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Donna Healy

is it true bebo is been deleted ?

4/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Killala
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  • Member since: April 2006
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About Me

fun roadtrip to sligo with the girls (: the magic road freaky i tell ya...
Me, Myself, and I

- Donnerrr/Donald/Donaldinho
18 years LEGAL o_O
leavin cert

I Used To Be NORMAL..
Untill I Met Those LOSERS I Call My BEST Friends!!

The Other Half Of Me
Orla Jackson

Orla Jackson

u shud c er other half (; xxx

friends . family(most of the time) . music . skins . 90120 . home and away . malibu . going out . having money .
achill aka jamaica
shannen my hand buddy ;) i brought her all the way up the mountain and she forgot half the tent:L bryan and the morning canoeing, oh if looks could kill :L :L laura nearly breaking her nose just to get a hung off me ;o me and laura trying to teach everyone hoedown throwdown :P the night after climbing the mountain aileen and karen decided to get hiper at like 2 in the morning "shut up or il seperate the pair of ye":L has to be the best 3 days ever :L
will never forget that day thanks to karen aileen and elaine.:DD ooh and ofcourse roberts jeep :P
leaving cert

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  • bordom

    Who is someone that can always make you laugh? all the girls
    What were you doing at 10am this morning? in skul
    What were you doing an hour ago? skul
    Do you plan on moving within the next year? if i go to collage
    Are you wearing anything on your feet?socks
    What are you looking forward to in the next 3 months? christmas my bday :D london
    Do you remember your dreams? sometimes
    Where did your last hug take place?eh at skul
    Have you been to a baby shower? nope
    What cell phone company do you use?o2
    What color is your hair brush?black
    Do you watch the Super Bowl? no
    What about World Cup?ya
    Do you sleep with a teddy bear? no
    What is the last movie you watched? new moon
    What movie do you think everyone should watch? twilight, new moon, oh the hurricane
    What is your middle name? Jacqueline
    Do you have your future children's names picked out? No
    What color is your mailbox? eh i dno
    Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? Home from skull yes
    What brand is your computer printer? hp
    How many cars can fit in your driveway? i dno a few
    Who was your Kindergarden teacher? i dno
    Are you taller than your mom? i am
    Do you have any bruises right now? eh ya on my knees and few other placses :P
    Are you cold right now? yes
    Do any of your close friends have kids? nooo
    Do you know anyone who is pregnant right now? eh i dont think so
    How many years older and younger than you are you willing to date? dont go for younger
    What is the closest red object to you? carpet
    Do you have an iPod or Mp3 player?. yes
    Who was the last person in your bedroom?eh me unless someone was in it while i was at skul
    What are your plans for this weekend? eh i dno town
    Have you ever crawled through a window? Ya
    When was your last encounter with the police?eh i dno
    Do you sing in the shower? ya
    Do you always wear your seatbelt in the car? yes

    Have you kissed someone with braces? i dont think so

    You find out your ex is having a kid with someone you don't like you say? no
    You find out your pregnant? wdh?

    If you could change your eye color what would it be? i like been blue eyed

    Have you ever had a surprise birthday party? no

    What was the last thing that made you laugh? shannen

    Could you stay in the same relationship for over a year? i dno prob
    Do you have a hard time admitting you're wrong? not really

    Do you have any tattoos? not yet
    When is the last time you had pasta? yesterday

    Whats going on with you and the person you last kissed?nutn

    Who are you dating? no one

    Have you ever kissed underneath the stars? prob

    Would you take someone back who cheated on you? No

    What is your least favorite season? I duno..autumn?

    How long would it take to walk to the nearest McDonald's? jesus days

    How long would your hair be if you cut off ten inches? very short

    Does it matter to you if your boyfriend/ girlfriend drinks? Noo

    Next time you'll kiss someone? dno

    Does it make you mad when people stare at you? depends

    Who was the last person you talked on the phone with? caoimhe

    0 Comments 189 weeks

  • .

