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The Muffin Man


2/12/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Same shit......different day.
Me, Myself, and I
David; Music, Girls, Family, Football, Friends, Food, FIFA 09.

'Cause I'm always where,
I need to be,
And I always thought,
I would end up with you eventually,

Do do do-dododo, do do do-dododo,
Do do do-dododo, do do do-dododo
Diana Vickers, Eminem, Michael Buble, 50 Cent, Westlife, Johnny Cash, Neyo, Leona Lewis, Rihanna, Snow Patrol, U2, Coldplay, The Kooks, Newton Faulkner, The Script, Elvis Presley, Scouting for Girls, Rihanna, Girls Aloud
Green Street, Green Mile, American Gangster, Rocky1-6, Saving Private Ryan, Blood Diamond, Snatch, Transporter1-3, Jean-Claude Van Damme Films, Never Back Down, Bad Boys 1 and 2, Forest Gump, Football Factory, Mean Machine, Crank, Death Race
Football, Boxing, Rugby, Basketball, Pool
Scared Of
Happiest When
With My Mates, Eating, Sleeping, Playing Football, watching Friends or Hollyoaks, singing, listening to music
DIANA VICKERS, Family, Mates, Football
 , Girls, Music, Food, Singing, Gir
 ls Legs, Manchester United, My Laptop, Eminem, Films, Muhammed Ali, My Dog, Hollyoaks, Girls Bums, Biscuits, Nike, My Cat, Song Lyrics, Jokes, Sleeping, Sex an the City, Julia Roberts, Mckenzie, Pizza, JD Sports, Steven Gerrard, Money, Boobs, New Clothes, 50 Cent, Fred Perry, T.V, Leona Lewis, Friends, New Trainers, eastenders, Westlife,
 Good Times, Tesco, MSN, Chocolate, FIF
 A, Talent Shows, Chandler Bing, Busted, Who's line is it anyway?, Working out, Holidays, Bebo, Funny people, Desperate Housewives, Gavin and Stacey, The Internet, Frank Butcher, Acting Immature, Titanic Theme Tune, Looking back at Good things, My own company.
Life, Drugs, Nosy People, Pointless Arguments, Pain, Losing people, Cigerrates, School, Waki
 ng up, Racists, Flies, Salad, Course
 work, Crashing my ped, Spots, Time wasters, Losing, Stokesby, Peopl
 e with a lack of manners, Wasting Money, Two Faced People, Rats nd mice, Wasting Petrol, Fish, Missing something on T.V, Bugs, People trying to be funny when they are not, Raisins, Certain People, People who say I like a bit of everything but not that-evrthing mean no buts, Fruit Cake, Being sick, Sad events, Migraines, Internet Pop Ups

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  • James W
    James W

    I just racked $997 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://goo.gl/taTIy Remember who hooked you up!

  • AggzOrr

    haiiii (: you ok x

  • Crack'Ed

    Coooool :) Awww Okaaaay :) Good-Luckkk :P Naaaaaaaah Rather Not :L :L xx

  • Crack'Ed

    Daviiid :) Nothing Much Just Out N That Youu ? Yeaaah i No What A Bumbeer :( :L Im Oritee Fanks Youu ?? I Hear Your Moving In With Your Mum ? Goood Luck :P xxx

  • Livi

    okaii:) n mondays,tuesdays nd thursdays xxx

  • Livi

    yeahh um good thankyouu... yuu shuddaa sed hi um always in a world of mah own ..lool.. if yaa see me agen sayin hi..or just call me a ignorant bitch :) n yeahh i no danny sed he was chattin to yaa . yuu at college 2morraa xxx

  • Livi

    hey.. how yaa binn.. havent seen yaa at college !! xx

  • Livi
    luv Livi

    yeahh um good thankyuu :) n yeahh sortaa are yuu? xx

  • Livi

    eya hun .. how ya bin dad sends his love xxx

  • Loves Yhouu Xx
    Loves Yhouu Xx

    who r u ? and y add me ?

  • Livi

    yeah um goin yarmouth college doin health n social lol probz see yaa der xxx

  • Livi

    yeah i ave bin good tanx hun... n yeah thank god :) are yuu goin college xxx

  • Livi
    luv Livi

    eyaa hun yuu okaii avent seen yuu in ages :( how ave yuu been xxx

  • Crack'Ed

    yeah wot eva mate i dont really care !!!!at the end of the day u could of just let me use the fone 2 riing my mum cuz wen i went bk home i had her shoutiin down my fuckin ear && then i shout backkk and then we startiin fight cuz i carnt keep my temper down !!!!!!!!! ( anger manergerment ) xx

  • Crack'Ed

    yeah yeah woteva at the end of the day i really needed to use the fuckiin fone & you ave really pissed me offf :@ :@ yeah i fort that u would be happy :) :O :O :O love you :) x xx

  • Crack'Ed

    daviid :( yeah im soo glad hat ur a PRICK and wouldnt let us use ur fuckiin fone :@ love you x x x

  • Crack'Ed

    :) love you x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x