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Elaine O' Donoghue

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo   im repeatin :( :( :(

8/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 101
  • from Killarney
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: April 2006
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du du dom dom du du, du du du....
Me, Myself, and I
i never come on bebo like hardly anymore :L

the rowers keep on rowing
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing............. are these days over ?

band practice rocks!!
band reunion???
nofx, Blink182, Scouting for Girls, Snow Patrol.. ammmm i like all music....
songs im likein at the mo... Adams song- Blink 182, Its the End of the World as We Know it- The Suicide Machines, In too Deep-Sum 41 Franco Unamerican- Nofx leaving Jesusland-Nofx
best film ever is Anchorman like its so funny! Dodgeball is another good film.... the saw films are the best! Shaun of The Dead is well funny... The Alien films are brill so is Predator, Alien Vs Predator is class ha omg step brothers
rowin...runnin... GO MUCKROSS!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!! go us!!! Me ash simz and mich won d all ireland champs.....ahem j16
Scared Of :O
heights im scared even thinkin bout lookin down off summit high ha.... also scared of 2k tests like dr just plain scary. noel.
♥Happiest When♥
With friends! or maybe sleepin in which i neva get 2 do ne more wit skool all week nd rowin on sats&suns @ 8am!! also happy wen rowin!!! its like a way of life!!!
♥♥♥My Friends♥♥♥
Well eres a few...... michelle, eilis, kasia, emma, aisling nd david, simonne da 2 bexs!! da daly twins!! If i 4got u tell me!!!!!!!! nd ill put ya up!♥
i hate the pres dont make me go back
The Other Half Of Me
Emma Looney

Emma Looney

emmy :P

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wheres my rent bitch

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  • You know ur a rower wen...

    Everything you do is "in 2.."
    You need to have a small pushy person around telling you what to do all the time
    You can get up, get dressed and leave before your eyes are fully open
    Yhe phrase "cox box" doesn't make you giggle
    You believe the world wouldn't exist without spandex
    You only recognise your friends from behind
    When you need to go anywhere, you have a sudden urge to throw your car over your shoulder
    Before you go anywhere, you are at Main 20 minutes early
    You stick water bottles in your shorts for no reason at all
    You feel naked without enough clothing for 10 people on
    You believe all authority figures carry a megaphone
    You sit in class leaning to your rigger
    Half your body is bigger than the other
    You blame bad moods on "the balance"
    Your friends need a rowing translater to decipher your language
    You can wear the same thing every morning for a week and not think twice
    You think sleeping late is waking up at 8.30
    When you sit down in class, you look for the tie in shoes
    You constantly check the tightness of nuts in chairs, handrails, door handles etc
    You bring up the beauty of dawn, and people give you blank stares
    Your vision of going away for the weekend is other people's vision of hell
    Overhearing people talk about how little sleep they get causes you to smirk
    You're giving directions to a friend and you say "turn to bow"
    You dress and undress one handed so you don't have to take one hand off the oar
    Everytime you sit in a chair you are mildly surprised to discover it doesn't slide back and forth

    1 Comment 327 weeks

  • DO DIS!!!!!!!


    5 Comments 331 weeks

  • Join My family!!!

    My boyfriend -**Bex Mulcahy**
    My mummy -**Eilis Fleming**
    My daddy -
    My big brother -
    My little brother-
    My big sister -
    My little sister-**emma looney**
    My uncle -
    My aunt -
    My cousin -
    My daughter -
    My son -
    My brother-in-law -
    My sister-in-law -
    My best friend - **shelly brosnan**
    My other best friend -
    My bit on the side -
    My niece -**katie looney**
    My nephew -
    My guardian -
    My sugar plum -
    My personal shopper -
    My fairy god mother -**siobhan fenton**
    My slave -
    My shoppoholic friend -**karen hickey**
    My sexy biatch -
    My wee tootsie -**jenny mccarthy**
    My lil cutie pie-**niamh collins**
    My lovely gurlie - **kirstie landers**
    My god mother -
    My god father - **aidan forde ***
    My siamese twin -
    My valentine -
    My chatterbox -**michelle fleming**
    My hot admirer -
    My messer upper -
    My cleaner - **kasia o' leary**
    My "gud at everytin"- **Shane McCarthy**
    Mi amiga- **Simonne Mccarthy**

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  • Eilis Fleming
    Eilis Fleming

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    Eilis Fleming

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  • Brian Cahill
    luv Brian Cahill

    I hear ur goin Pooning all wk, testin out de Poon in every college:D :D

  • Kasia O Leary
    luv Kasia O Leary

    ya my radiator fell off the wall so i had to sleep in my colombia jacket:L will that baby ever be born god dammit:L !

  • Kasia O Leary
    luv Kasia O Leary

    halo halo are arts students happy? is that for me?

  • Eilis Fleming
    luv Eilis Fleming

    Sure stay any time =] Cocktails sat night beor.... xoxox Hope school is just the bombdiggidy

  • Brian Cahill
    luv Brian Cahill

    Get yo ass up to Cork asap!!!!!!!:P

  • Eilis Fleming
    Eilis Fleming

    Corks savage i keep missing all my lectures tho... only had one proper one today... art history and twas pretty intense like. you should see all te recommended reading lists like its fuckin nutso xo

  • Kasia O Leary
    luv Kasia O Leary

    supppppp c u at the hostel

  • Eilis Fleming
    Eilis Fleming

    You can borrow mine :L Fuck it I thought if you've those projects done you could just forward them on...like we could with LCVP... Do it properly this time :D Why no spanish teacher? x

  • Eilis Fleming
    luv Eilis Fleming

    You'll be pleased to know so I got stung twice and the burgers were burnt ;) how is school young madam? studying hard I hope ;) xo

  • Rebecca Mulcahy
    Rebecca Mulcahy

    MET EIREANN there will be NO jellyfish in inch 2morow

  • Rebecca Mulcahy
    luv Rebecca Mulcahy

    :L you suck as a student mwahahaha b1 :P weel see how yooouuuu do now wont we!

  • TicketGroup

    Following its huge success last Christmas, the Rockbox Festival 2009 returns to the INEC Killarney with yet another amazing line up, gauranteed to keep the crowd on their feet! This event sold out in record timing last year, so be sure to get your tickets early to avoid disappointment!! Featuring performances from The Blizzards, The Saw Doctors, The Coronas, and Aslan! TICKETS ON SALE: Friday 11th September @ 9 a.m GET YOUR TICKETS FROM: www.ticketgroup.ie "The New Name in Ticket Sales"

  • Eilis Fleming
    Eilis Fleming

    sleeping during school elaine how could you >:( good night sunday? xx

  • Rebecca Mulcahy
    Rebecca Mulcahy

    :L your actually crazy :L thats quality research :L OBSESSED

  • Rebecca Mulcahy
    luv Rebecca Mulcahy

    Reindeer??? huh? rehearsal Weds?? :L