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  • Male, 19, Luv 36
  • I am Down for Whatever
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About Me

The Trust Is Gone And I No Longer Feel For You
Me, Myself, and I
My names kieran i want to be a royal marine maybe an officer im joinin the reserves as soon as i can.
i write poetry so what ?
i fall in love easy so what?
im annoyin at times so what?
you hate me so what?
you want me back now so what?

Wind Your Neck In And See That Road
Jog On It


The Other Half Of Me



Grace 'the greatest' Carlin
Grace well shes hard to explain because she can be VERY complicated at times but i still of course love her to peices because shes my bestfriend 'EVER' me and her do have a funny friendship and we have only ever fell out once in like 4/5 years, it is true that i want to marry her because she is just the best and shes the only person i ever have said it to or about but shes like a sister to me and i never want to loose her as a person (so i cant take her into a crowd :P ) yes i must say i love her just a bit because shes the greatest and i couldnt live without her because life would be frankly unexciting and shit !!! :) :)
colin hay, good charlotte, blink 182, fall out boy, +44, eminem, nickelback, dj sammy, fightstar, the kooks, the killers, scouting for girls and many more i like a vareity of music from bass to xperimental everything as long as it doesent involve screaming some perfectly good lyrics
sports and me get along quite well i might be bad a 50% of sports but give a better try than most and eventually end up on top... of the floor so i like stuff from basketball to fitness i prefer military PT because its so much harder and pushes you to your pain barrier and through it you walk away hanging out but feeling fitter faster and stronger
comedy horror anything really as long as i walk away saying hat was worht £5.50 or i could watch that again
Favourite activities
Royal Marine Cadets, PT, out with friends, msn, facebook i also love going for runs a silly o clock

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    1. Whats your Name?
    * 2. Are we close?
    * 3. What do you think of me?
    * 4. Do you hav a crush on me?
    * 5. Would u kiss me?
    * 6. would u fuk me?
    * 7. Describe me in 3 words?
    * 8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?
    * 9. What was ur first impression of me?
    * 10. Do u still think the same?
    * 11. What reminds u of me?
    * 12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    * 13. How well do u know me?
    * 14. What do u like best about me?
    * 15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    * 16. Could you ever love me?
    * 17. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    * 18. R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    * 19. Anything 2 say b4 u go

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  • aww

    Girl: do i eva cross ur mind?
    Girl: Do you like me?
    Boy: Not really
    Girl: Do you want me?
    Boy: No
    Girl: Would you cry if I left?
    Boy: No
    Girl: Would you live for me?
    Boy: No
    Girl: Would you do anything for me?
    Boy: No
    Girl: Choose--me or ur life
    Boy: my lifeThe girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says...
    the reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind.
    the reason why I don't like you is because I love you.
    the reason I don't want you is because I need you.
    the reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left.
    the reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you.
    the reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you.
    the reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.


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  • those who have died in Iraq

