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Kevin Ho

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  • Male, Luv 16
  • from 。。。。。。
  • Member since: February 2005
  • www.bebo.com/L3o_GoH
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
永不放棄!! NEVER GIVE UP!! =P


做人要膽大,心細,面皮厚!!=P =P
譚詠麟 = Medley 幻影+雾之戀 and 小風波 張敬軒= 断點, Hurt so bad!, 王光良= 约定, 童話, 李聖杰 = 痴心绝對, 等... 2003 後多數都係國語歌!!
最憎啲人... 賊眉賊眼, 古古或或!... 衰多口!! 冇大冇細!! 粗口多多!! 總之唔鍾意距哋既個人性格啦!! (@.@)
(Q^-^)o 功夫算唔算係運動啊? 學過下啦 , 有時間都會去健身, 打乒乓球, 桌球, 羽毛球, 籃球 等... 揾人做試反自衛啲野!!
年幾大咗, 已經冇乜娛樂, 娛樂漸漸減少, 大部分時間都係返工同返學!! 諗自衛啲野, 玩Flash 同劇場版啲音樂 ^^"
冇野禍!! 乜都唔驚!!

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  • Billy Lee
    Billy Lee

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    Colin Fong

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    Lai Lai

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  • Matthew Bunton

    nah im the samw no jobs yet altough ive got to go down watford in feb for an interview within network rail. nicks to go down as well but hes to go down the day before lol how unlucky. i dont think akib or mikey have found anythign either am not sure. think everyones mroe or less the same. u applied to much?

  • Matthew Bunton

    alrite kev how u dn bud? any success with jobs yet?

  • Matthew Bunton

    12 k! godsake no chance i would do that i dont think for tht price any masters wold be worth it! sometimes i feel its just your luck with the jobs and what ones you apply for. yeah every company requires experience these dayz its a nightmare i consider myself quite lucky that way. think im going to apply for the nhs graduate scheme. ive already applied for network rail their based right next to cally lol .

  • Matthew Bunton

    aye mate av registered for loads canny even remember the names of half of them lol. Masters oh thts quite dear int it ,would be worth it in the end though i suppose A whole year of studying would be crazy though. Yeh id probably try strathclyde or something if i was dn masters. yeh mate i still see mikey, nick n tht ,every1s the same i think still looking for a job. So where was that graduate fair mate? av not even bn to any yet lol nned to stat though.

  • Matthew Bunton

    alrite bud , yeah i just registered with a graduate website and uploaded my cv and that company phoned me up via the website. yeah i know it is a bit far i really dont know what to do. but me thinks ill be stayin put lol yeah if i dotn get a job by early next year im going to do the masters for sure. i dont know what course i would study though. c information technology how much would that cost to do, do you know? plus would you be planning to do it at cally or somewhere else.

  • Matthew Bunton

    yeah im finding it difficult too. however i got asked to go down for an interview down in bedfordshire! i have to call the woman 2day about it but im not sure what to do because its a big step moving tht far away! i really dont know what to do because although its far away it offers good prospects, its like a database control kind of job. if you register with graduate websites ul find them worthwhile. i might go back and do masters next yr . u thinking about going back at all?

  • Matthew Bunton

    alrite kevin how u doing mate? long time no speak. you having any luck with a graduate job yet?

  • Wing.

    Me back to school 2moro(n) Bet ur good at everything....lol Im good at nothing tbh Anyway ill reply ur comment 2moro because im away now Cya

    4/19/09 via Mobile
  • luv Wing.

    Hey:D My easter was alright, wbu??? Im only in 3rd year.....so yeah Snooker??? Not often and i suck at it but i was playing on Friday.....so yeah U good at snooker?:P

    4/19/09 via Mobile
  • Andrew Ip
    Andrew Ip

    LOL im guessin this comment was like chinese new year yeh it was a fun nite but so soz man.havent been on bebo and msn much these days was soo busy with uni work LOL but i do say both terry's and his dad's english are classic LOL

  • Wing.

    lol BAD BOY!!!

  • Wing.

    All the year 6 are in the same class now :) my teachers is the owner of lung fung resturant, i dno if u needa copy out five times b'cos i never had 0 points:P

  • Wing.

    yup stow year 6

  • Wing.

    Hi kevin, school's good:) urs?yeh i do:) why?