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Peter Mackey

9 days til 23 years

7/11/10 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 26, Luv 122
  • from Aghyaran - Tyrone - Ireland
  • Profile views: 6,728
  • Last active: Jun 28
  • www.bebo.com/x0xPedrox0x
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About Me

Fit for a queen
Me, Myself, and I
┌┐┌┐ ○
└┘└┘└┘ all
Yeah that's me to the left. I no, i no, YUK. Well least you can't see me face clearly. But the photography is good tho. I'm working in Northbrook,I'm a call analyst in the EHC (entreprise Help Centre)department, my job is to fix computers over the phone to the Allstate insurance offices all across America.
see you soon (NOT)
*P* - recious
*E* - njoyable
*T* - alented
*E* - xcellent
*R* - adiant

Don't tell me to behave,
Cause I'll never play that game (no),
Don't tell me what to do,
Cause I'll never be uptight like you,
Don't look at me that way,
Cause I ain't never gonna change,
And if you're talking about my life,
You're only wasting your own time,
I'm a big fan of snow patrol, i love their song set fire to the third bar. but i'm an even bigger fan of delta goodrem. My fav song is in my own tim. Im liking christina aguileras new album. Its very different. My favourite track on the album is candyman
I dont really have a favourite film. I like all different type of them. Theirs so many out there so its hard to pick favourites.
Ha yeah rite.
Scared Of
Well i'm not scared of dying. I just don't want to lol.
Happiest When
Ha, when am i? Let's see. NEVER
my msn,
Add me if you wish but to those dickheads dont even bother-now get da fuck off my profile and get a life uz fucking cunts: peteboom@hotmail.com
I love driving. Driving and more driving. Got my 206 to keep busy. Oh did i mention that i love driving lol

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  • translate it your self yous fucking assholes

    Causarme todavía consiguió eso repugnante en mí,
    Todavía conseguido que grado dirrty (todavía conseguido lo),
    Y si deseas mayor atractivo,
    Todavía conseguido ese monstruo en mí,

    No decirme comportarse,
    'Causa nunca jugaré ese juego (ningún),
    No decirme qué hacer,
    'Causa nunca seré tenso como ti,
    No mirarme esa manera,
    'Causarme nunca no van a cambiar,
    Y si estás hablando de mi vida,
    Estás perdiendo solamente tu propio tiempo,

    0 Comments 318 weeks

  • Name Meanings

    Find out wot ur name mean's
    Mines is:
    P You are popular with all types of people.
    E Your a damn good kisser
    T Your loyal to those you love.
    E Your a damn good kisser
    R Fuckin sexy.
    Its all so true...ha ha!!!

    A- You like to Drink
    B- You like people.
    C- You're wild and crazy.
    D- You have one of the best personalities ever.
    E- Your a damn good kisser
    F- People adore you.
    G- You never let people tell you what to do.
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    K- You are really silly.
    L- You live to have fun.
    M- Success comes easily to you.
    N- You are Beautiful
    O- You are one of the best in bed.
    P- You are popular with all types of people.
    Q- You are a hypocrite.
    R- Fuckin sexy.
    S- Easy to fall in love with.
    T- Your loyal to those you love.
    U- You really like to chill.
    V- You are not judgmental.
    W- You are very broad minded.
    X- You never let people tell you what to do.
    Y- One of the best bfs/gfs anyone could ask for.
    Z- Always ready

    1 Comment 324 weeks

  • what annouys me lol

    1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the fu*k is yours? Do I point at my cr*tch when I ask where the toilet is?

    2. People who are willing to get off their arse to search the entire room
    for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and
    change the channel manually.

    3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and
    eat it too"... Fu*king right! What good is a cake if you can't eat it?

    4. When people say "it's always the last place you look"... Of course it is.. Why the fu*k would you keep looking after you've found it? Do
    people do this? Who and where are they?

