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Leavers '09 (L)

5/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 629
  • from I basically live in Brighton tbh.
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: April 2006
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About Me

I am pretty wisdomous.
Me, Myself, and I

   not much to say, but basically..
  i’m sixteen and i love New York City,
i hardly ever do anything on this anymore
 and my name is pronounced ‘sharla’
   so please say it right, thanks.

The Other Half Of Me
' Liss.

' Liss.

"it's like walking into a huge.. ice cream!" ;] ♥

       i'd rather take risks,
        and have fun..
        ..than be safe,
        and get bored.

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Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes - FOB at Brighton Centre

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  • I got bored, and it was fun on Facebook, so ;]

    you all know what to do!

    1) she seems dressed in all the rings.
    Vermillion - Slipknot.

    2) tell me baby; in the night, do you think of me?
    If This Is Love - The Saturdays.

    3) open arms to reach my hands.

    4) Jenny was a poor girl, living in a rich world.
    We Cry - The Script.

    5) good morning, son.
    Still Fighting It - Ben Folds.

    6) c'mon, lay down your head and sleep with me tonight.
    What If I Can't Get On Myspace When We Get There? - Attack Attack!

    7) I asked her to stay, but she wouldn't listen.
    8) this isn't who I am.
    9) it's so easy to see disfunction between you and me.

    10) watching for you, concieved with no eyes.
    Stay Captive - Still Remains.

    11) I took a bite out of a mountain range.
    Mountains - Biffy Clyro.

    12) you remember me from a better time.

    13) nervous, and you're tearing at the seams.
    The Truth Is A Terrible Thing - You Me At Six.

    14) I've been driving for an hour, just talking to the rain.

    15) staring at the carnage, praying that the sun would never rise.
    M.I.A. - Avenged Sevenfold.

    16) to you my friend, I send my best regards.
    17) wake up, my love.

    18) well, she never was the best at following the trends.
    Seventeen Ain't So Sweet - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

    19) these ideas are nightmares for white parents.
    Sing For The Moment - Eminem.

    20) all those dirty words that you said.
    Tigers and Sharks - You Me At Six.

    21) oh God, God, she's really done it now.
    22) I'm just a girl with the ability to drive a man crazy.

    23) kiss me, out of the bearded barley. (EASY ;) )
    Kiss Me - New Found Glory.

    24) here I am once again, just like a pack of wolves.
    The Comedown - Bring Me The Horizon.

    25) when the shirt came off, it was all in time.
    Sound Effects and Overdramatics - The Used.

    26) Something she left in me remains imperfect.
    We're Gonna Have Us A Champagne Jam - Chiodos.

    27) rain down, rain down, let it cut to the bone.
    Fashion Conscious Suicide - The Blackout.

    28) listen up sweetie; we all know that you're a beautiful girl in this horrible world.
    Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses A Fork? - Chiodos.

    29) so long before you stood so long at my door.
    So, In This Hour... - The Rocket Summer.

    30) if I were a boy, even just for a day.
    If I Were A Boy - Beyonce.

    31) the best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting.
    Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade.

    32) never thought that I'd be the one to say I've had enough.
    Going Through The Motions - McFly.

    33) don't mean to scare you but I've not been sleeping lately.
    34) he walks into a crowded room.
    35) remembering the time I was yours.

    36) I had the notion that you'd make me change my ways.
    All Hail The Heartbreaker - The Spill Canvas.

    37) prison gates won't open up for me.
    Savin' Me - Nickelback.

    38) your face is everywhere I go now.

    39) I probably shouldn't say this, but at times I get so scared.
    7 Things - Miley Cyrus.

    40) I've been awake for a while now, you got me feeling like a child now.
    Bubbly - Colbie Caillat.

    41) well, this hurts me more than I can stand to say.
    Walk On Water Or Drown - Mayday Parade.

    42) waiting for your, call I'm sick, call I'm angry.
    Your Call - Secondhand Serenade.

    43) and I swear that you don't have to go. (L)
    Three Cheers For Fi

    40 Comments 231 weeks

  • :)

    My Top Four Girls;

    Gemma Noelle Sarah Sophia Therese Rupniak..
    One of the most incredible people I’ve ever met.
    You say what you think, know exactly who you are,
    and you don’t take shit from anyone.
    I couldn’t love you more for that,
    because you always help me through everything,
    you give me the advice, and most of all,
    the honesty that I need.
    You seen me at my best, and very worst, I know this is cliché,
    but you've literally been my shoulder to cry on.
    School without your snoring just wouldn’t be the same ;]
    I love you so much.

    Elisabeth Ellen Parkes..
    Honestly.. we’ve been through quite a bit, haven’t we?
    and to think, it’s only been a year – times flies, tbh!
    But aside from all that, and the short amount of time,
    you’re honestly one of the best, most trustworthy
    and amazing people I have ever known.
    I can tell you anything and everything,
    and I swear we never run out of things to talk about.
    I’ll always remember our hysterical laughing / crying fits ;]
    Thank you, so much.. for everything. I love you.

    Amy Charlotte Blake..
    I swear, I could spend forever talking to you,
    we have so much in common it’s insane ;D
    There’s been ups and downs with us,
    and I wasn’t sure if things would be alright again,
    but we’re back to normal now, and I’m so happy about that.
    You really are one of the best friends I’ve ever had,
    and I hope you know how much I appreciate having you.
    I love you, and your incredibly spastic ways ;]

    Tamsyn Wilce..
    I can’t believe I haven’t even known you a year;
    it feels like so much longer, but then, not long at all!
    You’ve been there for me through absolutely everything,
    and I’m so grateful for that (:
    We can always have a good time, whatever we do,
    whether it’s drooling over Russell Howard in our slippers
    or getting completely and utterly wankered ;D
    my amazing fiancée; I love you!

    1 Comment 235 weeks

  • "And your eyes;
    you should see the way they glow when you smile,
    the way your laughter sets the world on fire...
    I take for granted all the moments that I’m with you.

    'Cause your beauty takes my breath away
    and I love it when im asked to stay,
    I'd bring you flowers every day to show you.
    It’s not your make-up or your hair at all,
    it’s the girl underneath it all
    that amazes me...
    And you are what beautiful is.

    And I recall;
    all the times we spent together in the park,
    throwing sticks under the bridges not too far
    I'd close my eyes and underneath my breath, I'd say...
    I'd say that your beauty takes my breath away.

    Today was long...
    All I thought about was singing you this song,
    and how you'd take it if you took it in at all
    And I really just want you to understand...

    That your beauty takes my breath away
    and I love it when I’m asked to stay,
    I’d bring you flowers every day to show you.
    It’s not your make-up or your hair at all
    it’s the girl underneath it all
    that amazes me...
    And you are what beautiful is. "

    someone sing me a song like that;
    you'll make me the happiest girl in the world. (L)

    0 Comments 247 weeks

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