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Anybody els see that bright thing in the sky today?

3/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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Too wierd to live, Too rare to die!
Me, Myself, and I
my life eh.... il let yas no when i figure it out.
oh i think i got it! wait.... no, its gone dam!

<< Have to say, didnt think he would actually do it! and an €80 fine!

Raoul Duke
Our trip was different. It was to be a classic affirmation of everything right and true in the national character; a gross, physical salute to the fantastic possibilities of life in this country. But only for those with true grit...

Raoul Duke
And we are chock full of that man!

Dr. Gonzo
Damn right!
The Other Half Of Me


We are one..

Kayaking, Wind surfing, extreme ironing an anything fast!
Happiest When
going sideways!
Amsterdam 09
..Anyone interested??
My flash.
Blessington snow! ill finish it later..

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  • If your brousing and have nothing better to do, have a read through this.

    "what I’m saying.
    I realized that the bumble bee and I had a lot in common. We were both
    going about getting what we wanted from nature, but at the same time we were
    unwittingly disseminating the gene of one species and not another. The bee, like
    me, to the extent he thinks about this at all, thinks he’s calling the shots.
    The bee has chosen to go to that particular flower, breaks in, grabs the nectar,
    runs off, gets away with the goods. But we know that this sense of control the bee
    feels, assuming she feels it, is simply a failure of bee imagination. What is really
    happening is that the plant has cleverly manipulated that bee into paying it a visit.
    And in the case of the bee, the plant does this by evolving precisely the right
    combination and kinds of molecules—the right color, the right shape, the right
    attitude toward the sun—to gratify the bee’s desires. We know this from elementary
    or college botany. This is co-evolution, two species coming together to
    advance their own self-interest. They wind up trading favors, often without
    knowing it.
    So how are matters any different between me and the potatoes I was
    planting, or me and the marijuana plant I wasn’t planting in my garden? The
    plants, too, in those cases, have evolved to gratify our desires." - The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan

    So do we call the shots or are we being cleverly manipulated by nature?? Theres one for ya..

    0 Comments 230 weeks

  • Some interesting facts i came across, and you should have a quick look over..

    "Hemp prohibition is a political issue driven by big business interests and it's damn well time we turn these policies around through extreme civil-disobedience. Grow it everywhere, they can't get it all...
    Hemp laws are immoral.
    Hemp can save the forests, the planet and us.
    Prohibition laws create crime and black markets.
    Taxing drugs would pay for treatment of addicts.
    350,000 people die every year from smoking tobacco.
    150,000 people die every year from drinking alcohol.
    0 people die every year from smoking pot.
    Cannabis could potentially save .5 million lives every year in the US alone.
    The CIA is the worlds' biggest cocaine dealer.
    The CIA would rather you smoke crack than pot.
    The War on Drugs is a campaign of fear and mind control; a war on civil liberties.
    Stop political prison sentences in our time.
    Stop the promotion of poisons and the prohibition of medicines.
    Stop the lies.
    Tell the truth". - Taken from 'The Joys of an Herb Garden at Home; v.3' by '????'

    "Great Wars were Fought to Ensure the Availability of Hemp!
    For example, the primary reason for the War of 1812 (fought by America
    against Great Britain) was access to Russian cannabis hemp. Russian
    hemp was also the principal reason that Napoleon (our 1812 ally) and
    his "Continental Systems" allies invaded Russia in 1812".
    ".. so Why Has Cannabis Hemp/Marijuana Been So Important in History?
    Because cannabis hemp is, overall, the strongest, mostdurable,
    natural softfiber
    on the planet." - The Emperor wears no clothes, by Jack Herer.

    "Our Challenge to the World: Try to Prove Us Wrong! If all fossil fuels
    and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction were
    banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and
    stop deforestation; Then there is only one known annual renewable
    natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of
    the world's paper and textiles; meeting all of the world's
    transportation, industrial and home energy needs; simultaneously
    reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere
    all at the same time... And that substance is the
    same one that did
    it all before Cannabis
    Hemp...Marijuana!" - The Emperor wears no clothes, by Jack Herer.

    Any questions? any problems? Comment away to your hearts content! :D

    0 Comments 237 weeks

  • Anyone els ever wanted to know the words to this?!

    Born slippy- Underworld.

