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God the state of this !

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  • from Sallynoggin ♥
  • I am In a Relationship
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Me, Myself, and I
. × Emilymullally ●

im 17 Years Young and Loving My Lifee..
Sean Smith is the love of my life
Im In 6th year In Rockford :Z

The Other Half Of Me
Sean Smith

Sean Smith

You Really Are The Love Of My Life :*


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  • ..

    so, are you in a relationship?

    what song are you listening to?

    who were you last in a car with?

    what time will you be up tomorrow?
    whenever i wake up

    what are you most looking forward to?
    christmas and new years :)

    if you could move somewhere else would you?

    do you miss your past?
    sum parts..

    do you ever think what if?

    when was the last time you smiled?
    few minutes ago

    is it uncomfortable staring into the eyes of someone who likes you and you like back?

    would you be mad if your best friend dated the person you liked?
    happened before but yeh geh over it

    two days from now this time where will you be?
    shankill suppose

    do you care for the last person you kissed?
    ye :*
    what do you want?
    laptop and nanny and grandad back

    you see your ex and he/she tells you they miss you & you say?
    FUCK YOU:)

    when was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
    few days ago:L

    what did you last drink?

    tomorrow is?

    are you one of those crazy twilight fans?

    what's your favourite number?
    Dont have oneee

    what are you sick of?
    people that change there personalitys EVERYDAY

    do you have your belly pierced?
    i do :)

    do you trust anyone, 100%?
    never ever trust anyone 10o%

    do you miss the way things used to be?
    some things ye

    want someone back in your life?
    nanny and grandad :)

    who is the last person that you called?
    seans house

    you ever liked someone older than you?
    yea hah:)

    do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
    dusn bother me

    ever shared a bed with anyone on your top friends?

    are you excited that you're going to die in about 70 years?

    ever kissed someone whose name started with a p?

    the last person you kissed calls you, what do they want?
    when will u be readyyy

    are you expecting something to change during the month?
    hopefully something good

    last person you had a deep conversation with?

    have you heard a song that reminds you of someone recently?

    would you ever want to swim with the sharks?
    naw thanks

    who was the last person you had a conversation with on the phone?

    has anyone said they love you in the last week?

    have you faced any of your fears lately?

    do you know anyone who committed suicide?

    is it ever too late to apologize?

    how do you feel about girls smoking?
    dusn bother me

    what are you wearing?

    do you like the ocean?
    eh ye loads.

    what was the last thing you were given?

    would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?
    with sumwan

    what was your dream about last night?
    hummm cant remember

    Lets start off with your name?

    Connection between you and the last person who text messaged you? who was it?
    Sean , My fella

    Do you drop your phone a lot?
    i do indeed

    Do you ever get "good morning" texts from anyone?

    Have you ever kissed someone under fireworks
    Accually have :O

    Will you be in a relationship next month?
    I think so :)

    Have you held hands with anybody in the past month?
    I Havee

    Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
    yea :L fuck it

    What are you doing now?
    This, Facebook

    Do you miss anyone from your past?

    Do you hate anyone?
    I Do

    Anyone jealous of you or anything you have?
    I Dunno ?

    Current mood?

    Is the last person you hugged older than you?

    Do you think you have made anyone happy recently?
    ah i hope so

    0 Comments 84 weeks

  • Starting time:19;44
    Name: Emily
    Sisters: 0
    Brothers: 2
    Eye Color: blue
    Shoe size: 4
    Height: havent a clue
    What are you wearing rite now: school skirt and top
    Where do you live? SallyNoggin
    Favorite Number: 7
    Favorite Drink: Copperberg
    Favorite Month: December
    Favorite breakfast:B reakfast Roll :)

    Have You Ever

    Love/Liked someone so much it made you cry?ye:(
    Been in a police car: nope
    Been on a plane:loads:B
    Been in a hot tub: ye
    Swam in the ocean: ye
    Fallen asleep in school: ye
    Broken someoe's heart: i Dunno have i ?
    Cried when someone died: Ye:(
    Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: no :L
    Saved e-mails: erm no:/
    Been cheated on: ye

    Ever Had

    Chicken pox: nope
    Sore throat: Ye:Z
    Stitches: ye in my teeth
    Broken nose: noooo

    Do You

    Believe in love at first sight? kinda
    Like picnics? meh no hate flys n bees
    Like school: :L :L NO

    what are you listening to ? Telly eastenders
    What did you do today? school den boyfriends:)
    Hated someone in your family? yeeeee bitch!:L
    What car do you wish to have:me mini cooper:)
    Diamond or pearl: Diamond
    Are you oldest?: No
    Indoors or outdoors? depernds

