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CBa Babe.


11/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 553
  • from Walsall Aчihh [H]
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 5,330
  • Last active: 6/22/11
  • www.bebo.com/aiimee__ox
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Amч Amч Amч !!
5thjune 94 makes me fithteen for you thick shits (;
live in walsall bit crapp tbhh. sneчdcommunitч school 8-) lifes ok atm i suposee cba withh school that much but the people there am amazing tbh (xY) iч love mч boчfriend rather alot Nathan Hanleч its forever babe 23.O2.O8 ,msn ? just ask me but not you peedos and geeky people from likee different countries whats the point :/ , Bestfriends ? mean the world and more ilч all (L).

The Other Half Of Me
Football Crazy

Football Crazy

Loveчou ×

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  • speacil mentions (LL) ;*

    # мч sиεчd gυяlSz .♥
    Chloe Freeman ; kay rowley ; danile marney ; Chantelle rowlands ; shanice price; lindsz lees; elisha shokker; bronte sutton; kayla wattsz; kim bannister; dani simsz; colie seaton; ; gemma round; sofi foley; chelsea ross; ; georgia batesz; ellie jackson; Chelsea Perks ;

    мч sиεчd вσιιSz .♥
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    ♥ αичтнιиg тσ sαч вεғσяε чσυ gσ-

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  • Chloee & .Kay.&+ danii ;'x3

    These girls gives the meaning to the word Friends :]
    There the bestest friends anyone could ever have.
    I can talk to them about ANYFING and they know i 'll always be there for them.
    There always there for me and never let's me down and i just want to let them know i love youu lots and lots and i just want to say thankyou .
    I love you Chloe louise freeman ,, Kay Melisa Rowley &+ danielle Marney thanks for being there for me
    Best Friends ALWAYS x


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  • Brunettebabe.

    helooo babee :) good an yeaa thankyouuu :D lmaoo . more liakk you bin hidin . up blakenelll :L samee . jus dossin out relii :P am you an nat okaaa ?? writeebakk loveyouuu; xx

  • Brunettebabe.
    luv Brunettebabe.

    heloooo babee:) youuu okkaa ? i ay spoke to youu in a whileee . wah you bin doinnn ? share the lovee . # loveyouuu :D xxx

  • Starh In The Hood.
    Starh In The Hood.

    your fukin daft i swear down duno who u think u are ur nuthik but a shit stearer fukini sayin i said bedo was meet alekz SWEAR DOWN :@:@

  • Andrew Simkiss Enih
    luv Andrew Simkiss Enih

    - i love you my best friday :D ;)

  • Suck Out
    Suck Out

    helooooo Yooou (: ay sin you in like ages lol x youu okayy ?x wubu2 .. yoou cumin school 2moz /x write backk x'3 loveyaaaah'x3 xxx

  • K U N T
    K U N T

    heчloooo babeees (: чouu okaч ? ii aч seen чou in ages man when чou coming again ? Writeeeeeee Backkkk =] x ιιʟσvзччσuuALΘƬ cнιιcкзи x

  • LynseyRoxannebabesz

    Heloo beaut:D I ay sinyou f Like years :( You alrighht wuu2 Love you.

  • Nicole

    add my new msn please baba.. colie-1994@live.co.uk thankyou :) x

  • YO

    Gooooood, Koool.tbf bueat :D LoveYouuuuuuuuuu.

  • YO

    Helloooo :D Remember Me ? You Alrite Anyway Baba ? LoveYouuu,

  • X.Zoey.Loves.Josh.X

    Heyyy Babee Yeah They Woz Lol And Hinesy Woz Ded Drunk Lol I Ai Fussed Eitha Beaut Ill Send Yah My Numba Thru Private Mail Okai Beaut You Shud Ov Cum Wiv Nat On Sat ilu xx

  • K U N T
    K U N T

    heчlooooo bab ;) чeee im okaчч wbuu ? aha in bedd thats were ii been hiding :L and& чeepp his MINT 2bf (: awwww thankчouu bab and mee ii hope it last to LOL errm when eva чou will just have to fone me or somethink ? aha aчihh ii got para the other nчt with lee and that man ii was fxcked ii was it was funnч thoo josh propa killed mee man ii cudnt stop laffing at him :L aha ii noooo r ii aч neva scared 2bf чeeepp ii dow reallч goo out 2bf well that much cuz lee comes mine now ;) Writeeee Backkkk =] <333333333333333333 xxxx LoveчouuuuALOT to bab !! x

  • luv X.Zoey.Loves.Josh.X

    Okaiii We Am All Gurddd Fanx Went Too Party Wiv Im Last Nyt Lol Yeah Ill Cum Out Just Say Wen Beaut :) Goin Up Walsall 2dai Wbu...?? Have Sum Love Cuz Im Nyc Lol TapBk xx

  • luv X.Zoey.Loves.Josh.X

    Heyyyyy Im Gurddd Tah Am You...?? n Itz zoe_1992_45@hotmail.co.uk xx

  • Andrew Simkiss Enih
    luv Andrew Simkiss Enih

    aiimeAIIMEaiime ;) . yhyh im ok bab am u. iv bin hingin in BLACKPOOL ay i :L . :O :O me gay Grrrrrr. thats me n nat thatsgay ;) . soo unooooooo. here the love back ;) :) . i love AIME. BestMATES ay ;) w.b

  • Andrew Simkiss Enih 2/17/09
  • Andrew Simkiss Enih
    luv Andrew Simkiss Enih

    Aww Sound For That Pic Comment (yn) Heres Some Love AsWell (Y) ily :)

  • Suck My Cock
    Suck My Cock

    ohh i used 2hu live in vention but i got my own flat now thou i used 2 well not alwayz but sumtymes doss wif them loves xoxo

  • Suck My Cock
    luv Suck My Cock

    oh hey na i doe no u lol but i no nat doe fink he will remember me but stef n nez will lol i used 2 doss wiv thm tym ago loves