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  • Male, 24, Luv 19
  • from Strabane
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 4,567
  • Last active: 11/24/09
  • www.bebo.com/stewarty89
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Yes there,mey names ryan,but better known as stewarty,live in strabane,used tey live in the great fields of glenmornan,play gaelic for owen roe's,reserves now just,support man Utd,they are amazin,Heiiiiiiiiinze (traitor bastard) and the new one viiiiiiiiiiiiida,aaw a love it,diceys £1.50 a pint,woooo,c'mon the roe's,an thats all ye really need to no about me for the time bein.good luck te ya now,nothin ta fear here

Gone do me Blogs,Quizzes and Polls an me msn is Stewarty89@hotmail.co.uk

aaagh forbout a get it
The Other Half Of Me
Darren Stewart

Darren Stewart

Is she wavin to me???

into the classics a while lot these days, can listen to anythin: Kharma45, Razorlight, Muse, 2pac, Ocean colour Scene, Thin Lizzy, DMX, 50cent, Michael Jackson (fuckin legend), Kooks, Killers, ELO, Jackson 5, Queen, Steriophonics, the Fratellis
Big films fan, Snatch , Lock stock an two smokin barrells, Shawshank Redemption, Lucky Number Sleven, Scarface, the Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the rings, all of them, Star wars, the newer made wans, Green Street, Scary Movie 1+2, Bad Boys 1+2, SuperTroopers, Boondock Saints, American Pie's, Rush Hour 1+2, Romeo must die, Cradle 2 the grave, Usual Suspects
TV now, Simpsons, Family Guy, Friends, MOTD, the Panel, Lost, My wife and kids, Everybody hates Chris, Malcolm in the middle, Scrubs
Big big big big Man utd fan, hate liverpool, arsenal, chelsea an man city, play for the mighty Owen Roes, Green red army!!!oi oi!!also support Tyrone
Scared Of
Ladders, aaw but a hate ladders, not scared of heights though........Lydia sometimes!!!!an zara, freakishly strong wee girl
Happiest When
When am out on the lash down in diceys, playin well in a match, watchin united or tyrone, more happier whey utd, not so much sleepin as havin dreams, have some mad dreams hi, great, when am eatin!!!walkkin down tey the shop whey zara, such a silly wee girl, watchin tommy tiernan, laughin
C'mon the Roe's
Simply put, we are the best gaelic team, we will get promotion to division 2 this year!!!!
Some Unforgetable Sayings by other people
Zara- Mooooooooooooooo
Hen- Get your trousers down
Ailish- omg can we all be hippys
Ailish- Wise up, av a dick!!!
Zara- You should no, your an electrician!!!
Ryan- Can i fuck!!! Eimear- Not on the first date
Eimear- Why were u excited in the back of the van with your trousers down
Lydia- Bolivia isn't even a country Liam- aye it is Lydia- is it in asain europe
Zara- Ur da's a tiller

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  • My Family - Stolen from..........Richy (theres a pattern here)

    My BeBo FaMiLy..


    My savage -

    My ma- Zara McBrearty

    my da-

    My brother -

    My sisters -

    My daughter -

    My crazy drunken uncle/auntie -

    My lesbian-

    My gay friend -

    My wife -

    My girlfriend - Danielle Lindsay

    My secret lova - Eimear Mc Laughlin

    My worst enemy -

    MY fuck buddy - Darren Gallagher (Ginger)

    My drinking partner -

    My secret keeper -

    My shot taker -

    My personal drinks maker -

    My fairy odd parents - Richy Allen

    My beer buddy - Patrick Corey (oul pa 6bottles a bud)

    My testicle - Kylie Mc Gavigan (didn't see that comin)

    My pimp -

    My crazy mate mate -

    My cool chick-

    My girl thats crazy like me - Danielle Quigley


    My dinosuar-

    My laugher-

    My neighbour- Ailish Harley (How unpredicable)

    My drunken stragger home- Lydia Smith

    My angel -

    My shinin star -

    My off his head mate -

    My mate that always disappears -

    My hair pet giraffe with wings and 3 legs - Darren McCullagh

    My friend with wings -

    if u want to add ur own just say!!!

    12 Comments 338 weeks

  • Stole this a Richy - fuckin banshee

    Six things you wonder about me

    Five things you like about me

    Four things you don't like about me

    Three of my best features

    Two words that describe me

    One question for me (ask away, I will answer honestly)

    3 Comments 338 weeks

  • Wee entertaining story for ye's

    Rite,so i was sittin out in Lifford whey all the boys in there house and me brother Gavin (anybody that knows me knows what goes on out in Lifford). Anyway, outta the blue, i get this message. grand grand nothing to worry about. Opened the message to which it said :

    "U suck big balls from the african nation of senagal u bleached donkey of despair and dirt! U do nothing but make my pores ooze, sweat at the site of ur mangled face and ash-tray stench, which leaks from ur arm pits. They who focus on ur gaze, turn to stone u skiprat. Thats why i like u so much Ryan."

    At this point i was freakin out big time. Asking who the fuck just sent this crazy message (because the number was unidentified). I had an idea who it was,but i wasn't entirely sure, i thot it was lydia smith, cos we used to harmlessy slag each other off, but i didnt reply sayin it was her, i just asked who the fuck it was. Several minutes later, i got a second message from this mystery messager, it read:

    "The james hamilton of the lisnafinius of strabanious is generally a sick bastard who has no standards and will eat any prey, in reality he has aids."

    Now i had found out who the mystery person was!!but yet i still had no idea what was goin on!!so i replyed again with a casual "how the fuck did ye get my number".again several minutes later the third and last message was recieved. it read:

    "Off a spanish sailor from the caspian sea. He proclaimed "James my boy,I have the number of the mighty conjurer of tricks. A man who once waz seen prancing around the lusch fields of Glenmornan. He fears no one, but is loathed by many. Take it and your mind shall be tested."I accepted with open arms"

    Now that was the best text messages i have ever recieved,bravo mon ami!!bravo!!

    1 Comment 346 weeks

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  • Gavin S
    Gavin S

    Ur full a shite man. lol!

  • MK
    luv MK

    did i have burger and chips last night? where they my chips? who's chips where they? i'm so greedy.

  • Paddy Corey
    Paddy Corey

    aye ah... gone delete that! lol bastard. watse craic? im home this monday hi! last exam tomorro then goin a wee bit mad!!! hopefully get bk to the ol' gaa too hi. any bars?

  • luv Eimear

    sorry heres another...

  • luv Eimear

    have u died?

  • MK
    luv MK

    hey s'craic, long time! what u been upta!?

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  • Kylie

    Merry XMas Ryan :D Have A Gr8 One :D xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo