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in college lucy, beth&shanice- rockin' out the bebo page

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  • from Caaarrddiffff!
  • Member since: November 2005
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

ive made too many mistakes
said too many goodbyes
im still learning who i am
im still falling at every obstacle
but to learn you have to make mistakes
so life goes on
you go on with it
dont get left behind
'cause the only person that'll always be there
is YOU!
and unless you believe in yourself
no one's going to believe in YOU!

my bestfriends mean the world to me, with out them i wouldn't be me i guess (:
The Other Half Of Me
You Know

You Know

iloveherTBH! ♥ ffrindiau gorau!

charlotte marlow
and i guess to the left pretty much sums me up.
charlotte marlow baybee. shes a goldigga. and shes my peanutbutter got a problem with that then fxck you.shes a LEDGEEEE! we have like the best sleepovers eveeeeer! its peanutbutterjellytimeee mimimimimimimimim :B iloveyoubestfriendsxxx

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  • charlottemarlow!
    finished school lovely's ;)
    WHS 04-09! never gunna be forgotten! ('L)

    people call me a slag or a sket or whatever!
    it doesnt bother me cos tbh, im not one compared to half the girls i know so thanks buh just remember it doesnt bother me! cos i know what i am, and that im not! ;)

    -samlomasney shes more of my family than my brothers ♥
    -caryshawkey i could marry this girl! and any boy who wnats her watch it, gotta meet my standards first ;)
    -hannahmiller blooody legend! i love her tooo much for words!♥
    -terithomas has to be one of the best girls in my life, always knows when im down even if im not with her! and is always here for me♥
    -cerysbexon primary school best mate! cant forget this girl EVER!♥

    16 in less than a month people! theres a count down;) [moon]

    hmmm, music is my life! the one thing i can always depend upon tbh. gotta love it!
    (8) you hate becaus eim everything that you ever wanted to be! buh i dunt care cos i love the way your look ing at me ;)


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  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    i m o n b e b o! l o v e y o u!<3

  • Nath

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  • Nath

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  • Molls
    luv Molls

    i know we so should start using it again haha i just updated my bebo thats how bored i am :| i miss you like mad cause your on holiday atm but when you get abck we are going out kaaay iloveyou beaut<3333333

  • Hunterss.
    luv Hunterss.

    first love ive given in 3 years! :L xxx

  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    OMFG! im on bebo wooop wooop! loveyou forever&forever xxxxxxx

  • Molls
    luv Molls

    AWWWWWWWWWW:) (L) i noo i didnt no wee were friends when we haad bebo eitheer!:L i noo i miss it aswell :( buut we have fb and msssn wahaaay;) loveeyou tooo bitchfaaace:D

  • Dale Whelan
    Dale Whelan

    hiyaaa :D you alright ? what u been up too ? writee back xxx

  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    heeeey babes. you okaaaay? wubu2? sorry i ainrt been online. theres the love cos your the best person EVER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    loool, we had fuuun ;) loved that night babes xxx loveyou<333

  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    love you forever and ever never guna let go of you! the best times in my life <333333

  • Babee.
    luv Babee.

    loveyou babee xx

  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    loveyou babes . sorry my last comment didnt make ANY sence :P . xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    love for the love marlow ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Reeves
    luv Reeves

    heeeey baby. yeeeeh fab thanks:D uu babe? awr thankyouu baby<3 iluuu xxxxxxxxx

  • Babee.
    luv Babee.

    loveyou babeyyyy !!!<3xxxx

  • Babee.
    luv Babee.

    i love you million more breeeeeeeeeeh ;) xxxxxxxx

  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    I L O V E Y O U

  • Teeri.
    luv Teeri.

    loveyoubabes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx

  • Babee.
    luv Babee.

    hahahahaha!!:) yes i do love you LOADS ;) and yes you make me laugh LOTS ;) yeahhh it willl be VERY fun :DD yes i think they have tbh :L ! LOVEYOULOADS xxxxxxxxxx