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she doesnt care anymore. pure forgotten about likee(N)

9/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 50
  • from Keywurthh,, Nottiingham
  • Profile views: 6,605
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 7/20/12
  • www.bebo.com/KiimKiim0x
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About Me

1 step 2 step 3 step 4♫
Me, Myself, and I
Beauty therapist
Working class(H)

"Drop it down, raise it up.
Side to side, left to right.
Lick your lips, flip your hair.
Watch him sweat over there.
High heels, makeup, fake eyelashes.
Look at you, you're so damn plastic!
Acrylics on with orangey skin.
That Lipo really made you thin.
Tease it, spray it, make it big.
Your hairs so big, it's like a wig!
Your skirt is short, your top is low.
Speed it up, it's way too slow!"
love my boy
amy thorpe
sister, best friend. i love her yeah.
add me, im lovely (:

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  • KiimBurlee Needs</3

    I Need,,
    SomeOne Who Loves Me Uncondiitiionally,,
    Tells Me So,,
    Who Wiill Tell Me They Dont Want Anyone Else But Me,,
    And Mean It,,
    Tell Me Im Theiir EveryThiing,,
    Hold Me When I Cry && Make All My Problems Go Away.
    Protect Me Always.
    Feel At Least A Liittle Jealous When Another Lads Hiittiing On Me,, Even If He Is Your Friiend.
    Fiight For Me =]
    Tell The World How Much They Love Me.
    Over && Over Agaiin.
    Just So They All Know.
    Make Me Feel As Loved As I Need To Be.
    Guess thiis Is A Lot To Ask.
    I Know Im Not Goiing To Get It.
    But Seeiing It Wriiten Down,
    Makes Me UnderStand That.
    I Cant Cope Wiith AnyMore HeartBreak.
    If I Can Treat People Thiis Way,,
    Then Why Carnt I Get It Back?
    Im Not Sayiing Oh Im So Great I Should Get Thiis,,
    Becoz Im Not,,
    But Every Giirl Has To Dream Theiir FaiiryTale Riight?
    Heres Miine =]

    3 Comments 305 weeks

  • && Its Waht Yhoo Thiink,,<3

    1,, I _____KiimKiim.
    2,, KiimKiim is _____.
    3,, If I were alone in a room with KiimKiim, I would be _____.
    4,, I think KiimKiim should _____.
    5,, KiimKiim needs _____.
    6,, I want to _____ KiimKiim.
    7,, Someday KiimKiim will _____.
    8,, KiimKiim _____.
    9,, Without KiimKiim _______.
    10,,My memories of KiimKiim are ______.
    11,,KiimKiim can be _____.
    12,,The worst thing about KiimKiim is _____.
    13,,The best thing about KiimKiim is _____.
    14,,I am _____ with KiimKiim.
    15,,One thing i would like to know about KiimKiim is _____.
    16,,KiimKiim should go and _____.
    17,,KiimKiim _____ me.

    3 Comments 334 weeks

  • A n s w e r__<3-

    1. Wahts Your Name?

    2. Are We Close?

    3. Waht Doo Yhoo Thiink Of Me?

    4. Do Yhoo Have A Crush On Me?

    5. Wud Yhoo Kiiss Me?

    6. Descriibe Me In 3 Wurds--

    7. If Yhoo Had Me Locked Ina Room Fah 30 Miins Wah Wud Yoo Do?

    8. Waht Was Yhour 1st Impressiion Of Me?

    9. Do Yhoo Stiill Thiink The Same?

    10. Waht Remiinds Yhoo Of Me?

    11. If Yhoo Could Giive Me Anythiing Waht Wuld It Be?

    12. How Well Du Yhoo Kno Me?

    13. Waht Du Yuh Liike Best About Me?

    14. Ever Wanted Tu Tell Me Sumthiin Yhoo Cudnt?

    15. Culd Yhoo Ever Love Me?

    16. Giive Me A Niickname & Explaiin Why?

    17. Are Yhoo Gunah Put Thiis On Yur Blog && See Wah I Say Bou Yhoo?

    18. Anythiin Tuh Saii Before Yhoo Go?

    4 Comments 334 weeks

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  • One And Only Whiitey
    One And Only Whiitey

    Write back please x

    11/24/09 via Mobile
  • One And Only Whiitey
    luv One And Only Whiitey

    Aupp matee yooh okayy?? Wubu2? Xx

    11/24/09 via Mobile
  • Vickyy - Jayye
    Vickyy - Jayye

    hello babe you olrightt wuu2 i ent spoke to you in fuckin agess lol we need to meet soon miss you muchlie writee bkk lovee youu lotss <3 xx

  • Kerryanne

    hey hunni u ok and wat u being up2 r u comming out 2night wb kerry

  • SIr Joseph
    SIr Joseph

    hellllo ;) xx

  • One And Only Whiitey
    One And Only Whiitey


  • Phil - Saint
    luv Phil - Saint

    BOO! lovesyou xxx

  • Rachehh.

    lol,. Yesh she is insane,. :p Luff yooh byee

  • Rachehh.

    lol,.xx I remeber yuuh,. we told adam bout the time my sister pinned yuuh agaisnt the wardrobe coz u borrowed her socks :/ /

  • Rachehh.

    heyy,.xx u added me and r mates with my sister is dis kim orchard??

  • Amy-Lou

    safe safe hovis best of both (;