    Today did you

    yawn? Yea
    Get sick? No
    Sing: Yea
    Miss someone: Yea:(

    Last person who

    Was in your bed? sean
    You talked to on the phone? sean
    Went to the movies with you?sean
    You went to the mall with? sean


    Been to Mexico: Nope
    Been to Africa? no
    Been to California? no
    Been in a fight? nope
    Been in detention? ye once..skipped another


    Do you have a crush on someone? i do;o
    What books are you reading right now? dis horrible one
    Future kids names: nawt tellin :p
    What's under your bed? eh i duno
    Favorite sport to watch? nun :Z
    Favorite location? my bed or seans :)
    Who do you really hate:saps, fakes, sluts, some people
    Do you have a job: Nope
    Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with? Ye:Z
    Are you lonely right now: nope my boyfriend here

    1. Are you single - no
    2. Are you happy - ye
    3. Are you bored - no
    5. Are you Italian - no
    6. Are you smart -no
    8. Are you in love now -i am

    1. Have you ever been in love - ye
    2. Do you believe in love at first sight - yup
    4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally - yea
    5. Have you ever broken someone's heart - i dunoo
    6. Have you ever had your heart broken - not really
    7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them - yes:B
    8. Are you afraid of commitment - no:D
    9. Who was the last person you hugged - sean
    10. Who was the last person you said I love you to -sean

    1. Love or lust - love
    2. Hard liquor or beer -beer
    3. Cats or dogs - dogs
    4. A few best friends or many regular friends - regular friends
    5. Television or internet - internet
    7. Wild night out or romantic night in - depends
    8. Money or Happiness -happiness
    9. Night or day - depends
    10. IM or phone - phone.

    1. Been caught sneaking out - nope
    2. Been skinny dipping - no
    3. Done something you regret - yeah :Z
    4. Bungee jumped - nope love to though
    5. Lied to someone you like? nope
    6. Have you ever taken drugs ? no
    9. Cried because you lost a pet - ye :(
    10. Wanted to disappear - ye:Z

    1. Smile or eyes - emmm both
    2. Light or dark hair - dark
    3. Hugs or kisses - both
    4. Shorter or taller - taller than me
    5. Intelligence or attraction - dunno
    6. Romantic or spontaneous - bitta both
    7. Funny or serious - funny
    8. Older or Younger - dusn bother as long as its not a big gap
    9. Outgoing or quiet - outgoing
    10. Sweet or Bad - depends

    1. Ever performed infront of a large crowd - yeah:DD
    2. Ever done drugs -NO
    3. Ever been pregnant - no
    4. Ever kissed the same gender - yeh :*
    5. Ever been on a cheerleading team - no:L
    6. Ever been on a dance team - ye
    7. Ever been on a sports team - yeh:D
    8. Ever been in a drama play/production -yeah (:
    9. Ever told someon

    0 Comments 94 weeks

  • emily from sean :)

    hello baba its sean jus gona write something abou the best girlfriend ever :) well baby i love you so much i have a greeat time bein wit you, your very funny and bit of a weirdo ha we are to dopes together ha you always kill me ha and im gona get you back one day ;) you get so obsessed with the stupidest tv adds ever iloveyousomuchforeverandalways we always have big talks abou everthing and i love talkin abou them :) your the only girl hu laughs after a few sups of coke and then you dont stop laughtin weirdo :) you got some big fat ass wooper you say mines bigger but yur short so short people have bigger asses you rob all me clothes even doh there wooper on ya ha mad thingg :) i likes yyou for so long baby for ages but now i have you im not gona let you go baby we had a big fight and i was lucky i get yu bac well hope yu like this i love you so much bye fat asss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    0 Comments 143 weeks

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    Love ye to

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  • 12/23/11
  • luv Becca

    i cant find you and its a stress abd a half looking:L :L :L

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  • luv Becca


  • luv Becca


  • Becca

    Emmm ye i did on saturday & no i didnt report it to the gard i just went mad at who did it cause he told me the next day that it was there:Z :L
    i swear it was my straightner no joke:O :L :L

  • luv Becca


  • luv Becca


  • luv Becca


  • luv Becca

    ah you no now what was wrong with me:DD ahh sean wrote me a lovely messege last night:DD i adore the chap:*
    and i told him i wasnt you no what and he like sorry for not trustin ye and all:B

  • luv Becca

    iv a big dirty hickey on me neck and its doing me head in:( xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • luv Becca