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XxLiisa And AbixX


12/22/07 | me too! | Reply

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Bournemouth Ish UK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Abi from Liisa_x

All i can say Is i Lovee Yuuuu
Thanx 4 All The Crazee Times we've Had And Hope There will B Many More!
BTW I Dont Hehe
Lovee Yuu
BMTWD xxxxxxx

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  • Liisa from Abi_X

    Well Well Well Liisa Tibbles Eh?? Well Wat Can I Say Exept Propa Legend!! Most Funniest Person!! And If It Wernt Forr Her Fallin Out Wif Her Ova M8s Thn I Dunt Think Id Ave A Best M8 lmaoo! Apperantly I Hated Her Wen I First Met Her!! I Really Dont Remember That Lmaoo! Well Weve Had Sum Propa Awsum Times.

    Like In Art Wiff Everywun On Our Table Shoutin At Tha Chinky! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa And Wiff Tha Wax! And Shoutin At Sara! ANDDDDDDDDDDDD Dana Getttin Scared And Throwin Her Phone hhaa

    In Child Devv Wiff Our Crappy Teacher And You Prancin Round Tryna Dance lmaaoo! Tryna Take Picss Wif Out Bein Caught! And Tryna Get On Bebo! And Wen We Fiannly Do Sumone Gets It Blocked!! Also Sum Gd Tymes In I.T!!

    In P.E.......... Well Do I Have Too Saii Anymoree Yu Noo Wat I Meen haaa! But Just Incasee In Badminton Every Time We Got A Point Wed Dance!! And Mr HayterTellin Mii Tuu Get Rid Of Mii Gum OvaWise Hed Have Ta Resusatate Mii!! Put Mii Off 4lyfe!! Then Came tha Swimmin Lessons! Well Well Well Alot Of Good Memoriies Have Come Out Of That But I Dont Really Think That They Should Be Made Public ahahah! And Then There Was Tha Tyme Yu Nearly Killed Yurself!! I Wont Go Into That Ill Be Here All Daii haha!

    And Then We Have Our Trips Down Bmuff !! God! Down Tuu Tha Beach Checkin Out Life Guards!! We Really Ave A Thing For Em Dont We! That Guys Body Was Lush Tho! Good Tymes!

    And Then We Have We Have Boncers! Wat A Nite That Turned Out Tuu Bee haha! Absolutley Legendary!

    Then We Have Tha Nite At My House!! Amazin Nite! Wif Our " Cider" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    aaaaaaaaaa!! Well If People Really Want Too No Mre They Can Look At Tha Pics ahhh!

    CLOTHES SHOW!! Absolutley Amazin! Ad Loadza Fun That Daii Wif Our Random Pic Takin! And Tha Fitt Ass Modelss! Like ANT! OOOO! And Trynna Find People Which Actully Pissed Mii Awff!

    Well Bascially All I Wanted Tuu Saii Is Yurr Tha Best Mate Anywunn Cud Ask Forr And I Know If I Need Yuu Yur Always Gunna Be Ther! And Tha Other Waii Round! Weve Ad Soo Many Good Tymes Tuugeva And Like One Bad But Heey! We Got Thruu It. We Aint Even Had A Fall Out Which I Fink Is Amazinn Really! And I Know That Were Gunna Ave Loadz Of Ova Good Memories!!

    And I Know That If I Move That Well Stay In Touch And Always Vistit!! Or Yuu Move Wiff Mii!!

    Love You Babe! Best Mates Forever!!
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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  • Abi from Liisa_x

    Abigail Greenhalgh <--- I Full Named Yuu

    Omg This Gurl is A Bloodi Ledgend.... Lets Take It Bakk 2 The Beginning!
    First Time We Met I Wz In Arttt Bout 3months Ago.. and If It wernt 4 Me Fallin Out Wiv All Mi Ex Mates We wouldnt B Where We Are Now!
    Since then We Have Had So Many Proba Great Times!


    In Art Basicali We Hardli Do Any1 And Just Shout At People - Yuu No who
    We Have Such A goooood View @ The Fitness Goin Into The Leisure Centre.. && When We Foned Dada And She threw Her fone Across The Table!
    And How Can I Forget The Waxing
    OMG And Wen Dana Painted The Tampon
    Good Times


    as Yuu No i H8 PE, I dnt c the Point In Gettin Changed To look Like a bumble Bee But Ya No!
    How could I Forget Badminton Wiv Charlie && Seb wen We Scored A Point And Would Go Completli Mental!
    and wen mr hayter sed he would give us mouth 2 mouth if we didnt take our chewing gum out-- scared me tht did... just the fort of it haha!
    and swimmin even tho it is gay its been the most fun ive had!
    wen mr hayter cam in the changing room wiv mi blazer and you shouted out pervet
    and of course wen i nearli killed miself... now i fink of it its funni but IF THT HAPPENS TO ME AGAIN PLEZ DNT LISTEN 2 THE BITCH @ THE LEISURE CENTRE 2 MAKE U LEAVE

    Clothes Show

    OMFG wat a amazin daii this woz!
    i woz actuali up and readii wen yuu picked me up at 6.30 even tho i looked dead
    our random picture taking outside m&s and wen we saw the sign to silverstone WOOOT
    annnndd the fitnesssssss on the cat walk trust me look at the picturesssss


    Our trips Down Bournemouth Are the Fukin sex!!
    the fitness down the beach, the random fukin times in the apple shop and how could i 4get the time wen it pissed it dwn... and we walked into ann summers ( high 5)
    basicali itsss fabb and i could gooo onnn but i wont


    All i can say Is Go 2 the Leisure Centre

    basicali just wanna say tht i lovee yuu 2 bits and yuur the best m8 ne1 could evaaaa wish 4... and its reali is amazin tht we aint fallen out once!
    ma mam thinks 4 blimmin amazin.... and well yuur parents invited me 2 new year soooo yey!
    we've had sooo many good times 2gther and i hope we can have soooo many more!

    And Yuur Not Movin Yuur Cummin 2 Live Wiv meeeee.. i keep sayin it but ya are sooo ner ner nerrr!

    thankx 4 everythang the last couple of months!
    bring on 2008 =]

    lovee yuu babe


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  • Jenna.
    luv Jenna.

    Hey gawjusses xx love da bebo girllies lool xx ly xxx

  • Charlie Rich

    you too smell but i still love you n our pe days are great when i hit the ball and peg it lol and wen lisa hit the ball in my face and we were the best in that fitneas dvd

  • Abii

    Heyah! Ommmg Am Soooooooooooooo Boreed Hehe ! Cant Beleive Im On And Your Not! Thats Weird hhhhhhhaaaaaaaa x x x