    Q. What was your first impression of number 7?
    she seems nice :)

    Q. What do you like most about 5?
    the way i'm the only person she wont hurt :P

    Q. How did you meet 10?

    Q. Do you think 2 would kill someone?
    if they got on the wrong side of her :P

    Q. Is 1 your best friend?

    Q. How long have you known 11?
    since we were like 5 ..

    Q. Have you seen 3 naked?
    maybe ;) :P

    Q. Whats the last thing you did with 2?
    went to the pub :)

    Q. If you could give anything to 10 what would it be?
    have her babies :P

    Q. Would 6 and 2 make a good couple?
    NO haha

    Q. If 1 was a crayon what colour would he/she be?
    ehhh, something bright like ORANGE!:P :P

    Q. Have you ever been to 3's house?
    i have ;)

    Q. Whens the next time you will see 9?
    tomorrow at the 6in the morning :Z

    Q. Are you close to 7?
    quite :)

    Q. Do you get on well with 4?
    yeah shes my sister kinda have to

    Q. Have you ever been to the movies with 12?
    prob morethan likly

    Q. Whats 4's house like?
    its my house

    Q. Have you ever been angry with 11?
    prob but cant member what bout

    Q. Would you ever make a move on 6?
    eh no i dont do insest

    Q. What do you and 2 talk about the most?
    everything and anything

    Q. Have you ever dated anyone in your top friends?

    Q. How is your relationship with 5?
    eh, good..!

    Q. How long have you known 1,9 and 2?
    6 years :DD , 13 years ;) , 6years :)

    Q. Would you ever consider having a relationship with 14?
    eh, NO :L

    Q. Do you think 1 has feelings for you?
    haha i wonder sometimes :P

    Q. How much do you love 1-16?
    very muchhh

    0 Comments 201 weeks

  • :)

    fully honest
    40 Secrets About Yourself.
    Be honest no matter what.

    [One] Who was your last text from?

    [Two] Where was your picture taken?
    Some night out lushing

    [Three] what is your middle name?

    [Four] Your current relationship status?

    [Five] Does your crush like you back?

    [Six] Whats your current mood?
    Tried :Z

    [Seven] What's your mum's name?

    [Eight] What color shirt are you wearing?
    Pink :D

    [Nine] Whats Your Race?

    [Ten] If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
    eh no

    [Eleven] Do you like drinking tea?
    i do :DD

    [Twelve] Did you ever have a near death experience?
    no i dont think so

    [Thirteen] Something you do a lot?
    Laugh Smile talk

    [Fourteen] What type of underwear are you going to wear for the next week?
    What ever is clean :L

    [Fifteen] Who can you tell anything to?
    my good friends

    [Sixteen] Name someone with the same birthday as you?
    i dno

    [Seventeen] When was the last time you cried?
    cant member

    [Eighteen] When was the last time you laughed so much you cried?
    today when laura kneed her self in the face :L

    [Twenty] What's the first things you notice about the opposite sex

    [Twenty-two] What's your biggest secret?
    i dont think that i have one

    [Twenty-three] Favorite color?
    Orange pink purple

    [Twenty-five] Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
    ya :P

    [Twenty-six] What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
    nothing for once

    [Twenty-seven] Do you speak any other language?
    french irish

    [Twenty-eight] What's your favourite smell?
    hmmmm.... coco channel, hugo boss

    [Twenty-nine] Describe your life in one word what would it be?
    Oh itsjust SOO xcitin :P

    [Thirty] Have you ever kissed in the rain?
    I have

    [Thirty-two] What are you thinking about right now?
    that i'm hungry and thinkin what to do at the weeknd

    [Thirty-three] What should you be doing?
    doing homework

    [Thirty-four] Who was the last person that made you angry?
    eh mrs mc cormack bitch told me to stop ywaning WDF >:( reck

    [Thirty-six] Do you like working in the yard?

    [Thirty-even] If you could have any last name in the world, what would it be?
    i dont mind the one i have

    [Thirty-eight] Do you act differently around the person you like?

    [Thirty-nine] What is your natural hair color?

    [Forty] Who was the last person to make you cry?
    i dno

    0 Comments 202 weeks

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50 Questions

Name: Donna
Age: healy
Ethnic Background: ya what?
Birthplace: castlebar
Current Location: sittingroom
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blondish
Siblings: 2
Kids: nun
Pets: dog
Occupation: student
Car: no :(
Tattoos: not yet
Piercings: 3
Birthmarks: nun
Are you in love: nope
Their name: ,
How long have you been together: .
How did you meet: .
Do they feel the same way: .
How do you know: .
How long will it last: .
Last movie you saw
Last store you have been in: dunnes
Last restaurant you ate at: cafollas funny times
Last car you drove: dads van ha
Last person you talked to: babs
Last person you emailed: dont email
Last place you visited: sligo
Last thing you watched on tv: hollyoaks
Your current Education
Goal for today: i dont have one
Goal for this year: dont have one
What is you bedtime: anytime i'm tried
Who is your best friend: emma
Worst fear: dying
Next vacation: london
Favorite Holiday: barcelona
Last gift you bought: i dno
Can you cook: i can
Can you sing: i try
Speak another language: i do but i'm shit
Last time you cried: i dno think it was with anger
The last wedding you attended: oh jesus been years
Biggest turn off: i dno
Do you smoke: i dont :)
Favorite food: anything ha
Do you like Coffee: no
Favorite sports team: man u
Obsessed with: my phone
Ever got admitted in the hospital: no thank god
Any regrets: nope
What will you do next: bed i think

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