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Siaosi Paea


7/13/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 30, Luv 185
  • from Bateau Bay, Central Coast!!!:)
  • I am Married
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  • Member since: December 2007
  • Last active: 5/19/12
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About Me

Lulu Josyiah, Ngaloafe, Tevita & Baby Toa...We love you!!!!:)
Me, Myself, and I
>> My Mum with my youngest Princess Kalina Halahingano Paea.

My name is George Pasikala Paea from Ma'ufanga Tongatapu born down under.
Happily married to my Wife of 6 years Serena Paea from Glebe and have 4 Adorable childrens.
Da names of my 5 darling angels are Lulu Josyiah Wiremu Paea, Ngaloafe Veronica Paea, Tevita Isaac Paea, Lisitoa 'Ofa ki Moana Paea & Kalina Halahingano Paea.

Three most important things in my life is GOD, My Family and Work.

My family and I are soo blessed with the great work our father in Heaven has done for us! He has taken me and my beautiful family to Bateau Bay, Central Coast to live & has Blessed us with 5 kids. My family is growing stonger and stronger eveyday day for the lord has done good for us from the day we tied the knot.:)

The Other Half Of Me
Lina Paea

Lina Paea

My Wifey!! <luv>

Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Rap, R&B, Soul and Reggae
Matrix, Three Hundred, Fast and the Furious and etc.....
Rugby League, Rugby Union, Boxing, Car Racing and Fishing.
Scared Of
Don't know yet....
Happiest When
Coming home to my family and seeing the kids jump all over me.......:)

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  • Me, Myself and thy family...

    I'm the eldest son of Veronica and Lisitoa Paea from Ma'ufanga Tongatapu.
    I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers.
    I'm married to my one and only, Serena from Kolomotu'a Tongatapu.
    We both have 4 children and another on the way...:) 3 Boys and a girl....
    We got married at Mascot Uniting Church on the 29th of March 2003, we stayed at Botany Rd Botany for a year and then moved into my inlaws in Glebe.
    Resided @ Glebe for 4 good years and was blessed with 3 more children.
    I enjoyed working up in Sydney as a Truck Driver and Removalist.
    I'm a hard working man, husband and father to my family and friends.

    I hate office works for it puts me to sleep but can't complain if thatz the only option given.:(
    I hate having domestics with my wife... however, she'll always win whether shez right or not!
    I hate naughty children. I believe I was a little pest when I was small, but am hoping my children don't turn out like me... for it will be very disappointing.
    I hate liars, decieving and fake people.

    I am now residing in Bateau Bay, Central Coast with my wife and childrens.
    We're loving it very much and we're sooo far away from everyone else from Sydney.
    My elder son Lulu Josyiah is in Kindergarten at St. John Fisher Primary School, Tumbi Umbi.
    My daughter Ngaloafe Veronica and son Tevita Isaac will be enrolled for pre school, which my wife cannot wait... :)
    My youngest Lisitoa, is a big eater... we have to make sure that shopping is a must every week for we can't keep up with his eating routein.:L :L :L
    Last but not least, my wife... who I can't explain the love we both share...she is my inspiration, my everything, my all. I am greatful to have married her for she brings out the best in me. I admire the fact that she breeds out beautiful babies... which I am blessed to have 3 soldiers and a princess. I pray that we'll be around in many years to see our children grow and may one day become grand parents of our own.:)

    Right now, life maybe tough for us and our little family as we are on our own but am proud to expreience this side of life with my family. I believe, the journey isn't always gonna be easy on us... there is are always a few humps on the way to life. Without Gods trust, I wouldn't know exactly where I'd be today. For he has lead me and my family to a new road to travel and hope he will continue to guide and protect us from now and forever.

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  • Unclaimed Money

    Hi Siaosi

    Sorry mua kae kii fakaau atu kii fekau tua ko eni ki he 'Ea (Next of Kin) 'o 'Aisake Moala Mafi. 'Oku 'iai 'a e $$$ 'oku kei under he hingoa 'o e tangata'eiki ke claim. Please fetuutaki mai ki he admin@freedomadvisoryfinance.co.nz RE:Unclaimed Money.


    J N L 0 Replies
  • Important Dates for the 'Paea' family

    *Wedding Anniversary: 29th March 2003 (6 years anniversary)

    *Lulu Josyiah Wiremu Paea B'day: 3rd June 2003

    *Ngaloafe Veronica Paea B'day: 20th July 2005

    *Tevita Isaac Paea B'day: 1st August 2006

    *Lisitoa Ofa ki Moana Paea B'day: 13th February 2008

    Aisake Moala Mafi 1 year Anniver...

    Siaosi Paea 0 Replies
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  • Lina Paea
    luv Lina Paea

    Dis 1 is for you & our 5 noisy but beautiful childrens of ours! Hehe... ;)

    2/15/11 via Mobile
  • Lina Paea
    luv Lina Paea

    Hi hunnay! Just passing by 2 spread da lurve on ya page. Mwah! =)

    2/15/11 via Mobile
  • Latu Paea
    Latu Paea

    how u doin brotha...hows the life treating u...well nuthing much hea on our side in San francisco just kicking back...just wrapping up school so i can come vacation in aussie...LOLLLL...i know i know its not gonna be like fanga...but hey...its wateverz rite...well, holla back wen u getta chance...OFA ATU BRO...

