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Heather Smith

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  • Female, 24, Luv 101
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 10,131
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 6/4/12
  • www.bebo.com/pinkumbrella
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
There are a few things you should know about me:

The first is that I don't like bebo.

The second is that I'm a geek.

The third is that I am not, and would never be proud to be, a bitch.

The fourth is that I do not appreciate text speak when a Qwerty keyboard is in use.

The fifth is that I will never answer to the name Babe - I am not a pig.

The sixth is that I do care about other people's opinions of me.

The seventh is that I choose to enjoy life.

The eighth is that I think smoking is disgusting.

The ninth is that I am ultra-competitive.

The tenth is that my favourite book is Dr. Suess', "Oh, the places you'll go."

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  • Sworry!

    I apologise for my rather slow-ness at adding up the camping pictures.... I've been busy learning how to be a lifeguard! :) But once I'm back at school, having nothing to do, I'll up load them all.

    Much love to everyone.


    0 Comments 329 weeks

  • The reason why I'm failing higher english...

    Mr Sutcliffe is a sad, pathetic man.

    5 Comments 377 weeks

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  • Genius filmmaking
    Genius filmmaking

    "Hey Chuck! It's your cousin, Marvin Berry!"

    <---- Behold, my wondrous art skills!
    What a film.

    Well done, my wee genius, btw. Glasgow 2007, eh?

    Gracey Kane 0 Replies
  • hello :)

    hello there! how are you, long time no see l0l
    saw Izzy the other day - was so good to catch up

    Breige 0 Replies

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  • Nicholas Robb

    i dunno must be a mix-up! yeah this years pretty tough so far =\ hows singapore?

  • Nicholas Robb

    leave us high and dry in the SPAM assignment why dont you? three out of six of our group are in another country

  • luv Joanne.

    : ( you know i can't make no shorts. how about i just cut two leg-holes in a hat??? where the heeelll are you btw? thailand? x

  • luv Mike Das Traveller

    There's not enough bebo in our relationship xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love :)

  • Nicholas Robb

    youv got a bebo?! what a loser....

  • Mike Das Traveller

    hey dollface :D deregetory much? love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu seeing u in 2 hours and 20 mins xxx no love for u cuz i'm still last on your friends list loser

  • Joanne.

    Okaaay :D Em I'll be in Glasgow on Wednesday for an exam. Yay. Finish at 4? xxx

  • luv Joanne.

    Yay for Dr. Seuss. Can I have my bra back please? :D x

  • luv Mike Das Traveller

    hey babe :L your boyfriend misses you :( hugs xmx

  • luv Joanne.

    thank you for your clothes :D did they push you out the plane then? xxxx

  • luv Mike Das Traveller

    HIGH FIVE! not in the face... you have to learn! xxxx

  • luv Joanne.

    chocolate then, yeah? :L your hair is beeeeautiful. X

  • luv Joanne.

    Like the good old days :) Jeezo! Really? That would be really good actually - i can explain about the whole driving licence theft scenario. :L Still stuck on dessert. X

  • Shonagh
    luv Shonagh

    Hey!! not spoke in a while:( :L so thought id leave random comment. xox

  • Joanne.

    this week? c'mon we can do this! :L x

  • luv Joanne.

    Haha. Boob back! When are yi free madam? Birthday was great love, was in greenock otherwise i'd have dragged you out. p.s. sorry for demanding you be in the union. i'd had a few diesels and lost at pool... X

  • 2/16/09
  • luv Mike Das Traveller

    o aye, bumped intae kelly the day, u know, debates kelly turns out, buffett's on saturday, shocking innit? on when all the debates are on, who would have thought. aye, your boyfriend would have thought. honestly, it's a good thing you're so gorgeous and good at ******* my ******** with that ******** ******* straw thing you ******* before you ******* then with the ******* and ******* and penut butter ******ing. or i wouldn't put up with you. oj, love you lots really. and yeah, family guy rocks. xmx

  • luv Joanne.

    Aye! :] To everything! [apart from dodgy pizza] Not sure yet love, but as soon as i decide, you'll know aboot it. X

  • luv Joanne.

    Well up for a bit of the travelling lark again :] But this time we're arriving at the airport 3 days early :L I know! Mines was a disaster...looked all like shit and stuff, haha. Ooh 11th is my birthday [HINT] haha, so 9th or 10th is good for moi? Tell mark I have no labs. He is safe. X