    Kingsman Alexander Green
    Sergeant Wayne Rees
    Sergeant Graham Hesketh
    Sergeant Jonathan Hollingsworth
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Lee Hopkins
    Staff Sergeant Sharron Elliott
    Corporal Ben Nowak
    Marine Jason Hylton
    Kingsman Jamie Lee Hancock
    Lt Tom Tanswell
    Lance Corporal Dennis Brady
    Gunner Lee Thornton
    Gunner Samuela Vanua
    Gunner Stephen Robert Wright
    Corporal Matthew Cornish
    Corporal John Johnston Cosby
    Lt Tom Mildinhall
    Lance Corporal Paul Farrelly
    Private Joseva Lewaicei
    Private Adam Morris
    Wing Commander John Coxen, RAF
    Lt Commander Darren Chapman, Fleet Air Arm
    Captain David Dobson, Army Air Corps
    Flight Lieutenant Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill, RAF
    Marine Paul Collins
    Lt Richard Palmer
    Captain Richard Holmes
    Private Lee Ellis
    Trooper Carl Smith
    Corporal Gordon Alexander Pritchard
    Lance Corporal Allan Douglas
    Sergeant John Jones
    Sergeant Chris Hickey
    Captain Ken Masters
    Major Matthew Bacon
    Fusilier Donal Anthony Meade
    Fusilier Stephen Robert Manning
    Second Lt Richard Shearer
    Private Leon Spicer
    Private Phillip Hewett
    Signaller Paul William Didsbury
    Lance Corporal Alan Brackenbury
    Gdsm Anthony John Wakefield
    Private Mark Dobson
    Squadron Leader Patrick Marshall
    Flight Lt David Stead
    Flight Lt Andrew Smith
    Flight Lt Paul Pardoel
    Master Engineer Gary Nicholson
    Chief Technician Richard Brown
    Flight Sergeant Mark Gibson
    Sergeant Robert O'Conner
    Corporal David Williams
    Acting Lance Corporal Steven Jones
    Sergeant Paul Connolly
    Private Pita Tukutukuwaqa
    Sergeant Stuart Gray
    Private Paul Lowe
    Private Scott McArdle
    Staff Sergeant Denise Michelle Rose
    Private Kevin McHale
    Corporal Marc Taylor
    Gunner David Lawrence
    Fusilier Stephen Jones
    Lance Corporal Paul Thomas
    Private Marc Ferns
    Private Lee O'Callaghan
    Private Christopher Rayment
    Flight Lieutenant Kristian Gover
    Fusilier Gordon Gentle
    Corporal Richard Ivell
    Sapper Robert Thomson
    Rifleman Vincent Windsor
    Lance Corporal Andrew Craw
    Major James Stenner
    Sergeant Norman Patterson
    Private Ryan Thomas
    Corporal Ian Plank
    Sergeant John Nightingale
    Fusilier Russell Beeston
    Major Matthew Titchener
    Company Sergeant Major Colin Wall
    Corporal Dewi Pritchard
    Captain David Jones
    Private Jason Smith
    Captain James Linton
    Sergeant Simon Hamilton-Jewell
    Corporal Russell Aston
    Corporal Paul Long
    Corporal Simon Miller
    Lance Corporal Benjamin Hyde
    Lance Corporal Thomas Keys
    Mr Leonard Harvey
    Corporal David Shepherd
    Gunner Duncan Pritchard
    Private Andrew Kelly
    Lance Corporal James McCue
    Fusilier Kelan Turrington
    Lance Corporal Ian Malone
    Piper Christopher Muzvuru
    Lance Corporal Karl Shearer
    Lt Alexander Tweedie
    Staff Sergeant Chris Muir
    Lance Corporal Shaun Brierley
    Marine Christopher Maddison
    Major Steve Ballard
    Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull
    Corporal Stephen Allbutt
    Trooper David Clarke
    Lance Corporal Barry Stephen
    Sergeant Steven Roberts
    Sapper Luke Allsopp
    Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth
    Flight lt Kevin Barry Main
    Flight Lt David Rhys Williams
    Lt Philip Green
    Lt Antony King
    Lt Marc Lawrence
    Lt Philip West
    Lt James Williams
    Lt Andrew Wilson
    Colour Sergeant John Cecil
    Lance Bombardier Llywelyn Evans
    Captain Philip Stuart Guy
    Marine Sholto Hedenskog
    Sergeant Les Hehir
    Operator Mechanic Second Class Ian Seymour
    Warrent Officer Second Class Mark Stratford
    Major Jason Ward
    Acting Chief Petty Officer Simon Roger Owen

    All these Men and Woman have died Fighting for their Country.

    We will Remember them.

    all of you rest in peace you are away from the war, you have died soldiers, you shall live free thank you for your sacrifice and bravery
    R I P

    1 Comment 259 weeks

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close Which Scrubs Character Are You??

Which Scrubs Character Are You??

You Are Elliot Reid!!!

No one likes you. But that's just first impressions! Once people get beyond your initial...weirdness, they come to see you as a pretty cool person who genuinely tries, over and over if need be, to succeed in everything -- work, relationships, and life in general. All you need to do is relax a little, build up a little self-confidence, and maybe figure out what to do with that hair in your face.

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1.What is your name?

2.How old are you?

3.Who are your best friends?
Grace Carlin,Toby Lake,Aimee Cook.Amy Walsh

4.Do you have a bf/gf?

5.Are you happy with your life?
Some Parts yes others no

6.And your love life?
nope not at all

7.What's one thing you want right now?
her :\

8.Are you currently missing anyone?
yes really bad

9. have you had a gf/bf in the past month?
yes ... 2

10.Have you had a gf/bf in the past 6 months?
yeas 5..

11.When was the last time you went shopping?
last night with my mummy

12.What's your msn screenname?
Kieran Grace Carlin Toby Lake Simon Connor AdamClarke Polish say

13.What's your bebo username?

