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I have an infected, open wound on my ass. Message me for pics xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Feb 14 | me too! | Reply

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Pruple Falg!
Me, Myself, and I
Born October 13th 1980, Joey Harding become known as an extremist in his early days. Having a successful career, in both singles and tag divisions, Harding is at this moment in time arguably of the best in the industry. Currently contracted to WTF as an announcer (with partial, verbal contracts with specific promotions for potential future appearances), Harding is not accepting offers from other promotions.
W / D / L (since return)
89 / 2 /42
Entrance Theme
"All Misery/Flowers" by The Gutter Twins
2011: Last ever
RFCW All-Star Champion, UBW TV, TG, World Tag Team and Showtime Champion
Current Title(s)
WTF Undisputed King of the Ring
Current Team(s)/Faction(s)
WTF Trifecta Commentary Team!
The Other Half Of Me
Laura Mullarkey

Laura Mullarkey

She's actually me *shifty eyes*

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  • Joey Harding's original moves - PART 2

    The Bloodening:
    Standing move. Joey grabs the opponent by the hand and stretches it out. Screams "BLOOD!" and throws his elbow into his opponents head whilst taking him into a face drop-ddt type manouevre.


    Harding 0 Replies
  • Joey Harding's original moves

    Ground Zero:
    A high-impact modified Diamond Cutter.

    Modified Gutwrench Powerbomb.

    Chaos Whisper:
    Springboard STO.

    Lightning Cycle:

    Diving against a standing opponent,
    Jumps and moves vertically ove...

    Harding 0 Replies

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  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson

    I've added you. I think it's you, anyway...

    Apr 6
  • Craig Anderson
    luv Craig Anderson

    I've forgot the names of most people... Yours is Dary something, right? Dary Gregg?

    Apr 6
  • Eddie Zombie
    Eddie Zombie

    So, OW has moved to Facebook now? Links?

    Mar 29
  • Matt Rydell.
    luv Matt Rydell.

    I don't, but I always thought you were a bit mad anyways.

    Feb 7
  • Matt Rydell.
    luv Matt Rydell.

    I know, it's hilarious. And technically everybody has a name so that's nonsense too.

    Sup JoHa.

    Feb 2
  • Craig Anderson
    luv Craig Anderson

    I should create Tag Team Titles just for them..,

  • Craig Anderson
    luv Craig Anderson


  • luv Paul Benzema

    None of the above, just the not doing anything anymore gone gone.

    WTF management are what happened.

    Sadly that match will never be seen.

    You will have to block people in my place.

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson

    It's a match made in heaven! :O

  • Craig Anderson
    luv Craig Anderson

    Booby Hogan of course. I couldn't let the Hogster tarnish his legacy, could I?

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson

    Even if you did sign-up, I'd make you job to the newly signed Booby Hogan.


  • luv Paul Benzema

    That's the exact thing I was saying to Steve, he seems just as excited at the prospect as us. You should sit down and speak with him!

  • Craig Anderson
    luv Craig Anderson

    I might put your name down on the roster, several times. Just for teh lolz.

    But DWF doesn't need wrestlers. Wrestlers need DWF. That was obvious, was it not? :o

  • luv Paul Benzema

    Go to WFW then, a match between us in my stomping ground is art at its finest!

    I'm thinking the once in a lifetime angle done properly!

  • World Frontier Wrestling
    luv World Frontier Wrestling

    Thanks for the support Hard-on!

    It's official, you are now WFW's official road agent... Let me know when you're wanting to make a special guest appearance.

  • luv Paul Benzema

    Join DWF, we can have the match you crave so badly there!!! It's about time you tried non-promo anyway!

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson

    You should join, Joey. It's what Mudkipz would want.

  • AJ

    what are you up to tonight?

  • AJ


    12/15/12 via Mobile
  • luv AJ


    12/14/12 via Mobile