    5. When people say while watching a film "did you see that?"... No tosser, I paid 10 quid to come to the cinema and stare at the fu*king floor.

    6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"....Didn't really give me
    a choice there, did you sunshine?

    7. When something is 'new and improved!'...Which is it? If it's new, then there has never been anything before it. If it's an improvement, then there must have been something before it.

    8. When people say "life is short"...What the?fu*k?? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever fu*king does!! What can you do that's longer?

    9. When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks, "Has the bus come yet?". If the bus came would I be standing here, Knob head?

    10. People who say things like 'My eyes aren't what they used to be'. So what did they used to be? Ears, Wellington boots?

    11. When you're eating something and someone asks 'Is that nice?' No
    it's really revolting - I always eat stuff I hate.

    12. People who announce they are going to the toilet. Thanks, that's an
    image I really didn't need.

    13. McDonalds staff who pretend they don't understand you if you don't
    insert the 'Mc' before the item you are ordering..... It's has to be McChicken Burger, just a Chicken Burger gets blank looks. Well I'll have a McStraw and jam it in your McEyes you fu*king McTosser.

    14. When you're involved in an accident and someone asks 'are you
    alright?' Yes fine thanks, I'll just pick up my limbs and be off

    0 Comments 325 weeks

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    Kieran Boyle

    I scored $390 in my spare time being online! I went to - http://x.co/KTCt Dont say I never help anyone!

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    Richy Dolan

    Got a new facebook account..... add my profile http://goo.gl/4V0Sp

  • Stampys Nightclub Heeneys Ballybofey
    Stampys Nightclub Heeneys Ballybofey

    hi Peter try out stampys this friday nite with dj shay from 12 for the best chart,dance & party hits download dj shay's new mix from http://www.quickyshare.com/px5cu60g5p7l or ad dj shay for more free mix's http://www.facebook.com/DjShayLK NEW FRIDAY NITE FACEBOOK PAGE please add us:) http://www.facebook.com/fridaysAtSta...

  • Siobhan
    luv Siobhan

    Sum luv x

    4/8/10 via Mobile
  • Stampys Nightclub Heeneys Ballybofey
    Stampys Nightclub Heeneys Ballybofey

    o_O THIS FRIDAY AT STAMPYS BALLYBOFEYo_O Kick of the easter holidays with dj shay playin nothin but the best chart & dance tunes with some party hits ADM €5 doors open @ 12 Peter Mackey find us on facebook www.facebook.com/fridaysAtStampysBal... Dj Shay available for 18th's & 21st birthday partys @ party venues or for a 18th,21st at your home we can dj from there & set up a full pa system at your house call 086 192 8070 www.facebook.com/DjShayLK www.bebo.com/djshay_

  • Mj'S

    all new saturdays @ mj's with dj shay starts this saturday the 13th feb here's dj shay's FEB mix the download link is at the bottom 1 pitbul - pearly gates 2 lady gaga - bad romance 3 alexandra burke - broken heels 4 iyaz - replay 5 kesha - tic tok 6 timbaland - meet again 7 journey - don't stop 8 unkown 9 david guetta - memories 10 private - secret lover 11 example - quietly 12 calvin haris - to hold me 13 tiesto - escape me 14 dave darell - it's a smash 15 shapeshifters - lola's theme 16 faithless - insomnia 17 klass - our own way 18 sidney samson - riverside (dj Q mix) 19 darren bailie - protect your mind Peter Mackey enjoy:) DOWNLOAD LINK www.rghost.net/955075 www.facebook.com/SaturdaysAtMjs www.facebook.com/DjShayLK www.bebo.com/djshay_

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    DJ X Music

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  • Shaunawiing
    luv Shaunawiing

    Love the piccies!!! And your special effects one!!! I knew you'd turn into one of those photoshoppy people!! :L

  • luv Donna Dorrian

    Any sign of those pic's from last nite going up lol!

