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Iain Macpherson

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  • Male, 22, Luv 36
  • from Heaste...Party Central ! ! !
  • Last active: 11/28/12
  • www.bebo.com/Mr_Hasting
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Me, Myself, and I
Alright im Iain and i live in skye Party Central...! ! !
Im An Apprentice Joiner still got a year left before im am qualified.
enjoy my page
any thing
any thing
Football, Shinty, Water Polo, Volleyball, and support RANGERS and MAN UNITED
Scared Of
Ghosts Seen Loads Of Them Freak Me Out!!!!!!!!
Happiest when
out drinken wit ma m8s!!!!!!
Ma Favourite drink
miller, fosters, morgans and soco

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  • do it 4 a laf?

    My name:
    Where did we met:
    How long have u known me:
    Wen you 1st saw me wat ws ur impression?:
    wens my bday
    wa colour hair do i have:
    Hav u ever had a crush on me?:
    Wat is the best feature bout me?:
    Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?:
    Would you consider me a friend or a good friend:
    If there was one good nickname for me what would it be?:
    Wat woud u give me out of 10 for personality?
    Wat woud you give me out of 10 for loks?
    Wat anoys u most about me?
    Do u tink i am funny?
    If u coud do 1 ting to me wat woud it b?
    If u coud go anywere wit me were woud it b?

    6 Comments 354 weeks

  • things i h8 bout people

    so stupid but every1 duz it eh........
    Things I hate about everybody....

    1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time....I know where my watch is pal, where the f*ck is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?

    2. People who are willing to get off their arse to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.

    3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". F*cking right! What good is a cake if you can't eat it?

    4. When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the f*ck would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they?

    5. When people say while watching a film "did you see that?". No tosser, I paid 10 quid to come to the cinema and stare at the f*cking floor.

    6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?". Didn't really give me a choice there, did you sunshine?

    7. When something is 'new and improved!'. Which is it? If it's new, then there has never been anything before it. If it's an improvement, then there must have been something before it.

    8. When people say "life is short". What the f*ck?? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever f*cking does!! What can you do that's longer?

    9. When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks, "Has the bus come yet?". If the bus came would I be standing here, Knobhead?

    10. People who say things like 'My eyes aren't what they used to be'. So what did they used to be? ears, Wellington boots?

    11. When you're eating something and someone asks 'Is that nice?' No it's really revolting - I always eat stuff I hate.

    12. People who announce they are going to the toilet. Thanks that's an image I really didn't need.

    13. McDonalds staff who pretend they don't understand you unless you insert the 'Mc' before the item you are ordering.....It's has to be a McChicken Burger, just a Chicken Burger you get blank looks. Well I'll have a McStraw and jam it in your McEyes you f*cking McTosser.

    14. When you're involved in a accident and someone asks 'are you alright?' Yes fine thanks, I'll just pick up my limbs and be off

    0 Comments 354 weeks

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  • Elysha Castelli

    You have to check this out http://alturl.com/7td9x

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Jenee Veth

    hey i am lonely and look to meet someone. Come chat with me http://twurl.nl/igg1rj look me up Hope to see you. angie love

    8/7/11 via Mobile
  • Kevothe Real Dealmackinnon

    Alrite knobber whats th crak?u stil trying b a joiner!?x

    2/11/10 via Mobile
  • Zoe C
    Zoe C

    Place- Glenelg hall Date- Sat 5th Time- 8-9ish Dress code- Fancy dress Drink- Bring ur own xxx

  • Sarah Stuart
    Sarah Stuart

    Aw was it not! I havent been doing anything in the holidays really, but they've passed far too quickly! lol! No i didnt go to belladrum...no money! Lol! Did you go? xxxxxxxxxx

  • Chris Nicolson
    Chris Nicolson

    wot u sayin, wots the crak ??

  • Morvern

    4 Years Crikey! Thats A LONG Time! Aww Well Hope To See You Out Will Give You A Wee Text And Let You No If I Shall Be Attending Tomorrow :D First Night Off In Ages So Just Catching Up On All My Tv Programs :D Whats Doing With You? Na Never Use It Anymore Dont No Why I Still Have It, Havent Been On In Years Ha. Love You Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Morvern

    Nice. Eh Maybe Maybe Again It Depends On The Weather? You Out? How Longs Your Course? Love You Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Morvern

    Are You Really :D Might Head Up For A While If It Stays Dry. Yeah Just Back For Dad Fun Fun. You Still In College Mr? Love You Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Morvern
    luv Morvern

    Hey My Love. Im Good Thanks.:D I No Its Been A While?.. How Have You Been? Im In Skye Now Here For An Other Two Or Three Weeks Then Its Goodbye Again. :( Whats Been Doing With You? Love You Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kate MacDonald
    luv Kate MacDonald

    Hey stranger, how you doing? You out this weekend? xxxxxx

  • Chris Nicolson
    luv Chris Nicolson

    arite bud how do ?? wots been crak ?

  • El Gimpo
    luv El Gimpo

    ortie bud long time no speak how u doin? send me ur number a dont think av got it anymoreX

  • Sarah Stuart
    luv Sarah Stuart

    Hey, im good thanks! Hows you? Not much atol, what about yourself? Yea i did go but only on the Sunday. Did you go? x x x x x

  • Carson
    luv Carson

    ryt big man whts crkin with ya.wb

  • Morvern
    luv Morvern

    All My Love To You Iain. Always Here For You. I Love You Man Xxxxxxxxx

  • Morvern
    luv Morvern

    Hey Beautiful. I No its Been So Long :( Where Have You Been All My Life? Oh Just Work Work :( What About You? Hopefully Yeah :D Are You?:D Been Shopping All Weekend Was Fun Fun :P You Out Last Weekend? Any Gossip For Moi Retard?:P Love You Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv CK

    cheers for lukin after me iain was a total st8 xxx

  • Charlotte M
    Charlotte M

    Long time no talk or see lol hws u anyway?? U still got the sme num?? Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    3/5/09 via Mobile