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Do Ya Skins.

Going away for the next 6 days.. and then to see McFly. Yay! :D hopefully some skins when i get back. x

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About Me

Away untill the 16th & then McFly @ Belvoir Castle! =D Hopefully more skins when i'm back, x
Me, Myself, and I
Do Ya Skins.
(formerly SurferbabeSkinss).
and i will update the picture soon.

Skins for McFly, basically. :)
Keep checking back at the blogs etc for McFly news.

Currently under construction, so gizzus a chance. :P

feel free to comment, will always reply asap.
even if you're a hater.

suggestions for anything are welcomed.

Top friends are basically other skinmakers/mcfly fansites/groups - so go check them out! If you are a skin maker or fansite/group & not in the top friends tell me and i'll put you there. ditto if i'm in your top friends and you want to be in mine. x :P
my fanfics.. tell me what you think?
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1553107/... :D
Personal Skins.
Tbh, i hardly have enough time to make skins anyway. (hence the small number and crap quality). but if you ask nicely, i will consider making your group/fansite a skin. :D x

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    not been on here for weeks.
    sorry for being crap and not doing any skins,
    blame fanfiction for making me addicted and school for giving me homework over the summer.

    anyway, :D
    dunno if you've seen this yet:
    New Single Lies
    McFly release their brand new single ‘Lies’ on September 15.
    This spanking new track didn’t appear on The Sunday Mail 10 track giveaway album in July but it’s one of four brilliant new tracks which will be making an appearance on the deluxe edition of the new album Radio:ACTIVE which is released on September 22 (more details on that later).

    Don’t miss the world exclusive of the Lies video on T4 this Saturday between 12pm

    Lies is available for download from Sept 7th and instores from Sept 15th

    so yay for new single. tbh, its actually amazing. :D

    oo, and harry has new hair, which is awesome. kinda mohican-y. you can see it on the vodaphone TBA things, i'm not on my comp atm so i cant post any pictures. :(

    think thats about it..
    once again sorry for being crap, skin making doesn't really entertain me anymore..
    as i've said, i'm addicted to fanfiction atm.

    to read my fanfics..
    'specially I'm giving it everything cos its my fave..

    anyway. this feels a bit of a random blog.. bye. :D

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    This has been around for a few days now but i cant remember seeing it on here, so though i'd let you guys know anyway. :D

    The next single will be 'Lies' which you may have heard on the iTunes festival or when McFly were on the Steve Wright show on Radio 2 the other day.. it's on youtube and i think the flashbox so check it out. :)

    There have been rumors about a 6minute long video and it was filmed (i think) yesterday is Somerset (near Western-super-mare i think?? im crap at places, sorry.) The video is meant to be based around the theme of Mad Max (some kind of police/cop show thing i think?) and they shot it at Berrow Beach & Brean Down (dont know where they are either.)

    If this seems really vague or wrong or crap i'm sorry, my nan rang me up saying she saw something in a newspaper she reads.. something like the west country something.. she just rings me whenever she sees anything to do with mcfly tbh. she's awesome. (x so, credit to my nan i guess. :P
    but anyway. sorry for not adding any skins or stuff.. it's the holidays so im busy with stuff. :P


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  • Blog. &mcfly sending messages to space.. o_O

    hey. :)
    sorry for not uploading anything recently..
    not really in a creative mood atm.
    &also very addicted to fanfiction.net
    (yes, i know its totally geeky.)
    so i'm spending hours on there
    instead of making stuff.
    i havent even done a new profile picture yet.
    gay, i know.

    thought i'd randomly blog on here because i'm bored..
    i had a totally random dream last night about danny & dougie telling me how theyre going to get tattoos of the super records logo; dougie was going to get it on his elbow (o_O ) &danny was going to get it on his back.. i woke up like - hahahhaa. you really couldn't make it up. (:
    12days till some mcsexytime at belvior.

    i'm being crap atm anyway. sorry.
    and OMG. dougie has new hair and its FITT.
    sort of like.. stargirl-ish (which is my fave :)) but more blonder..
    like really bright blonde.

    and just found this -
    McFly, George Sampson and Scouting for Girls are joining up with Bebo members to launch personal messages into space.
    Anyone on the networking site can upload drawings, photos and text. A selection will be beamed into space via a high-powered radio wave.
    The messages are expected to reach the target planet, Gliese 581c which is 20.5 light years away, in 2029.
    The messages will be beamed to space by the National Space Agency of Ukraine and will travel at light speed.
    Presenter Gok Wan, Alphabeat, Basshunter and Feeder have also signed up to launch their messages.
    Bebo members can vote for their favourites and 500 will eventually be launched.
    The project was put together by Dr Alexander Zaitsev, who is one of the world's leading experts on radio messaging.
    It is hoped those who enter will become more aware of the world they live in.

    bit random. betcha it was Tom's idea.

    bored still. pfft. this is a crap blog. i sound proper emo right now, like - everythings crap! its not, honest. lifes just peachy. whoo. mcfly in twelve days. omg, just realised its actually twelve days. ima go spag out now. bye. :)

    "Mate, can i have my willy back?"

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Mcfly - Lies @ bbc radio2 (with download and lyrics)

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