    8/3/09 via Mobile
  • DJ X Music
    DJ X Music

    Hey Hey Peter Mackey :) :) The Legendary Dance Event Is Back......Creamfields 2009! :) , This Years Line Up Includes World Class Acts Such As: Tiesto, David Guetta, Gareth Wyn, Steve Angello, Dave Spoon, Paul Van Dyke, Ferry Corsten, Laidback Luke, Deadmau5 And Much Much More..... To Celebrate This Legendary Event, DJX PROJECT Has Released An Exclusive Mix, Inspired And Dedicated To Creamfields 2009. Tracks Include: David Tort - Lost In Acid Huggy And Dean - Indian Summer Marco V - Unprepared ( Full Mix ) Audible - White Mouse ( Original ) Stoneface And Terminal - Santiago - Kyau & Albert Marcel Woods - Inside Me Art Of Trance - Madagascar ( Richard Durand Edit ) This EXCLUSIVE Mix Can Be Downloaded FREE Via The Download link....See Blog For Link. For More Info, Club / Commercial Bookings, Gig Dates, New Releases Etc: See Latest Blog. Get The Beats PUMPING! :) DJX PROJECT OFFICIAL

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    DJ X Music

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  • Stampys Nightclub Heeneys Ballybofey
    Stampys Nightclub Heeneys Ballybofey

    STAMPYS @ HEENEYS BALLYBOFEY PRESENTS 8) SUMMER FRIDAYS8) Peter Mackey this FRIDAY nite we are havin a beach/foam party & we want u there get out all ur beachwear shorts,shades,bucket & spade bring ur beach ball as always dj shay will b spinnin the summer anthems chart,dance & sing along favso_O DOORS OPEN @ 12 FOAM STARTIN @ HALF 12 ADM 5:D (dont forget to come in ur beachwear if u can) BIG from everybody @ stampys ballybofey

  • X-Lil Miss Princess-X
    X-Lil Miss Princess-X

    happy belated birthday darlin xoxo xoxo p.s sorry its late

    7/21/09 via Mobile
  • Ursula Ní Dhónaill
    Ursula Ní Dhónaill

    Happy birthday peter!

    7/20/09 via Mobile
  • Siobhan

    Awh no bother, well enjoy an hope ye get plenty birthday kisses, lol here is ur 1st catch-=> :* lol xo

    7/20/09 via Mobile
  • Siobhan

    Thank u! U goin out ta nite? Xo

    7/20/09 via Mobile
  • Siobhan
    luv Siobhan

    Happy birthday wee cus, xox

    7/20/09 via Mobile
  • Stampys Nightclub Heeneys Ballybofey
    Stampys Nightclub Heeneys Ballybofey

    8) STAMPYS @ HEENEYS BALLYBOFEY PRESENT SUMMER FRIDAYS8) Peter Mackey it's nearly time for stampys next:) BIG FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY:) for the first time we are havin a FOAM PARTY on FRIDAY THE 24TH OF JULY ______________________ it'l be a night 2 get the beachwear out shorts,flip flops,BIG shades & what ever crazy idea's you's can come with it's gonna be a laugh:L ____________________ dj shay will be spinnin all the8) summer tunage8) chart,dance,party hits,big anthems so just bout everything to get you shakin your ass on the floor:P ______________________ ADM €5 DOORS OPEN 12 MIDNIGHT (foam cannon will start @ 12 30 sharpe) IF U CAN'T WAIT TILL THEN CHECK OUT THIS FRIDAY NIGHT WITH DJ SHAY

  • Mj'S

    the wait is over 8) summer saturdays8) returns to mickey joes castlederg Peter Mackey join dj shay with the big saturday night party:) :) loads of big tunes,chart & cheeze it's gonna b a mad 1:P :P music starts from 10 30 till late summer theme nights will be starting soon:D

  • Megan Preston
    Megan Preston

    Used all my love wee bud ill give yee sum da mara :* Aye cumin bk part tym Xx