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Shampoo .

Well, this is erm, Shit :/

7/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
        I'm Char.
     I dont do this anymore.
  Facebook is where you will find me

-Make a wish. Place it in your heart. Anything you want. Everything you want. Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. You never know where the next mirical is going to come from. The next smile. The next wish come true. But if you believe, its right around the corner. And you open your heart and mind to the possiblity of it. You just might get the thing you are wishing for. The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it. -One tree hill quote.

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My everything (: Ha i love you best friendlings (:

Friends & Family. Sports & Music. Summer. Lazy days & Duvet days. Starbucks. Listing to rain on a tent. The smell of fresh air. Horses & Riding. Memorys from the old days. Phototography & Photographs.Inspirational quotes. Meeting new people. Sun & sand. Endless silly phone calls. Pearls. Sitting by the sea. Messy hair. Lounging around the house in fat warm slippers & Big cheesy smiles :D

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  • People That Have Visited Me :D

    Charr Char is rather spiffing i must say ;D ! YESS. What can i say? Char is kinda weird. She makes me laugh though but she is abit wannabe prep but shhhh. OMG HAKUNA MATATAAA. Yeahh i can trust her I DO LOVE OUR 'CHATS'. lolol. Yeah so lets make babies. OMG ON CAM WHEN I LOOKED LIKEA WHALEE.(: aha anyways im going byee love you longg timee <3

    char you are just the bestest girl ever i love you to bits. i aint known you for that long but still it has felt like i have for ages.. if i ever need cheering up i know who to come to because you make me smile all the time . i could write loads more but dont want to take up all the space loveyoulots babes xxxx

    Lillie & Luke :D ::L
    I LOVE LUKE batchelor
    I LOVE LUKE batch
    ^ fuck off luke she so loves lillie not your smelly bum :D
    rinced babes! ;) rinced more babes
    they so wrote that :L


    Okaay my sexy chum,
    Where to start with you, well if you haven't guesed i'm updating my hacking. Aha ii think that now ii know your password. (; This is what ii will be doing from time to time. :D Well what to put about char. I should tell everyone our life story. Aha. what a laugh that would be. Okaay cutting things short. We have had some good times, too many to name + too many to remember. :L Basically couldn't live without you char. + you know it. You're a good friend, you're embarassing + you make me laugh a lot.
    Okaay so a sum of you in like saay 5 points?
    #1. You're absolutely stunning.
    #2. We are the coolest people in Chilmark. (+ only :L ) Public enemies for life.
    #3. Bus journeys are interesting aha. our little dance :D
    #4. We basically have quite a laugh together. It's a flood! :L :L
    #5. + Finally, you're a bloody great friend, ii can come you for anything + we will bang them out. :D

    - Aha. just about finished. One more thing though.
    If anybody hurts you dude. They better aware.
    Cuz ii have your back dude. Alwaays.
    Maaz loves this beautiful dude.
    + haas been updating: 21.11.08

    was here :D with her banana phone x

    Adam was ere xxx
    any1 mess wid dis girl ill have to kill em x haha adz was ere 9/10/08 loving this girl so much
    she the best ever with lillie ovi xx hahaha love u bbz (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L) :) :) :) :D :D :D :P :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ;) Charlieee braapp, :D .
    ..justin says you're one kewl, amazing bean in the hood eyy. :P ;)
    lmao, :L l0veuu dudeey, xxxx:D

    justin was ere 08/02/09. :D

    :D :D
    Derek was Ere cus he's cool n loves charlie loaaads :P
    and im cooooooool :L anywayz charlie ure an amazing girl :P
    woop woop x x x x

    1 Comment 254 weeks

  • iiloveyou Lillie (:

    From me to you. Lillie Gill.       
    Well this girl is a true bestfriend i can trust her with everything. Yes even my life.! We have had soo many goood times together. You have made me laugh untill my tummy hurts thankyou for putting up with me & listing to all my problem over these 11 years ive known you & even when were not sister i will always love you like one. You can always trust me and come to me when you need help :P . i love you Lillie Gill :D

    charlie babes :]
    just wanted to come and write you an essay on how much i friken love you. ! & thankyou so much for being there for me today. it really means alot babe and you cheered me up so much ( :
    & im always here for you too & don't ever forget that don't ever let anyone be nasty to your or make you sad because you deserve better than that and they'll need there heads taken to the doctor you really are beautiful and don't ever forget that. you make me laugh so much babes.. that little collum on your profile of all the things that make us laugh.. people probs think were nutters but they wouldn't understand because there not ROGGER AND RALF baby i really couldn't live without you. your a complete nutter NERD but i love you more than anything just the way you are . fanny wedge i love you so much dude best friends always xxxxxx

    Sweetes Thing Ever :) ii Just Dont Want To Lose It On My Comments :P

    0 Comments 257 weeks

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  • Jack Hatcher 12/22/10
  • Symone Crawford
    luv Symone Crawford

    I got a new celly! I got sum uggs. I got a crap load of cards and alot of other stuff!lol YAY!!!! I cant wait!!!! LUV YA!

  • Symone Crawford
    luv Symone Crawford

    thanxx sooo much!!! =] Most of the time I am! lol Love ya!!! 13

  • Symone Crawford
    luv Symone Crawford

    Heeeeeey! Yeah, I know! How ya been? I miss u too!!!! :( Idk if I have one........but my email address is sydivajoi@hotmail.com I love u tew!!!!! :)

  • Symone Crawford
    luv Symone Crawford


  • .EL.

    Hey i have a number but i dont know if it is rite. I'll txt u it ok x

    8/22/09 via Mobile
  • Supergirl.

    OMGG. TALK TO ME ON FB CHAT. NOW! :L miss youu. loveyou JAYNEYYYY xxxx

  • Symone Crawford
    Symone Crawford

    hhhhheeeeeeyyyy! :)

    8/15/09 via Mobile
  • Ryan.
    luv Ryan.

    oi oi sexyy!

  • Supergirl.


  • Supergirl.
    luv Supergirl.

    loveyou. JOEY ITS ESTEL :D rabarbababrbabalaba... tweet tweet. ;) xx

  • Darren
    luv Darren

    you dont go on this very much do you? lol hows life?

  • Symone Crawford
    Symone Crawford

    Whats the new facebook user name cuz it won't show up??!i<3my!cowboyz*

  • Symone Crawford
    luv Symone Crawford

    Oh yeahhhh babygirl! I love ya loads! Hmkay kool, I'll add yew rite now! My summer is going freaking awesum!!!!!! i<3my!cowboyz*

  • Stephy'
    luv Stephy'

    thankyou for the picture comment gorgeousss:) you & charlieee ehhh? ;) loveyouuu xxxxxx

  • Symone Crawford
    luv Symone Crawford

    Hey babe! I miss yew soooo much!!! What ya been up tew?? XX

  • Gawjus-Girlie

    Helloo Char! I Love You! Lol. =D <3

    7/20/09 via Mobile
  • Darren

    yay!! how are you??

  • Darren
    luv Darren

    heey!! its me darren (off omegle) you need to accept me as a friend!!!

  • Symone Crawford
    luv Symone Crawford