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Stephanie Sykes

omg 2 years since I was on here last lol

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  • Female, 26, Luv 157
  • from castleford
  • I am Engaged
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
my name is steph lol i live wiv my bf and two gawjuss kids curtis an chloe in castleford . my bf is called stuart i love him to bits without him i wouldnt have my two beuitiful kids .
curtis is 4 and chloe is 2 . i love goin out an partying lol , and having a really good time :P
i believe u shud live life to the full u only live once. wat happens in the past shud stay in the past if its a bad memory and the future is wat u make it so grab it with both hands n enjoy life.
my kids r the best thing that has ever happened to me wud not change them 4 the world.
hi to every1 that nos me, 4 all the people the dunt no me im happy to chat wi u i do not bite or do i lol. if u want to ask me anything just ask.
love to my best mate laura we have grown up together since we were like 2 yrs old n bin thru so much together and im glad i went thru them with u.love to ur son harlie 2 love u both, dunt no wat id do without her.
The Other Half Of Me
Rebecca Sykes
well i love this ladd too bits iv been wiv him for 6 years kno and he means the world to me
iv got 2 kids too him and i love them loads too xxxxx love you loads stuart
i got a little boy called curtis he is 3 year old and i love him with all my heart i cannot believe how fast he has grown up :) mummy loves you loads xxx
my little princess is 1 years old bless her !!!! she"s mummys little darling :) she has a cheeky smile and a giggle to die for mummy loves you loads xxx

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  • about me

    100 Things About Me
    1. FULL NAME: stephanie caroline sykes
    2. NICKNAMES: rag shag doll lol
    3. BIRTHDAY: 13,11,86
    4. PLACE OF BIRTH: ponti
    5. ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio
    6. MALE OR FEMALE: Female
    7. GRADE:dunno lol
    8. SCHOOL: cas high
    9. OCCUPATION: Sales Assistant
    10.RESIDENCE: castleford
    11.MSN SCREEN NAME: steph

    12. HAIR COLOUR: Dark brwn n blonde
    13. HAIR LENGTH: long
    14. EYE COLOUR: blue green yellow they are like cats eyes lol
    15. WEIGHT: 8.2
    16. HEIGHT: 5.4
    17. BRACES?: Nope
    18. GLASSES?: yea
    19. PIERCINGS: no
    20. TATTOOS: 1 of mi sons name there will b 2 soon i need to put daughters name on
    21. RIGHTY OR LEFTY: Righty

    ___YOUR 'FIRST'S'___
    22. FIRST BEST FRIEND:laura
    23. FIRST AWARD: Dancing
    24. FIRST SPORT: dance
    25. FIRST PET: a fish lol
    26. FIRST REAL CONCERT: sheffield arena i was in it haha
    28. FIRST LOVE: stuart

    29. MOVIES: bad boys 2
    30. TV PROGRAMME: all the soaps haha
    31. COLOUR: Pink n blue
    32. RAPPER: dnt knw
    33. BAND: dunno
    34. SONG RIGHT NOW: h2o
    35. FRIENDS: laura my best friend eva pam ,jamie,liz, kelly n beckie is mi sis but r best friends 2
    36. SWEET: snickers
    37. SPORT TO PLAY: runing round after the kids haha
    38. RESTAURANT: for got wat its called stuart took me there 4 mi first date
    39. FAVOURITE BRAND: Dnt av a fav brand,
    40. STORE: Top-Shop, new look, select, River Island
    41. SCHOOL SUBJECT: art
    42. ANIMAL: dog
    43. BOOK: dont read really i like mi mags
    44. MAGAZINE: dunno i like lots
    45. SHOES: i like heals wen i am out but i like wearin mi trainers

    46. FEELING: fab
    47. HAVE A BF?: yes
    48. HAVE A CRUSH?: no i have mi man thanx
    49. EATING: alsorts haha
    50. DRINKING: tea
    51. TYPING: This
    52. ONLINE: yes obviously
    53. LISTENING TO:nothin at the mo
    54. THINKING ABOUT: stuart coz hes workin away, miss him
    55. WANTING TO: go to bed
    56. WATCHING:cramp twins with mi boy haha
    57. WEARING: jeans n an t-shirt

    ___YOUR FUTURE___
    58. WANT KIDS?: i have 2 a boy n girl not havin no more
    59. WANT TO GET MARRIED?: i am in a couple of yrs
    60. CAREERS IN MIND?: Dnt knw
    61. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?: Anywhere were there is sun haha
    62. CAR?: dunno

