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Musical Memories

A year ago...we were having the time of out Lives :( UNREAL...:D

10/17/08 | me too! | Reply

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Musical memories Self Published
St.Ciarans Ballygawley UK
Rit Listen der jus 2 much 2 say abot da show in dis tiny box!! Full house each nit!! Standing ovachions each nit!! Each show a different experence From da first show to da las wer great From Oliver 2 Joseph at da end All Great Rit der is jus 2 much 2 sya abot da show bt heres what we tryed to say..................
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About Me

Musical Memories.....best week of our lives...superstars in the makin..never to be forgotten! xXx
Me, Myself, and I
From the 10th-17th December '07 the staff and pupils both past/present put together a show that would bring back those memorys from years ago. it wuz UNBELIVABLE to be a part of an im sure al those involved will say dat it wuz the best time of their life. it wuz UNREAL craic from auditionin, rehearsin n the stayin ovr skule evn if we wer complainin bout it! Everyone was filled with nerves at the 1st matinee bt it wuz leathal! the show wuz planned for 5night shows bt due it being UNDESCRIBABLE, a monday night show had to be put on! The performance dat night wuz UNREAL and as Joseph rose into the air, tears of sadness hit the cast members! the experience of a lifetime wuz now ovr bt as we made our way up 2 music cryin...the craic reli began! roarin singin cheerin and shoutin teachers names who made it all happen! these teachers are total legends by the way! the craic wuz UNDESCRIBABLE and will never be forgotten!
Thanks to everyone who made it so special.

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    OLIVER......Oliver=Cormac Mc Girr
    Artful Doger=Darragh Kavanagh
    Fagin=Mr Gerard Cunningham
    Nancy=Siobhan Meegan
    Bet=Alisha O'Neill
    Fangins Gang=David Kelly,Luke Hackett,Sean Mc Kenna,Paschel Mc Anenly,
    Niall Gormley,Paul O'Hagan,Martin Murphy,Ronan Mulrine,Aidan Franey,Philip
    Hughes,Cathal Rafferty,Nathan Breen,Conor Mc Elvogue,Mark Kavanagh,Rauri O'
    Neill,Naill Kelly,David Rafferty.Francis pearson,Ryan Mc Kenna,Paul Donnelly
    Chorus=Michelle Monaghan,Elisha Gormley,Claire Hegarty,Collen Mc Glone,
    Finnuala Owens,Hannah Carson,Alicia Hoy,Dannille Douglas

    GREASE.........Sandy=Ashling Mullin
    Danny=Kevin Rafferty
    Frenchie=Michelle Kelly
    Kenickie=Raymond Mc Elroy
    Marty=Shannon Quinn,Nicola Mc Anenly
    Sonny=Tony Gormley
    Roger=Ciarán Rafferty
    Doody=Dominic Douglas
    Rizzo=Claire Mc Elduff
    Jan=Alana Mallon,Laure Mc Girr
    Eugene=Dara Donnelly
    Patty Simcox=Nuala Quinn
    Vince Fontaine=Gerard Wilson
    Johnny Casino=Mr Paul Kelly
    Miss Lynch=Miss Donna Rafferty
    Cha Cha=Carla Monaghan
    Boys=Ryan Mc Elroy,Enda Mc Elvogue,Emmett Neeson,Conor Mullin,
    Naill Mulrine,John O'Hanlon,Sean Curran
    Girls=Terri Mc Aleer,Emma Mc Girr,Rachel Mc Cullough,Regina Mc Caughey
    Caroline Hackett,Sarah Connelly,Emma O' Neill

    BLOOD BROTHERS........Mrs Johnstone=Miss Joanne Quinn
    Micky=Mr Paul Kelly
    Eddie=John O'Hanlon
    Sammy=Dara Donnelly
    Mrs Lyons=Lorraine Tierney
    Linda=Emma Mc Carren
    Narrator=Barry Hamill
    Kids Game=James Mc Nelis,Ciaran Rafferty,Tony Gormley
    Dominic DouglasDaire Mc Carroll,Ryan Mc Elroy,Naimh Dinsmore,
    Michelle Monaghan,Hannah Carson,Danielle Douglas,Alicia Hoy
    Fionnuala Owens,Claire Hegarty,Colleen Mc Glone,Elisha Gormley

