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  • Female, 21, Luv 37
  • from whoreville
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 366
  • Last active: 5/6/09
  • www.bebo.com/slutty_smelly_elle
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About Me

David....Is my everything
Me, Myself, and I


pretty much makes up my life

I Love You Shane

Im Really Intelligent but i dont deserve to be

7 A*.....2 As And an E but i was never that fond of german

things are back to normal and thats the way they should be
The Other Half Of Me
Shane Caling
too many
Happiest When Being Part OF JERDS
You know it makes sense

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  • Shane Caling
    luv Shane Caling

    will do baby, later on, got college work to do xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Leah-Michelle

    lol scared much? well thats ok because put simply if i do ever see you, i wont hesitate to fuck you over. SO remember that babe. Now move on.

  • Shane Caling
    Shane Caling

    i love you baby x x x x

  • Leah-Michelle

    Babe seriously, i really thought you'd out grown being a permanent pricck? Dear god, your come backs are really starting to get old. Like i said babees, name a time and a place so we can sort it out there because i swear i will permanently knock your teeth to the back of your head ok? Me and Jade may not be friends but i still care for her, Thats more then she can say for you. So Shut the fuck up and get on with yourself ok?

  • Leah-Michelle

    oh my days, Look at all your comments? Someones not very liked now are they ;]

  • Leah-Michelle

    shut the fuck up you worthless little sket before i come and find you and kick your fucking teeth in you dirty dyke. the only little fake is you so shut up and get back to your pathetic little pocket of which you call your life. kapeesh.

  • Mark H
    Mark H

    leah has a good point about jade.. but i know another thing -you say jade threw herself at you. that isnt like her. she would not have done it without alot of provoking first. so dont blame her, kay? i do not know what you are like but i do know its hard work to get her that annoyed at someone. its as much your fault as hers.. if not more yours.. accept, apologize, move on.. why am i the only voice of reason :(

  • Leah-Michelle

    woh woh woh! Dahling, dont you dare call Jade a fucking sket. Mate you must be one dumb shit m'love. YOur the dirty little sket! And have you ever thought that maybe the reason she does fuck you over is because well....your really not liked. And well someones gota do it. So how about you shut your dirty little mouth and move along yeh? because lets face it, your really not getting anywere. If you wana argue you with me name a place and a time and i'll be there. ok? If not then shut up and fuck of :) cheers.

  • Leah-Michelle

    there my reading glasses BABES And im not a fucked up whore. Thats you m'love. So shut the fuck up you dirty little dyke, Show your fucking face near me and i will fuck you over you fucking Sket. Get a life and some real friends yeh? And if you wana bitch about me dont do it to my BEST FRIEND because thats really a stupid idea. i Do find out dipshit. Stop knocking me and REALISE that im not as fucked as you. Seriously your pathetic! ROFL

  • Leah-Michelle

    woh babeees! calm down sweetheart. i might not be the prettyest of people but really...look at yourself. Compared to you im a fucking model! Get over yourself Emo girl. Go back to your little corner and cry yourself to sleep thinking your perfect little world has gone back to normal.....because ''and im glad things are back to normal!'' . See that? now that just makes me rofl babees ;) If you have a problem with me come find me yeh? Dont do it over bebo thinking that its 'cool' cuse its really not. :) Grow up, get some style and maybe we'll talk ;) .