  • Latu Paea
    luv Latu Paea

    hey bro, juss glad to hear from you. auntie mele called and told us the whole putu was great...we doing great bro, just glad that you guys are all doing good. dont worri bro illl be in aussie in no time...juss one more semester and then i'll be thea and then ki'i alu ki fanga...oua...hahahahahahahaha...o  fa atu bro..ofa atu to the kids and to the wife..

  • Mioko Veilofia
    luv Mioko Veilofia

    Hei ,Lina mou si'i fefe hake ..ma ha'u pe pea kuo fai e si'i 'ofa atu kihe kau kids...........hange pe na'aku 'alu moe kau kids he'eku sio ka nautolu...........mau si'i 'ofa lahi atu kia moutolu kotoa pea tauange pe ke tau toe fe'iloaki ha taimi..........'ofa atu ka Lulu,Ngalo'afe,Tevita,Toa& Kalina (little pincess) Miss you all Take care & have a nice day..'atu 'ena ma'ae kau kids

  • Mioko Veilofia
    Mioko Veilofia

    hei ....malo mu'a e afe mai...koe nofo pe 'i 'api pea ma lue mai mo Mele kihe shopping 'o kohi holo ai ka ma toki foki ki 'api eeeeeee...tau toki sio he tokonaki eeeee 'Ofa atu kihe kau kids......take care Love mioko

  • Lina Paea
    luv Lina Paea

    I'm loving your DP hun!! Missing them all!! Especially Nana! Xoxo R.I.P Nana Veronica Paea... we miss you dearly, and Fe is missing you everyday...she doesn't seem to smile much... hope you are watching over us all and love you heaps! Xoxo

  • Lina Paea
    luv Lina Paea

    Wishing you well on your return back to work. Just know that mum is with you in all times. Shez in you hun. Luv you always and God Bless! me and the kids!! Xoxo

  • Lina Paea
    luv Lina Paea

    Hey Hun :D Thanks for the heart! One right back at you!! Love always, Me!! :D

  • Api-Ko-Fakalongolongope
    luv Api-Ko-Fakalongolongope

    hay Siaosi eke atu e Mele my mom pe 'oku fefe hake 'a Velonika ok toki nkohi mai..................lol

  • Api-Ko-Fakalongolongope
    luv Api-Ko-Fakalongolongope

    hay Siaosi fefe a Velonika ko ikai ha toe me'a kehe ia 'e fai koe tautafali 'ata'ata pe kuo mei lava ha timi 'akapulu 'ai ke liunga 2 heh! ok toki vau mai ka 'oleva ke tufi ha niu...............aaaaaaaaai

  • luv Kalina Moala Mafi -Resteaszyaiisakemoala

    have a heart bro !! 4m me & mini me :D

    5/12/10 via Mobile
  • Lina Paea
    luv Lina Paea

    HAPPY BDAY TO U... HAPPY BDAY TO U... HAPPY BDAY DEAR GEORGE PASIKALA PAEA HAPPY BDAY TO U... HIP HIP HURRAY! HIP HIP HURRAY! Wishing u an awsome bday ma love & may God continue to enrich u as many blessings today and many more years to come! We love u heaps!!!:) Ur dear family!!! :)

  • Lulu Paea
    luv Lulu Paea

    Yo Yo Dad!!! Have a good wkend Daddy Ooo...:L :L :L Lulu Josyiah

  • Lina Paea
    luv Lina Paea

    Siana, U wanna like check ur page once a month...seems like its been sooo li'aki for yonks! lol..:L :L :L :L Fo'i lole 'ena keke misimisi atu hena he ngaue! And plz...no more reports for the workers to be evacuated due to the fact of having too muj gas bottles at work moe ta'eoli..:L :L :L :L :L

  • Api-Ko-Fakalongolongope

    how are doing Veronica does stop and say hi merry x-mas

  • Lulu Paea
    luv Lulu Paea

    Daddy... I'm now on school holidays.... pretty boring! Would love to go fishing one day when your off! Heart 4 u dad.

  • Latu Paea
    Latu Paea

    GEORGE!!!!!!im not even gonna start...im complaining on the fact i missed the wedding and seeing all the pics from the occassion...yes, ROSE got married....but the LADIES on the GROOM's side were hoooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttt  tttttt.......gosh...!!!!! wat da hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll  lllllllllllllllllllllllll...why???  ??? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....u know me bruh, dat if I was dea, teu tapuaki'i lahi 'a AUSTRALIA he 'aho 'e taha.....wooooooooo....but i gave my last organ (heart) to Lina because im going crazy......ofa atu bro...holla back...

  • Latu Paea
    luv Latu Paea

    Hey bruh, nuthin much juss about to celebrate thanksgiving and we have a rugby game this weekend against some hamoa teams. But Rose getting married...imma go and congrat her....howz da kidzz???? howz da wife???????? School is a bummer rite now but im hangin on so we can represent...well, holla back bruh....ofa atu to you and da family...

  • Lina Paea
    Lina Paea

    Hun? U wana like share da luv? Or shall I just help maself?:L :L :L :L :L :L Gosh..... :)