    ANNIE..............Annie=Alana Mc Cabe
    Peper=Kerri Strain
    Miss Hannigan=Donna Mc Kenna
    Punjab=Kevin Rafferty
    Grace Farrell=Mrs Claire O'Donnell
    Drake=Enda Mc Elvogue
    Daddy Warbucks=Mr Brendan Mc Kenna
    Main Orphans=Aibhlin Neeson,Catherine Neill,Kerri Strain,Elisha Woods,
    Ciara Halligan,Ashling Mc Rory
    Servents=Shaunagh Carberry,Zoe Loughran,Bronagh Broderick,Caina Canavan,
    Catherine Neill,Charlene Donaghey,Helen Mc Ginn,Caron Brannigan,Louise Kelly
    Fionnuala Mc Elroy,Una Hamill,Sinead Donnelly,Brenda Donaghy,Claire Mc
    Orphans=Anna Idulski,Amy Russell,Ciara Quinn,Shauna Mellon,Hannah
    Patterson,Naimh Mc Goldrick,Shauna Fitzmaurice,Catherine Callaghan,Kerri- Ann Watt,Ciara Monaghan,Niamh Mc Bride,Shauna Moynagh,Susan Mullin,

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  • Never be forgotton

    you'r my friend and that is true,
    but the gift was given from me to you.
    we went thru moments that were good and bad,
    even moments that were happy and sad.
    you suported me when i was in tears,
    we stuck together when we were in fear,

    its really sad that it had to be this way,
    but it has reached its very last day.
    miles away cant keep us apart,
    'cause you'll always be in my heart.

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  • Musical Memories

    Leave one memory of you about The show as a comment. It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Next, repost this bulletin on your own blog and see how many people leave a memory about you! U know u want 2!!

    12 Comments 291 weeks

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  • Claire Hegarty
    Claire Hegarty

    I miss the craic :(

  • Everybody Loves Raymond
    luv Everybody Loves Raymond

    oo hay yall!! uno wen u tink back.. she was wile crack!! hehe

  • Musical Memories
    Musical Memories

    Bring back the good times :(

  • Claire Hegarty
    Claire Hegarty

    A whole year...were did the time go? A frig what a week hi :L absolutly UNREAL...so unbelivably class lak! This time last year we were on stage :( and yes tony i agree....ONE MORE SHOW :L

  • Tony Gormley
    Tony Gormley

    :( This time last year we were about to take to the stage....:L Unreal Times.....:D :P Does any1 apart from me want......ONE MORE SHOW!!!!! :L :P

  • John O'Hanlon
    John O'Hanlon

    dis time las year is wer in ovr halloween! good times!:D :D

  • John O'Hanlon
    John O'Hanlon

    dis time las year we wer doin resheral 4 da show :( :( :( good times:D :D :D

  • Claire Hegarty
    Claire Hegarty

    Me n the girls wer talkin bout the musical the other day and how it was absolutly UNREAL to b a part of! a priveledge to b in it lak, bring back musical memories! BEST WEEK OF OUR LIVES ;)

  • John O'Hanlon
    luv John O'Hanlon

    ders som love we had som good times in tat show an good craic!! lol :D :D :D :D :D

  • Claire Hegarty
    luv Claire Hegarty

    Sum Love for the unreal times we had....:D

  • John O'Hanlon
    John O'Hanlon

    Claire is nt me! who is leavin al these coments??? Enda?? lol :L :L :L :L :P :P :L

  • Claire Hegarty
    luv Claire Hegarty

    seriously hu is writin them sleazy messages to kevin...:L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L ! is it u john? lmao! :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L !

  • Musical Memories 4/22/08
  • John O'Hanlon
    John O'Hanlon

    na enda is not message its somthin else! lol :P

  • Enda Mc Elvogue
    luv Enda Mc Elvogue

    whuze ritin sleazy messages??? must b a moderator or sumthin...........................  ......................JOHN!!!????:L

  • John O'Hanlon
    John O'Hanlon

    cn we do anothr show an put ta test bac? pleaze! lol :L :L

  • Claire Hegarty
    Claire Hegarty

    upload ur pictures from the party...:D

  • John O'Hanlon
    John O'Hanlon

    miss it! i wish i could stil gt out of class 4 it now!! :( :( :( bt it waz unbeliveable!