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Doddy'S Page

i peeps if u wont a skin of ya own i will make u 1 but it will cost u 1 luv and put me on ya top 16 :P xx

1/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 48
  • from ./.\. leek ./.\.
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 2,060
  • Last active: 9/30/08
  • www.bebo.com/DoddyE0
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About Me

If ya wont a skin it will cost - 1 luv and on ya top 16
Me, Myself, and I

|\_ __O
_|_| \ .
-------| |-------Put this
-------| |-------On Your
-------| |-------Bebo if
-------| |-------You Have A
-------| |-------Massive
-----( ) ( )-----Cock!!

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  • luv Katie Babie X X

    doddy!!! !!! lol wuu2 u okii wbs x

  • Tori Kirkham
    Tori Kirkham

    Hey Doddy u ok ? wubu2? tori xx

  • Samii Baybee
    luv Samii Baybee

    Hiyyaaa i no yhhh EVIL :@ lol uk? wuu2?

  • Samii Baybee
    Samii Baybee

    hiiiaa hunii u okii? wuu2?? ant heard off u in a while?? scribble bk..x

  • Misshypah.X
    luv Misshypah.X

    let yhoo off :) ...wubu2 then ..? not seen yhoo in ages ..! xx pwb nabz xxx

  • Tori Kirkham
    luv Tori Kirkham

    heya bbe x i'm gud tar u ?? x-x i comin out tomoz x-x just at a mates house u ?? Luv Ya...x Toriii .....x

  • Misshypah.X

    heyya i got told that u went campin wid hayley .... by hayley .....eeeeeeeeeeee ... dats nasty yhuu meff hehe messin :L wat was yhuu finkin shes a rat lol ...x

  • Kirstie BabeZzz'
    Kirstie BabeZzz'

    heyya hu am u tap bk xxx xx x kirstiee

  • Misshypah.X
    luv Misshypah.X

    heyya u okayy ...? wubu2....? pwb lurve yhuu nabz <3<3 xxxxxxx

  • Gemm
    luv Gemm

    k den

  • Samii Baybee
    Samii Baybee

    Fanxx for da commentt bkk....... NOT :P :D


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