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you are amazing alex maguire ;)
Me, Myself, and I

Jessie Mcloughlin( :

i do believe that everything happens
for a reason :) ,add me if yeh want i dont really care:L

jessie mcloughlin
megan maguire
Best Friends Forever <333


The Other Half Of Me
Megan Maguire

Megan Maguire

Bestfriend. ! :*

dear jessica Mcloughlin,

you are amazing, your the bestest friend i could ever ask for and i really would be lost without yeh :O your beautiful :* you try to be funny but your not:L ob yeah are ;) i love the way you laugh at almost everything :L and the way me and you always hold eachothers hands look at eachother and then burst out laughin :P its quite cute i love our sexy dance :)) and by the way maryanne josey tilly boppins that lad you love ....yeh well he is pretty lucky ;o i love you so fucking much your my best friend in the whole world and i would rather kill myself than loose you , that box you have under your bed ye well never trow it out :D remember the time we actually could not stop laughin when we were up in your room with little sarie :L we really never stop laughin tbh :L rite well i may go and see what sort of condition my own page is in after you :L love you with all my heart :* by megan mega mouse maguire :*
love him<3



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  • :D

    Adam hackin here at 21:39 on the 9th of June

    hi jessie i just popped in to say hi nd dat u are so so SOUND danny was ere @ 02:29 on the 14:6:10 ceya bestoo xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Adam Kelly was here @ 00:42 on April 9 cya BESTOO
    And again back at 9:17 4th if may 18 days to my confo can't wait so cya biggest soundist legend ever

    Hey Jessie Guess who
    I just poped in to say HI
    Thanks for signing my journal I brought soo many memories back
    The good ones nd the sad ones
    Ur realli cool *hug* <--- special hug just for yhoo
    Cloud ( Claudia )

    0 Comments 161 weeks

  • Heyy

    Hey it's Adam Kelly just poped in to say hi too mi bestoo and read her mail she has non a wel sure I may go bak to my own page cya
    :) ;) 8) :L :P :B o_O

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  • My hacks:P

    Megans Hack: Heya fuckie :P i just popped on te say heya like dya no deway i noo yur password like cuz ya love me so much yew told me it:L i just want yuu ta no no i fukin love yuu yuu nd jazz are me best friends nd i dnt no wat id do wit out ye you are like a part of me im never apart from yuu:O i love yuu sp fukkin much hassher its un real no words can escribe my love for yuu :* :P :L well have ta go bate jazz yano:L By Megann :P :*

    Taylors Hack: Hiyaa Jessiee..Its Someone ..;Just Called In 2 Say Your Like One Of My Best Friend ....And We Are Msn Now To Each Other...Love You So Mch Babee..
    Lots Of Love Taylor Haaaaa...
    <3<3<3:P :O
    Time Got Hacked 00.20 On The 19 Of Feb..
    Now Love You So Fuckin Much Back..

    BTW ..Your So Fuckin Pretty..
    And On Msn Like Every Day To EachOther We Have This Big Fight Like About You Say Im Pretty And ii Say im Not And Yourr SO Pretty SO Dont Say u Are Not..
    iloveyousomuch :*
    Taylor......:* xxxxxxxxxx

    Beckys Hack:Yhuu Juss Gohh Hackedd At 21:39 On Thee 7-2-10
    Byy Beckyy Lynch
    Well Im Sittin Here Thinkin
    Of That Onee Personn Andd Really Sadd
    (L)oveeeee Youu Babee

    Leahs Hack:Babeee ! Its Leah :))
    De first time i start talking to you was on msn and i was like she realy nice i no were gunna geh along :D And de first day i saw you in white water i was like OMG padeee jessie is so pretty :O Anyway your pretty and werer getting along and hope we stay that way babe ( : So babe im gunna geh off yeah pagee i gotta hack padees page :P
    LoveeYouLoadsBabeee :*

    Jasmines Hack:Wello Hello There Jessie;)
    Jus Popped On Te Say Dat i WANT SOME FUCKING HASH :L :L :L Emm ii Lovee You Soo Fucking Much And i Never Want Te Loose Youu Ya Smelly Bitch ;) Youu Can Alwayss Puhh A Fucking Smilee On My Facee :D Your Soo Fuckin Pretty Likee :O :O Well G2g And Reef Out Megans Hair :L :L Loveeyouu Loadss:*

    J A S M I N E :D x

    0 Comments 173 weeks

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