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Mary Czeck

hey whats good in the woods lol

2/16/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from United States
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About Me

twiztid & misplaced
Me, Myself, and I
ugh umm hmm i dunno i am me see :D
icp, twiztid, abk, kmk, bondox, bl
 azeyadeadhomie, amb, what u youngins would call classic rock these days and i enjoy my boy crisis and miike snow
eh i dunno these days
Scared Of
my mom and those big ass bugs that fly around at night
Happiest When
am with my handsome lil devil i call my son freddy jr.. or (pa)

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haha u have a very funny personality u make others lagh (when ur not supposed to) but u have a great scence of humer all together... ur fun... but u tend to get draged away from the real world into ur own littel 1!!!
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  • Non Sum Qualis Eram
    luv Non Sum Qualis Eram

    hey you look hawt your hairs on fire but i was just gunna leave you a comment i saw a rubber ducky and thought of you! miss you guys

  • Non Sum Qualis Eram
    luv Non Sum Qualis Eram

    why hello hello i was wonderin when i was gunna hear frm ya but hows beb eh freddie? and how are you? i was up there with cole some time ago

  • JLbx
    luv JLbx

    whered yous move ? yeah i want to go an visit i just need a car an a job hopefully be4 winter gets here we will come an see yous heres some love for u an pa:D

  • Non Sum Qualis Eram
    luv Non Sum Qualis Eram

    lol bring me one too ha kidding but yeah i woulditnt mind comming around for the summer

  • JLbx
    luv JLbx

    heres some love for u an pa jaiden an i miss yous!

  • JLbx
    luv JLbx

    hey sug whats up?

  • Non Sum Qualis Eram
    Non Sum Qualis Eram

    whats up sugar loving the weather?

  • Non Sum Qualis Eram
    luv Non Sum Qualis Eram

    hi sugar finaly got my net back up & all it took was a shitty blue cord but just returning the luv & see'in how your doing i might be getting another gini pig here hopefully.... but spose i can go reply to everyone else XD say hi to little frreddie for me

  • luv Priscilla Gil

    why you dont come down and visit for thanksgiving? you can stay at my place if you would like to, I'm sure your sister could use some sisterly love right about now. Do you still got them family items that I gave to you?

  • JLbx
    luv JLbx

    just thought i come an return the love i miss yous when i get my license i wanna dare to drive down ther i got my permit now just got to wait another 2 months to go for it :P but yeah jaiden will be 2 on the 1st how long have u an freddy been apart? if u mind me asking:P yeah u should give me a call :D my number is still the same

  • Non Sum Qualis Eram
    Non Sum Qualis Eram

    man i ran out of love im sorry please dont throw me in the dryer :( you get a home made wun <3

  • luv Priscilla Gil

    Hi my girl, how was the lil' guys birthday? tell your mom to check her comments I was having an emotional moment lol luv U

  • JLbx
    luv JLbx

    thought i come an return the love :D you should call me sometime i leave my number in ur mail box

  • luv Priscilla Gil

    It was so nice to see all of you guys and the kids too!!!!!!!!!!! I really miss you guys hope to see you at Nicoles this week-end.

  • JLbx
    luv JLbx

    just thought i would come ha some love with u an pa:D

  • BraniganL -
    luv BraniganL -

    here goes sum luv for ya:P ..

  • JLbx
    luv JLbx

    yeah i wanna come this summer im done with school on may 23rd so u got to come up that weekend cole said shes gonna u should follow her heres some love for u an baby:)

  • luv Priscilla Gil

    Seen Grampa yesterday! it felt so good to see him he was so full of questions about you guys, he said give him so more time he wants a couple visits with me to get used of seen somme one its been 14 years that anyone has seen him he had a hard time, Im sitting there and he bust out with are you going to leave now and I asked him why he said because theres nothing else to talk about I really started laughing at him

  • luv Priscilla Gil

    Hi my girl, I didnt go yet this Sunday Im excited its going to be weird to see him after all these years, Do you want me to let him know your serious about coming to see him? if so he will probably need your address. Luv U oxoxoxox

  • JLbx
    luv JLbx

    Returnin the love:D