    63. HAIR COLOUR: Dark
    64. HAIR LENGTH: Short n or spikey, like mi bfs
    65. EYE COLOUR: brown
    66. MEASUREMENTS: dunno
    67. CUTE OR SEXY?: Sexy
    68. LIPS OR EYES?: both
    69. HUGS OR KISSES: Both
    70. SHORT OR TALL: Tall
    72. ROMANTIC OR SPONTANEOUS: Spontaneous
    73. FATTY OR SKINNY?: well built but skinny is nice
    74. SENSITIVE OR LOUD?: A bit of both is nice
    75. HOOK-UP OR RELATIONSHIP: relationships
    76. SWEET OR CARING?: Caring

    __HAVE YOU EVER...___
    78: KISSED A STRANGER? yes
    79. HAD ALCOHOL: yes
    80. SMOKED: Yes
    82. BROKEN A BONE: no
    83. GOT AN X-RAY: Yes
    86. BEEN DUMPED: yes boo hoo
    87. CRIED WHEN SOMEONE DIED: Yes every time
    88. CRIED AT SCHOOL: Yes

    _____DO YOU BELIEVE IN...___
    89. A GOD: not any more
    90. MIRACLES: Maybe
    91. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: yes
    92. GHOSTS: Yes
    93. ALIENS: no
    94. SOUL MATES: Yes i am with mine
    95. HEAVEN: yes
    96. HELL: for all the nasty fuckers yes
    97. ANGELS: every 1 that has past away r angels to me so yes
    98. KISSING ON THE FIRST DATE: some times
    99. HOROSCOPES: Yes

    100. IS THERE SOMEONE YOU WANT BUT KNOW YOU CANT HAVE?: no i have the person i want love him to bits always have done (love u stuart) xx

    0 Comments 277 weeks

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    Are you going to put this on your blog to read what i say about you ? =
    Anything to say before you go ?

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  • 'ShivyLouise

    hey nb ta wbu ?x

  • 'ShivyLouise
    luv 'ShivyLouise

    heyy :) x

  • LeaahSykess
    luv LeaahSykess

    if i were yu, id just leave it, they aint worth it, an at th end of the say, hannah is a slag who is gonna cheat on him anyways, then he'll realise he should have listened to me and matty, but ahh well, some people never learn. ino yure mad, it must run in the family :L love you lotsss xx

  • Bobbie-Jo Hall
    luv Bobbie-Jo Hall

    Hey gurl wats doin... well all going good for me with a nice guy by the name of mick he is rileys dad...I have been with him 3 months now n got a place of my own so yea everything so far going well kiya is 2 n a half now n talking good n riley is 6 months hell yea time flys i need ur addy for msn as i got internet on home full time so we can do our cam chats again i miss talking to u it took me so long to find u i swear i didnt think ill get ur addy again well anyways ill add u soon as i can n we start chatting on that peice out chick send my love to you all xoxox...

  • Mummy Kels
    Mummy Kels

    Hey Steph Dats Ok, i know wat that can get like Give <3 to kids Im doing Ok BabyGirl good, standing up, learning to roll, taking steps. Sooooo cute :D x

  • Joel Maloney
    Joel Maloney

    lol i will be careful

  • Mummy Kels
    Mummy Kels

    Hey Steph How are ya ? Its been awhile since i last heard from you, dont ya come on msn nemore? How da kiddies?

  • Holden Man
    Holden Man

    hi there how r use i better drop in n say hi lol talk soon

  • Natty R
    luv Natty R

    thanks 4 the love here is some 4 u xxxxx

  • Natty R
    Natty R

    hi ya i now i aint been on here much lateley me and the kids are great thanks hows yours ive been so busy doing bits and bobs ya now what its like been a mom lol xx

  • Steph

    Happy Birthday Curtis xx

  • LeaahSykess
    luv LeaahSykess

    hey steoh :) how are youu? how ar the kids?? and stuart?? dad never got in touch on new years. i told you he wouldnt. wot hav yoou been a-doin? w.b Leaah x

  • Kelly.D

    am fine thanx lv hows u??n hows kids doin??hows his little toe?? xxx

  • luv Lorraine Baird

    No ma last phone got stole Oct last year!! If ma pal gets babysitter yes, well if her boyfriend dont mind lol Thanks I hope it does too, would crack up if didn't lol xx

  • luv Lorraine Baird

    Ats good u had great xmas!! Aww kids love partys lol, hes same ages wi Aidy how time flies!! Oh fight broke out wi ma pal n her boyfriend one wk an she nearly got arrested I tried to calm her down but she started shouting at me Week after I lost ma phone which I ordered fa catalogue then ma laptop n hairdryer buggered. Got new one now which using Lets hope thats it for a while lol xx

  • Lorraine Baird

    Oh thats a wee shame, musta been sore!! Yes it was ok, seems to fly by now. How was urs? Nowt much, not havin much luck at moment lol, everytime go on nite out somethin bad happens think stay in house!! xx

  • Lorraine Baird

    Hey how are u, what u bin up to? xx

  • Stephanie Sykes
    Stephanie Sykes

    hey yea it was great kids loved it bless them