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Gove Boy


4/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 116
  • from Nhulunbuy ay
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,040
  • Member since: December 2007
  • Last active: 4/29/10
  • www.bebo.com/Jersey772
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About Me

????.... Nope nothing Smart or Witty Comming to Mind... lol... To bad
Me, Myself, and I
HMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... what To say About me and My life........hmmmmmm... I guess u should try and find out ur self!!!!!
Alll music. gotta love ipods... meh
dont have a fave movie.... meh
BMX. soccor, tennis, motorcross.... meh
Scared Of
......... meh
Happiest When
when im with my friends..... meh

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  • Andrew C
    Andrew C

    I just snagged $779 in 4 days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://goo.gl/xVyBW You owe me one!

  • luv Emily'

    soz forgot the luv :D xx

  • Emily'

    yer its been pretty good idk jacobs number lol soz ill tell him to text u tho xx

  • Emily'

    heey has been a while hru xx

  • luv Kate

    hey lifes very up and down atm ae. how u? xo

  • luv Emily'

    heyy howz it goinn

  • luv Kate

    lol no probs =] wat u been up 2? i had my ball in the wknd, was freaken amazin! :D

  • luv Emily'

    heyy hru

  • 8/6/09
  • luv Kate

    haha awsome! man the weather is so gay atm i got soacked at school =[ lol. how u been?

  • luv Kate

    um im going to go to the NZ broadcasting school in Christchurch and study radio broadcasting =] thats if i get in, its super hard to get into.

  • luv Emily'


  • luv Kate

    ohh yeah ok then haha. guess what i found out what im going to do when i leave school!

  • luv Kate

    haha aw y u living by yourself? y not flat with other people? x

  • luv Kate

    =] the prduction? it was a murder mystery type thing. yay its school holz atm, sweet ay, 2wks of nothing! haha cept its gay coz its sunny but real super cold. lame eh. xo

  • luv Kate

    haha yeah twice! lol its pretty sweet tho ae for our first project in the subject. haha u no i do =] lol i just got home from my school production that im in,, it went so well nd was soo funny, im so happy tho coz a couple of days ago it was a pile of crap haha =]

  • luv Kate

    haha awesome lol you should watch the music vid i made at school its pretty ace haha the links on my page =] miss ya!

  • Kate

    hahaha one day when i have extra credit on my fone i will listen to the voice mail.. wat u been up 2 lately??? xo

  • luv Kate

    lol. so why did u call me sooo super early in the morning haha i have no credit on my phone to check my voice mail =[ lol u actualy have to come visit me one day, i miss ya! xxxooo