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i wanna go back to america :( (not with KLM tho ¬¬ )

6/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Matthew showed me this AWESOME game its called scary maze its AMAZING and so is he(:
Me, Myself, and I

i'm eilidhhhh™
i'm 18.
i'm ginger.
i'm taken♥
i like mafffuuu.
i like frozen margaritas.
i probably won't like you :)

find me on facebook, i'm never on this.

live fast, die young babes

mafffuuu (:
its over, your second best.
stalkers yerr?
you know nothing of the crunch.
that was quite a sweet comment well vandalism but i can do the same. i am well gutted i never got to spend christmas and new year with you those 2 weeks i was away for was like hell i missed you sooooooooo much:( but its ok now i am back and you are down stairs and making me lunch well a late lunch and one of your perfect cups of tea :)

much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • songzz.

    Step 1: Post the first line from the first 40 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song (unless ridiculously obscure)
    Step 2: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 3: Strike through when someone gets them right

    1.) it's alright to tell me, what you think about me..
    2.) it's stranger than fiction, how you decay ..
    3.) you've got this new head filled up with smoke..
    4.) am i loud and clear or am i breaking up?..
    5.) we are the crowd we're cuh-coming out..
    6.) that party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it..
    7.) father please forgive me for I know not what I do ..
    8.) i hear my name, i hear the trash you're talking,..
    9.) we took a walk that night, but it wasn't the same..
    10.) if you thought that I was leaving here, can I find a way inside..
    11.) crawling in my skin, these wounds they will not heal..
    12.) i'm so fed up with everyone around me..
    13.) aw shit, get your towel it's about to go down..
    14.) like the time in school when we got free lunch..
    15.) she's made of hair and bone and little teeth..
    16.) it could be ten, but then again, i can't remember half an hour..
    17.) angel of mercy, how did you find me?..
    18.) got my vans on, but they look like sneakers..
    19.) its hard to believe that it came to this..
    20.) what is love but the strangest of feelings?..
    21.) with just a look they shook..
    22.) i'll be sitting on the left side, you'll be sitting on the right..
    23.) its you, and me, moving at the speed of light..
    24.) wind me up, put me down..
    25.) so lately, been wondering who will be there to take my place..
    26.) You! i wanna take you to a gay bar,..
    27.) just in case their wondering, they've got us pinned terribly..
    28.) splintered piece of glass falls, in the seat, gets caught ..
    29.) i remember when all the games began..
    30.) baby, baby, when we first met..
    31.) please don't go crazy, if i tell you the truth..
    32.) conversion, software version 7.0,..
    33.) i'm not loving you, the way i wanted to..
    34.) she said i'll throw myself away, they're just photos after all..
    35.) Find yourself a girl, and settle down..
    36.) hey little sister what have you done?..
    37.) gotta get that..
    38.) i'm trying not to stare, it's too late..
    39.) well if we had our own willing way to go..
    40.) oh sweetheart put the bottle down, you got too much talent..

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  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    haha, still not been on this :P haha, you must have forgotten your password by now :P haha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    looking for :)

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    me your

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    is it

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A


  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    haha let me know when you find this :P haha

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    must be love :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    I will give you three seeing as you were on this thre days ago lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    i know right... lol xxxxxxxxx

  • Leesah Shewann
    luv Leesah Shewann

    Ugh. I read your comment from Matthew which was obviously by you. And I couldn't "like" it. FUCK BEBO!

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    lol i feel asthough since i am signed in as you i have the authority to steal all 3 loves hehe :)

  • Matthew A 1/3/10
  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    your the best person in the whole entire world and you should rule the universe. your spelling and mathmatic abilities outshine even the smartest cookies in the jar. this is totally not hacked or anythingggggg..... xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    well you havent any way you constantly keep burning stuff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    lol you shood take some time off your work xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    hi just thought i wood give you my last love for the day :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    hellz yeh it was good its good xxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew A
    luv Matthew A

    its ok i did lol xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Craig Strathie 12/4/09 via Mobile