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Sinéad Flynn

met john and edward... edward said "I love you sinead flynn" Watch my flash!!!

12/27/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Flynns Lane...THE CHINESE KNOW IT!
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About Me

I'm gettin seriously obsessed with John and Edward...!!
The Other Half Of Me
Ruth Counihan

Ruth Counihan

my brother 4m the same grand mother :L

John and Edward Eminem Calvin Harris Akon Lilly alen Lady Gaga

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  • splash

    Wn r results gt givn 2 us
    We wnt hme 2 gt redy wit ou a fuss
    Aslings dad bot us a sholdr
    We hd 2 pretnd dat wed b sober
    Conors mam was vry serprised
    2 c dat we hd drunkn eyes
    We mde fun of a boy hu gt a D in pas art
    Sinead gt hi on d smel of his fart
    At the entrnce Sinead saw er tickt ws riped
    2 try & gt n she shwd dem er tits
    We wer pt n2 a rom ful of drnks
    We must have smelt like smely skunks
    We were reli craving a cickn royal
    wen we sw a boy in tin foil
    we wer puting n accents trying to be cool
    wen sudenly we saw mary a girl 4m our skwl
    we hd 2 ask every1 if dey hd a smok
    turns ou de boy in tinfoil hd takn a yoke
    Sinead & Aisling parted ways
    she was stuck hanin rond wit a bnch f gays
    trns ou Ruth ws as drunk as a slug
    hr mam tot she hd a tumy bug
    We didn gt 2 c daren styles
    we hrd he ws de bst by miles
    sineads heal gt stuk n d flor
    boys trid 2 help she lukd lke a hore
    por lil bary ws n a cr crash
    e dnt evn gt 2 go ta splash!
    by SIN & ASH X

    0 Comments 234 weeks

  • evri 1 do diz!!!!!!!!

    4 ppl who no me rite a memorie bout a time we spent 2gether even if it was jus for 2 secounds i wana hear bout it n i dnt care if it was a stupid time!PUT IT DOWN!!jst do it,lv yaz x x
    /'\._¸¸.•¤**¤•.¸.•¤**¤ •….*
    *•. .•** *mwah *!!*!!** ♥♥♥. **
    /.•*•.\ ¸..•¤**¤•., .•¤**¤•.*.*

    30 Comments 365 weeks

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    18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
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    8/3/10 via Mobile
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  • EllyBelly
    luv EllyBelly

    I shud i no...sure y u still goin on dis :L oh mucho chat needed bou friday...loaaaaadsa news :D

  • EllyBelly

    riiii :D texted ye make sure u save d numba....finally wha :D

  • Niamh Foley
    Niamh Foley

    I missed not havn the Oranges. Jesus we need 2 go out more together....its been 2 long sista

  • Niamh Foley
    luv Niamh Foley


  • Fiona D-Xx-
    Fiona D-Xx-

    Well if a see them again tell them Im their biggest fan

  • Niamh Foley
    luv Niamh Foley

    AW BABEScnt wait 4 2niiight:D

  • EllyBelly
    luv EllyBelly

    which ever twin it is looks like a handicap in your pic :L member in tomangoes the lil white lie we told bou u an one of the twins....ive a felin that cud be happening soon :O uuugggghh shudder! i no i have to get it fixed...havent seen u in so long...well only on the telly las week :L VELVET BABY AHHHH!

  • Niamh Foley
    luv Niamh Foley

    ahaha VELVETTTT BABY check out the homepage pic remember those days!! & Look this is wat we used 2 do evry midterm hahhahaa everyday

  • EllyBelly
    luv EllyBelly

    are we velveting wed?

  • Niamh Foley
    luv Niamh Foley

    I Think its Time we had "THE TALK" .. The "John&Edward Obsession" Is getting Unhealthy. We must Create a Operation Extermination To exterminate these Yellow Headed Brutes I Miss My Friend Sinead Flynn...& I SHALL FIGHTTT 4 HER

  • Aimee Doyle
    Aimee Doyle

    Heyaaa,,:)) I saw You On Tv Lasss Night:DD Xx

  • EllyBelly
    luv EllyBelly

    I had a dream las ni....and i attacked one of the twins.....it was awesome :L ill have a life supply of eggs and tomatoes at oxegen to mill at them also....will be even more awesome :D X

  • Fiona D-Xx-
    Fiona D-Xx-

    OMG. U met john nd edward. I luv dem. I saw ya all on de telly aswell. R so lucky:)

    2/6/10 via Mobile