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About Me

Me, Myself, and I


dont come on here much anymore,
facebook me - alice ingram *

the truezz (YN)
The Other Half Of Me


the best thing that ever happend (:

i lovee him more than anything + everything [:

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  • copied of livvys (:

    Can you name 20 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Dont read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 20 people.

    1.Brad Tudgay
    2.Olivia Underhill
    3.Megan Holness
    4.Sophie Osborne
    5.Kiran Tooray
    6.Alice Green
    7.Rosie Cooper
    8.Jade Stewart
    9.Jacob Tucker
    10.Sam Buckley
    11.Callum Bedward
    12.Daniel Need
    13.Samuel Baird
    14.Dionne MCkee
    15.Charlotte Lees
    16.Harpinder Pala
    17.Charlotte Brown
    18.Jack Ingram
    19.Kerry Davidson
    20.Reis Hill

    • When did you meet 10?
    In primary school,memories (:

    • What would you do if you had never met 6?
    Wouldn't Have what i call my first best friend,wouldn't be the person ii am today,a happy one (:

    • What would you do if 20 and 15 dated?
    Laugh and be shocked :O Pinder would go mad!

    •If you could marry anyone between 6 and 14 who will it be?
    Callum Bedward Or Sam Buckley,two amazing people,no lie.

    Do You Like Number 18?
    HAHAA NO!! CANT STAND HIM!! Joking,the big bro always (:

    • Have you ever seen 4 cry?
    Yeh the little muffin,x

    • Would 8 and 12 make a good couple?
    Yeh tbh;but ii no someone who would go better ; x

    • Would number 1 and 2 make a good couple?
    The two favs (: they get on like a house on fire,so i guess.be a bit weird for me tho.

    • Describe 8?
    one of those girls,iv had memories and laughs and i love her to bits,but were not like STUCK to each other as much anymore,but im fine with it aslong as shes happy,iloveuu

    • Do you like 13?
    Wev'e had our ups & downs but his amazing.

    • What would you tell 4 right now?
    that ii lovee her & i miss her,and to be safe in wales :L

    • Tell me something about 17!
    very pretty (: clumsy though!

    • What's 7's favorite color?
    she changes her mind on everything,so i wouldnt no :L

    • What would you do if 19 just confessed they liked you?
    be a bit freaked out cause iv known her since i was 3 (: LOOL

    • When was the last time you talked to number 15?
    Thursday at youthy,shes on hols atm though,x

    • How do you think 5 feels about you?
    Hates me wants to slap me in the face! Oj kizz,ermm i dnt no really im always there for her tho,

    • Who is 2 going out with?
    Noone but ii no who she wants to be with :P

    • How old is 16?
    GRANNY! Oj - thats up for him to tell uu (:

    • What is 5's favorite music?
    R&B,Indian Tunes,Rap,Jams (:

    • Would you ever date 3?
    HELL YEAH (: no shes more like a best mate,plus im not a lesbian :L

    • Is 11 single?
    Callum,Callum,Callum ... yep (: wants his number?

    • What is 10's last name?
    Buckley Boots (H)

    • Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 7?
    I'll pass thankuu x

    • Where does 18 live?
    In my house (:

    • What do you think about 20?
    always there for me,like an older bro or best mate (:

    • What is the best thing about 14?
    We have the most memories! and we have most things in common.But her smile (:

    • What would you like to tell 13 right now?
    a secret :P but i promised.

    • How did you meet 12?
    in dt,he threw a pencil at me - we share the same birthday TWINS.

    • Describe 11?
    I would have to write a bible,ever since i meet him iv never stopped thinking about how amazing he is,people might think i over exaggerate but his a star,and to me his delicate,wouldn't change or swap him for the universe.

    • What would you do without 1?
    ii wouldn't be me,he completes me.Im so proud to be called his girlfriend (:

    • How do you know 18?
    His my brother,ii live with him lol,known him since the day i was born :L so pretty long time LOOL,yeh i love him,thanks for everything.

    • When was the last time you saw 12?
    Last day of school,a hug and a smile goodbye.

    • Where did you meet 4?
    Over msn tbh;we hated eachother,but then one day we got talking in history and since then iv never looked back.

    • What reminds you of 10?
    Primary school,nice comforted hugs (:

    • How long have you known 14

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  • (: Please complete x

    Your name ;;

    Are we good friiends (: -


    How did we first meet (: -


    What do чou think of me
    as a person (: -


    Whats the best memorч we've ever
    had together (: -


    How long do чou think
    we'll staч in touch (: -


    Ever needed to tell me something (: -


    Tell me now ....


    thankчou (: x

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  • Charliie Bee 1/13/10
  • Shannon
    luv Shannon

    aliceyoss. there aree ent theyy (: i fukkin love uu babie x

  • Callum
    luv Callum

    lol why cant remember wat i done

  • Shannon

    INGRAM* :L

  • Shannon
    luv Shannon

    alice imgram [: its alright, no uu have some back ;) i know itss wicked. "shannon take your earing out." "sirr your eyes are lovely and bluee" thenn uu goo "SIRSS BLUSHINGG." he was like itss because its hot in the room, LMAO. when secretly we know, he loves us ;P i love uu aliceyos. ♥

  • Shannon
    luv Shannon

    seen as i have more loveeee here u go :) xxxx

  • Shannon
    luv Shannon

    ;D xxx

  • Callum

    haaaaaaaaaar haaarrr SL****** :D xxxxx

  • Callum
    luv Callum

    love for u

  • OiOi'Captain
    luv OiOi'Captain

    i love you x

  • Callum
    luv Callum

    luv u more :)

  • Shannon
    luv Shannon

    iloveuu ('L)

    11/16/09 via Mobile
  • Callum
    luv Callum

    loveher :)

  • Callum

    love returned

  • Iloveyou.
    luv Iloveyou.

    i love this girl who is reading this; the one; the only; beautiful alice ingram ('L) x33

  • Callum
    luv Callum

    love for u

  • Iloveyou.
    luv Iloveyou.

    love for my sexy alice. ilu baby (: x3

  • Callum
    luv Callum

    i love her xx

  • Iloveyou.
    luv Iloveyou.

    + why thankuu. i am the sex! ahaa iloveyou ♥ x

  • Iloveyou.
    luv Iloveyou.

    aliceee is SEXYYY + iloveuu xxxx ('L)