14.What phone have you got?
sony erricson w810i

15.What time was your last text message received?
bout 11pm last night

16.When time was your last text message sent?
a few days ago

17.What does the 5th message in your inbox say?
hey dude. miss you

18.Who is the 10th contact in your phonebook?
aimee cook

19.Do you get along with your parents?

20.How many siblings do you have?
4 brothers 1 sister

21.Who makes you happy?
grace carlin

22.Are your family close?

23.Are you in love?

24.How many times have you gotten drunk?
too many

25.Ever tried drugs?

26.Do you want children?
yes as many as i can have

27.Do you believe in yourself?

28.What age do you want to get married?

29.How do you want to die?
either in a gun battle in afghan or a explosion.. something memorable with the marines or doin sumthin stupid

30.What are your fears?
sorry whats that word there

31.What's your favorite place to go shopping?
99p store cheap sweets

32.Do you think you have ever been in love?
i am at this current momen

33.Answer truthfully, do you care what people think of you?
haha no

34.Have you ever punched someone in the face?

35.What are your views on abortion?
its wrong but in some cases acceptable

36.Do you smoke?

37.Who in your close family smokes?

38.Which do you prefer, pink or purple?

39.How many pets do you own?
pet nephew ? x

40.Do you prefer touch-screen or button phones?

41.IPod or iTunes?
dont mind

42.Do you own an MP3?
used to

43.Do you own an iPod?

44.If you do, what type of iPod?

45.Who do you get along with most, boys or girls?

46.And finally, have you enjoyed this quiz?
yes its been ok

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Mash Future
Your Future You are going to marry toby and drive a red aston martin The two of you will live in a Shack in kabul with your 4 kids. You will have a job as a teacher Your Future

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Which psychopath are you?


You are one of a few. Cold, cool and slightly insane. When you strike it's 100% success rate and you have never been caught. When people look at you they see charm a real gentleman/lady but if they knew what you had served them for lunch they wouldn't have liked you so much.

close Which Boxer Are You?

Which Boxer Are You?

My result is: Roy Jones Jr.

One of the Best Boxers Ever. You Taunt your Opponents in the Ring before Knocking them out with your Combinations of Speed and Power. You Cleaned out the Weight Divisions from Middleweight all the way up to Heavyweight. Legend
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You have a crush on someone! Crushing is a bit different than love, but it feels like almost the same thing. You think of that special person constantly, and your heart is full of hope and anticipation. Good luck to you!

close Are You Scene, Normal,Emo Or a fake Bitch?

What Stereotype are you?


Your Normal. You love life and your always up for fun! People� rarly talk about you behind you back and you intend to blend in.

close Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

January 4, 2012 - You'll conjugate the verb "love" on all tunes, on all modes. Yes, love will well be the greatest affair of your life in this moment. You'll know how to profit fully by the benefic astral influences in order to satisfy the aspirations of your heart. Do you like chance? Here it comes in a rather unexpected manner. You'll have a lively mind, easy conversation, and even certain volubility; however, don't forget that talking too much and talking to the point are not the same thing.

close What Armed Forces Regiment Are You

What British Army Regiment Are You?

Royal Marines Commando! (Per Mare Per Terram - By Sea, By Land!)

Royal Marines Commando. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. If Her Majesty requires them anywhere around the world they will please. As seen in the Falklands war they proved a elite force against any threat opposed against them. You clean up the worst bits for the foot soldiers!

close Whatt Type of Warroir Are You?

What type of warrior are you?

My result is: Spartan

You're no pussbucket. When it comes to battle, you dawn only a spear and leather breifs....because its all you need. Spartans are the decendents of Hercules himself, and onyl chuck norris knows better then to mess with a spartan.
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close What military position are you?

What military position are you?

My result is: Team Leader

Your primary responsibility is leadership in combat, requiring competence, character and skill. Squad Leaders take charge by synchronizing the efforts of their fire teams. Armed with the M16A2 rifle or M4/M4A1 carbine, the Squad/Team Leader accepts overall responsibility for the success or failure of accomplishing the mission.
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What is ur favorite gun?
what model are you?
Who's Your Perfect Celeb Mate?
Whats yuurh real name?
what will your baby girl look like
how interesting are you?
What colour best suits your personality?
What Rocky Horror And The Picture Show Character Are You?
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