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  • App created: December 2007
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Send Animated Cards Customized with your Own Pics!
About This App
Cool Cards lets you send cool animated cards customized with your own pics. This app even reminds you of upcoming Birthdays and Holidays. Send a Thank You for a party, congratulate your BFF or send your friends some Holiday love.

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  • Hot New Cards

    Hey Cool Cards Fans!

    We have some *Hot New Cards* to make your summer sizzle:

    Mamma Mia!
    The Broadway hit Mamma Mia! is finally in theaters and is starring Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Meryl Streep. Share in the celebration by sending a Mamma Mia! Cool Card.

    Are you with Batman or Joker? Are you a super hero or a menace to society? Make a statement about whose side you’re on with our two new cards that celebrate The Dark Knight coming to theaters.

    Stay Cool!
    The Cool Cards Team

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  • New stuff added to the app on Friday (2/8/08)

    Hey Cool Cards fans -

    On Friday night, we updated Cool Cards with some cool (pardon the pun!) stuff we hope you'll love.

    You can now:

    --Set up a card as "open" or "closed". An open card means that anyone on Bebo can check out your card, sign it and get all the messages. So send that someone special a card for her birthday from you and your friends today!

    --See who has opened your card. Just open up the Recipients List on your Card Page and look for the opened envelope next to your recipients' names. (This will work for all new cards.)

    --More easily find out about the new cards you've received - just look for the big "New" indicator on your Profile or on your My Cards page to see which cards you haven't opened yet.

    We've also improved the speed of our application a bit - we hope this makes your experience even better!

    Let us know what you think!

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  • Use your favorite image as a card!

    We have a new card that lets you upload your favorite image and sends it out to your friends as a card. Just click on Send a Card and then select the card that has a solid gray background. You can then just upload an image, write your text, and send it out!

    0 Comments 288 weeks

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  • Mary McDonald

    whats up cant send a card ???????????????????????//

  • Susie


  • Eddie

    http://i1.bebo.com/047b/10/mediuml/2... Kate Beckinsale birthday is july 26 not july 27

  • Gangster

    look at they are doing to you: bit(dot)ly/TdNVN look at they are doing to you: bit(dot)ly/TdNVN look at they are doing to you: bit(dot)ly/TdNVN

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee

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  • Jenny Lawson
    luv Jenny Lawson

    Why is it not working?

  • Conor D

    he hi ho hom hep how how bo so cold tonigh cool cards in red lolo lolollolololololololololololololol  olololo lollololololololololollolololoollo  lolo lo l o l o lolo lo lo l olo lo lololololololo lo lolo lol mat

  • Kyle S

    BTW the card thing isnt working i tried it and it doesnt save it it just comes up with errors

  • Ginger is cool
    Ginger is cool

    RedHeads Are Cool Add US :)

  • Hayden.
    luv Hayden.

    love for a love for a love for a love for a love for a love love u love

  • Georgiana

    best app going (:

  • Altern Eight
    Altern Eight

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  • luv Lisa Maher

    Any time you want my dear xxxx

  • Rach.

    Heyyyyy Long Time No Comment :D Howz You? Scribble Back Rach xx

  • Vicky

    wat use talkin bou ireland an england for???? ahaha guoon the irish woop woop dublin all the way.................

  • Chi Kitory
    Chi Kitory

    What the hell mate.. Fuck off... ╔═══╗♫ ║███║ ║ ( o ) ║ ╚═══╝