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i feel like a run away slave cant cailm down nevea going to behave

8/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

the lad you wish you had
Me, Myself, and I
my mates are my famliy and there is nothing i wouldnt do for my famliy im a laoyl mate i have respect but to get mine u have to earn it im laid back to a point i love boxing and ufc im an amateur boxer im a super heavy wieght wich is 91 kilos up i love hip hop i do write rhymes and a bit of peotry i also smoke bongs dnt like u dont have to know me anything eles u wanna know jus ask
young sid, T.I. , stone sour, spider loc , young hot rod , 50 cent , guint , tupac, nelly , b.i.g , big pun bliss n esso, acdc , pink floyd , rob zombie , korn, black sabeth(when ozzy was front man) hilltop hoods, k'naan, everlast, bone thugs N harmony, chamillionaire, dmx, koolism, s
 avage, deceptikonz, dj peter gunz, aaradha, adeaze, meareko, res, se
 an paul, lolyd banks, young buck, 504 boys, akon, lil flip, slim thug, xzibit, busta rhymes, 6 pound, obie trice, stat quo, bobby creekwater, slipknot, mudvayne,
 GABBA, HAPPY HARDCORE, HARDCORE, wepon x and ken hell, dragon fly, D.H.T, dj sammy, brad pasiley , grath brooks , lee kernaghan, slimdusty, the mavricks, michale buble, frank santra , icp, young jeezy, rich boi, bone bothers, kraziey bone the list goe's on and on
night watch, chucky, all nightmares on elm street , hambuger hill, we were slodiers, wind talkers, event hirzon, what becomes of the brokern hearted, once we were warriors, scarface, boyz'n'the hood, gridlock, southside story, bother, casino, Juice, Abo
 ve the Rim, bullet, belly, poetic justice , gang related, love and a bullet, never die alone , exit wounds, Boricua's Bond , Dead Presidents, back in the day, get rich or die tryn
Sports that i luv and do
boxing, muti kick boxing, streetfighting if thats a sport lol , bball, nrl, hunting, shooting,
drinking thats about it
Scared Of
of no man cuze we all bleed the same
Happiest When
clubing, drinking, bonging on, listening to music, being with my lads, rap battleing, brawling
fav tv show
mtv cribs, all law and orders, the sarparnos, jackass, the dudesons, wildboyz, via la bam, big bother, bro town, rob and big, family guy, drawn together, dragon ball z, streetsharks
fav drink
BUNDY RUM AND MORE BUNDY RUM also tooheys long neacks, tooheys on tap, teds, black russians, jack daniels, moet, jack daniels, jim beam and more Bundy rum

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  • nice

    like photos in my mind you the vision in my dreams what i see is perfect i picture you as my queen stareing at the finger got me picturing a ring you my 50 ich plasma the picture on my screen but sum thing aint adding up my math aint equaling you looking for the love im selfish with my feelings n pushing for commitment but running from the permanent scared to open and you wonder why im distant trying to push away you the only one that knows me feelings in the air im afraid you might expose me i dont mean to leave u heart broken and sleepless but im scared to give u my heart and u keep it

    1 Comment 186 weeks

  • still in progess

    Your the drug I'm addicted to It's not just the face or the physical
    its the mental to girl your gifted just one word form you and i get lifted
    you chase away my storm clouds every time im down this is why i keep
    you around when your around i could never be down you showed this
    knight his worth so at night theres no were i would rather be girl i hope this makes
    you feel special like you make me feel i no your that girl cause i picked you and picked me
    the type of girl any man can be proud to call his own what ever you want you got it when
    ever you need me call and ill be there like you have been there for me its hard to measure
    the pleasure of haven your around

    4 Comments 186 weeks

  • wonder

    once and a while my mind wonders over days gone by remanicssan when better days were out of reach and tears were at my feet some days my thoughts are bleak i dare not speak of the hurt in my heart you could say i have been around the block you can see the struggle in my eye no longer a twinkle battered and torn i get up and ask for more i should get more but i settle for less afraid to lose whats left i guess shackled by society's labels whats a second chance worth if cant get work society dont see the change you make only the ones that are close that survived the hurt can appreciate the work to erace the past to embrace that better day rehab veteran many tours to the end of my soul its starting to take its toll

    0 Comments 195 weeks

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  • Nazziie

    :L :L :L :L :L :L yeh true that that names bad :P :L :L :L :L :L

  • Nazziie

    ohhhhh cute name but why not David? :L :L

  • Nazziie

    ofcourse why not make the most of it you only live once :D :D ohh is that babys name?? and yes you cant blame everyone we all wana see baby :D :D glad you looking forward 2 having baby :P

  • Nazziie
    luv Nazziie

    hahaha yeh hard :P :L :L :L :L :L ohhh your such a playa aye :P :D :D omg you gona be a daddy soon looking forward 2 ur bubbas pix :D :D

  • Nazziie

    hey dave lifes going great single life that is :P :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L how are you? has ur mrs had baby yet?

  • Nazziie
    luv Nazziie

    Happy new yearz dave xox

    1/2/10 via Mobile
  • Heartbreaker
    luv Heartbreaker

    Happy Birthday My Baby Boy iloveyou xo.

    1/2/10 via Mobile
  • Heartbreaker
    luv Heartbreaker

    have some love babyy.

    12/28/09 via Mobile
  • Nazziie
    luv Nazziie

    Merry xmas David xox

    12/24/09 via Mobile
  • Heartbreaker
    luv Heartbreaker

    top friend me babyy x

  • Heartbreaker
    luv Heartbreaker

    This Is For Yuu. thiz iz for david ♥ i dont really know you but when i feel blue i talk to you you brighten up my day and i love it i wish i could be with you but even though were apart yuu hold a special place in my heart i dont know how yuu do it but yuu make me smile when times are tough yuu always know what to say to brighten up my day i wish i could be your gurl you would be my world when i talk to you its like mi heart skips a beat the things yuu say knock me off of mi feet anyways i just wanted to say thanks for brightening up mi day.

  • Heartbreaker
    luv Heartbreaker

    have sum luv.

  • Nazziie
    luv Nazziie

    heart u even thou ur a meanie :P :L :L :L :L :L x0x0x

  • Nazziie
    luv Nazziie

    hay babe found u haha now add me on facebook :P x0x

  • Nazziie

    great :D :D umm how am i surpose 2 add u private mail me ur details k xxx