is such a natural actress and singer, and also person. she is never fake and encourages people to shine and be theselves. she has been such an inspiration to me and millions of people around the world. but still,she hasnt let fame get to her head and still considers helself the smalltown girl from nashville she is at heart. i love you miley! . xoxo.

; ♥ - x o .
never let the fear of striking out; keep you from playing the game - mrc.
miley official sites:
talk to me on -
about this site -
this fansite is in no way claiming to be miley cyrus, please dont send me comments or messages concerning this, i make everything by myself, unless stated otherwise, all miley news will be posted as a blog, check that out, and my photos will be updated as much as possible. if i have used something belonging to you, comment/message me right away, and i will put credit up. now have fun, and make sure and comment me!

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  • leaving for twitter

    i think i'm gonna leave here, mostly cause its pretty much dead and i cba coming on! i've had twitter for awhile now, but i've only recently started using it so i wanna like get more followers, make more friends etc! so if you guys could follow me on:


    i follow all fansites back! :) i might still come on here occasionally.
    but i just wanna say, the last 3 years have been amazing with you all, even though most of my bestfriends have left, i'll never forget them ! byeeeeee xo

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  • uploading rares :)

    heeey. i've started uploading my rares again, some of you may know i used to do it then stopped? well yeah; i dont really know whats rare or anything so if you could tell me if my pics arent rare, thatd be nice:D ! im probably not gonna trade or whatever, because nobody does that anymore, so yeah, you can just look at them or whatever, oh and if they are rare can you let me know so i can upload my good personals:) ' i just dont want to upload them if people arent gonna look at them.. oh btw, im only tagging them so posers cant take;) ! thanks for reading, and commment meeee:D .

    clare x

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  • 2009 Wonder World Setlist

    Start All Over
    7 Things
    Kicking And Screaming
    Bottom of the Ocean
    Fly On the Wall
    Thriller Interlude
    Let's Get Crazy
    Hoedown Throwdown
    These Four Walls
    The Last Song preview
    When I Look At You
    I Love Rock and Roll
    Party In the USA
    Wake Up America
    Simple Song
    See You Again
    The Climb

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If any of my friends from here wanna add me on facebook, DM me! It's Clare btw. <3

10:37 PM January 31, 2011 from web

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  • 'B.

    I miss you too! Yes I do! I'll send you my name in mail! (:

    2/2/11 via Mobile
  • Eat.Cake.

    how come you didnt add me on twitter? http://goo.gl/Sn4ER I thought we were gonna hook up?

  • Mavan Fan
    luv Mavan Fan

    heey :D!!

  • 'B.

    CLARE! I don't know if you remember me. But I miss you!

  • Fluorescent Adolescent
    luv Fluorescent Adolescent

    I know, I've been totally neglecting this. I'm so sorry, I'll try and be on this more. I love u all too! Xoxo

  • ºteammiley

    hey :DD thanks for accepting :] how are you? x x x x

  • Miley Fanatic
    luv Miley Fanatic

    Omge, yeah sure do (: How have you been? x

  • Radiate Love
    Radiate Love

    Oh wow.. this is amazing. Honestly! I am speechless. Thankyou so much, a fan told me to check this site out, my fans are the best! -MC

  • Radiate Love
    Radiate Love

    Oh Wow.. this is really amazing. I am speechless. Honestly :O My

  • KittyV
    luv KittyV

    hi carole is lorena300 if you dont me you can add me as a bff ok by love you all peace out iam a big fan of miley

  • ºilovedisney.

    i'm good thanks :) what's up?

  • ºilovedisney.

    hello (: how are you?

  • Little Miss Disney.
    Little Miss Disney.

    Heyy. If you have facebook, please add me. So we can stay in touch if/when Bebo shuts down (: http://www.facebook.com/xDisneyCrazy

  • Miley Cyrus Fan

    Sure thing :) Nothing much enjoying my holidays wbu ? ;D

  • Notorious.
    luv Notorious.


  • Alldaymiley On Twitter.
    Alldaymiley On Twitter.

    im away fo some food! be back soon! xxxxxx

  • Solitude.

    ;] aaahh i love him too :DD . yes is like totally hilarious :L . haa. Btw your in my tops ;] . <3

  • Solitude.

    Oh my god hilarious :L well we have a french teacher and she is like the most hilarious teacher EVER. She can't talk proper english, it's just so funny, haa. i just have to laugh :L <3

  • Solitude.

    Oh my god i just LOVE that accent :o. for some reason i want it :L , haa. <3

  • Solitude.

    awww thanks , our accent is great isn't it ;], haa. i just accpted you on twitter babes ! <3