    Drive boy, dog boy
    Dirty numb angel boy
    In the doorway boy
    She was a lipstick boy
    She was a beautiful boy
    And tears boy
    And all in your innerspace boy
    You had
    Hands girl boy
    And steel boy
    You had chemicals boy
    I've grown so close to you
    Boy and you just groan boy
    She said comeover comeover
    She smiled at you boy

    Drive boy dog boy
    Dirty numb angel boy
    In the doorway boy
    She was a lipstick boy
    She was a beautiful boy
    And tears boy
    And all in your innerspace boy
    You had
    Hands girl boy
    And steel boy
    You had chemicals boy
    I've grown so close to you
    Boy and you just groan boy
    She saif comeover comeover
    She smiled at you boy.

    Let your feelings slip boy
    But never your mask boy
    Random blonde bio high density rhythm
    Blonde boy blonde country blonde high density
    You are my drug boy
    You're real boy
    Speak to me and boy dog
    Dirty numb cracking boy
    You get wet boy
    Big big time boy
    Acid bear boy
    Babes and babes and babes and babes and babes
    And remembering nothing boy
    You like my tin horn boy and get
    Wet like an angel

    You got a velvet mouth
    You're so succulent and beautiful
    Shimmering and dirty
    Wonderful and hot times
    On your telephone line
    And god and everything
    On your telephone
    And in walk an angel

    And look at me your mom
    Squatting pissed in a tube-
    hole at Tottenham Court Road
    I just come out of the ship
    Talking to the most
    Blonde I ever met
    Lager lager lager lager
    Lager lager lager lager
    Lager lager lager
    Mega mega white thing
    Mega mega white thing
    Mega mega white thing
    Mega mega
    Shouting lager lager lager lager
    Mega mega white thing
    Mega mega white thing
    So many things to see and do
    In the tube hole true
    Blonde going back to Romford
    Mega mega mega going back to Romford
    Hi mom are you having fun
    And now are you on your way
    To a new tension

    2 Comments 261 weeks

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Blessington snow 04/02/09

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    Sorry didnt make it up to the West tonight. Had to take my dog to the vets. Anyways, sort yourself out and choose a night for a night out in Blesso. Cant be this Friday tho, I'm babysitting. I'm saying it now cos Shaun is useless at organising.. So are u actually haha.

  • Lauren Lawless
    Lauren Lawless

    well HELLO... hw are u long long time no talk..

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    what up Al dude.....

  • Niamh Murphy
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    your page looked a bit empty!! poser..........:P

  • Short Circuit
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    Al Some Techno, Tech-house or Minimal? Next Short_circuit is 18th of July, in the Cellars of Murray's Bar (formely Frazers Bar), O'Connell Street. DJs on the night: JOD Jim Cowley Dar & Freeman Sam Hyland Plus live visuals experiment (visuals controlled by YOU) Drinks promotions on the night Entry €5 before 12:30, €8 afterwards Get us on Facebook here --> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dublin...

  • T A S H A

    were sopose to be moovin into a workers apartment when jenny starts workin for O'brians but we dont no if she can strt cos shes still sik yeno.... bu im sure u would hav some wer to stay cos ur not cumin over for a while are ya?

  • luv T A S H A

    heya dude... got offerd another job.. did u ever hear of california??? i dont even know were it is but the moo la sounds gud yeno haha.... poor jen jens not well her face swelled up like a big baloon ha an she cant leave the room 4 a week cos people might catch it.... so u bst get ur ass over here soon cos im a serious loner :( talk to ye soon :D xxxx

  • Leighann Curran
    Leighann Curran

    So the oul hair do is growing nicely.... glad you took my advice...now all you need is some facial hair to go with that and youll be only gorgeous... :L :L :L

  • Kevin Goode
    Kevin Goode

    alrite wats the story me 21st is on sat the 9th of may in the garda club in harrington street have an invite for ya in the gaff just incase i dont see ya. let us no if ya can make it either. sound talk to ya soon hope to see yas there.

  • David Gough
    David Gough

    check da flash

  • Lauren Lawless
    luv Lauren Lawless

    haha why thank u arent u just soooooooooooooo nice:L :L SIKE heres sum 4 u

  • Lauren Lawless
    Lauren Lawless

    hey hey havin a bbq the 24th thi month well mainly a piss up :L :L u no were i live so see there or be SQUARE:L :L :L haha